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CBD DNA Test Double Helix

How Do CBD DNA Test Kits Work?

I recently came across a CBD DNA test kit advertisement, and I thought to myself: “How in the world could this work? What exactly is the DNA test going to tell me about my body and how it responds or reacts to CBD supplements?” While it seemed a little over-the-top, the CBD DNA test kit results were better than I expected. DNA tests appear to be the latest “fad” (if you will), and, honestly, I’m not surprised that one exists to help determine how your body responds to CBD and …

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High Strength CBD Oil 2,000mg tincture

Benefits of 2,000mg CBD Oil Tinctures

New Phase Blends’ 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures represent some of the most potent full-spectrum CBD oil currently on the market. Is this what you truly need? Maybe you do, but let’s go over this before you make that decision. We make our 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures specially for the benefit of those who require fast, safe, sure-fire relief from chronic pain. Here, we’ll look at general CBD oil benefits and uses, because the 2,000mg tincture is definitely high-strength and not for everyone! What is CBD Oil? If you are in …

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All About Nano CBD

All About Nano-emulsified CBD (Nano CBD)

The term Nano-emulsified CBD, or more commonly known as “nano CBD,” sounds like a pretty scientific form of CBD doesn’t it? I agree, the term nano-emulsified really sounds like it came straight out of a SCI FI movie – but it really isn’t too complex of a word. Let’s take some time and go over nano CBD and what you need to know about it. Nano-emulsification Don’t let this word scare you. You can thank cosmetic organizations for developing nano technology. It is also found in the pharmaceutical industries to …

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hemp oli vs cbd oil, difference between hemp oil and cbd oil

Differences Between Hemp Oil vs. CBD Oil

Have you ever thought about the differences between hemp oil vs. CBD oil? I’m sure many of you have at least noticed the different products. What exactly is the difference between these products, and why has this question been raised so many times? Lets discuss the difference between hemp oil vs. CBD oil. A lot of people get the differences wrong, and some even claim there are no differences. This can be both true, and untrue.  **For the purposes of this article, I will be equating hemp seed oil to …

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Is CBD an effective sleep aid

Is CBD an Effective Sleep Aid?

**The information in this article revolves around the patent-pending product called “sleep” from New Phase Blends. Click here for more information on this product, and how it can help you manage sleep more effectively. CBD can serve as an effective sleep aid, but not by itself. We’ll discuss more below: We now live in a world where sleep-related disorders are on the rise, thus creating a large market for sleep aids and pills. It is quite fascinating to note that about 70 million Americans[1] suffer from sleep-related disorders, thus creating …

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can i mix cbd oil with melatonin

Can I Mix CBD Oil with Melatonin?

So you’re laying in bed again having trouble sleeping, again. I hate that feeling. The feeling you get when it becomes harder and harder to fall asleep because you know you are losing sleep every minute that goes by when you aren’t asleep. You know about both CBD and melatonin, but can you take CBD oil with melatonin? Can you mix CBD oil with melatonin? Will it help me fall asleep? The short answer is yes, but it’s not that simple. What is melatonin? Let’s take a minute to familiarize …

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CBD for Energy Featured

Using CBD for Energy!? CBD is Excellent for Energy!

CBD for energy?! You’re kidding, right? Many people are familiar with using CBD for its sedative effects. Did you know at lower doses, CBD can actually have an opposite effect? Yes, that means if you take smaller doses of phytocannabinoids similar to CBD, you can actually get a boost of energy! Let discuss how CBD can actually perk you up with some excess energy. Some methods in which CBD aids in delivering energy to the body… Using CBD Impacts Metabolism via Fat Browning According to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal, …

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storing your cbd oil

Storing Your CBD Oil for Maximum Shelf Life

Storing CBD oil really isn’t hard – at all. I don’t want you to read this article thinking “Oh boy, I have to do a lot of things to extend the shelf life of my CBD oils!” This isn’t the case 🙂 CBD oil does provide a lot of benefits, but (unfortunately) it doesn’t come cheap. As with any other purchase, we want to make sure it’s kept in a way to maximize it’s shelf life. CBD oil is really easy to keep, but there are a few things to …

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how does cbd relieve pain

How Does CBD Help My Pain?

How does CBD help my pain? This seems to be an incredibly popular question since CBD, and other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant species, became legal in 2018. According to a study in 2016 (National Study on Drug Use and Health), “28.6 million people over the age of 12 have overused illicit drugs [pain killers] during the month prior to this study.” That comes out to about one in ten people. This problem has only gotten worse. People are in pain, and they will, sometimes, do just about anything …

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choosing a good cbd company

Choosing a Good CBD Company / Brand

The art of choosing a good CBD company goes beyond clicking the checkout link or visiting a local store to make a quick purchase. It requires a combination of expertise and the ability to understand what you want, and how to identify that want in a brand/company. CBD products are everywhere, and reports of fake and even toxic products have been filed by many customers – don’t let this happen to you. In this article, we will discuss good things to look for when choosing a CBD brand that’s right …

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