Cbd For Increased Attention

Using CBD for Attention Spans!? CBD is Excellent for Attention Spans!

Use CBD for attention span issues, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms?! You’re kidding, right? Many people are familiar with using CBD for its sedative effects. Did you know at lower doses, CBD oil can actually have an opposite effect?

Yes, that means if you take smaller doses of phytocannabinoids similar to CBD, you can actually get a boost of cognitive function which may lead to an increased attention span!

TLDR: While still under clinical trials and research, the use of CBD for ADHD is a groundbreaking new process that involved using smaller doses of CBD to trigger more simulative effects, as opposed to the sedative effects CBD can offer in large doses.

Let discuss how CBD can actually perk you up and help increase your attention span.

Using CBD Impacts Metabolism via Fat Browning

According to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research Journal, “CBD has been found to stimulate metabolism by breaking down energy-storing tissue which is the white adipose tissue into brown adipose tissue which in turn burns the energy.” Previous biochemistry studies showed that CBD oils could be used in such a way to prevent obesity in the mentioned process.

Cbd For Increased Attention

How Does CBD Work?

CBD oil works on the mitochondria to enhance its activity. This results in the burning of more calories. Using CBD oil maintains the metabolism of the body. That may reduce blood sugar abnormalities and unstable focus and attention levels.

The constant ups and downs people may feel throughout their day is the direct result of unsteady attention spans. Usually, this is due to the fact that blood sugar constantly increases and decreases. What would make the blood sugar levels do this?

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Interestingly, it can range from a variety of things like what you eat, when you eat, or even chemical imbalances in the body. These imbalances are indicators of more serious issues, like diabetes. As the CBD oil works to maintain a constant and steady metabolic rate for your body, this can result in a much more stabilized attention span.

The Endocannabinoid System and Regulation of Bodily Functions

We spoke about the cellular activity involved in using CBD for ADHD above, but there is actually another way that cannabinoids, like CBD, works.

All of us have an endocannabinoid system within us. It responsible for a variety of different things, but maintaining an overall homeostasis is what is it known most for accomplishing. It accomplishes this, and other things, via CB receptors all throughout our bodies.

Endocannabinoid System Receptors

As you can see in the chart above, there are both CB1 and CB2 receptors. They are, basically, an entire system of cells that create a network of signals.

When you consume CBD oil products, they get to work by first getting into your bloodstream, then activating a bunch of different cells within your spinal cord and brain stem.

Cbd Molecule Affects Brain

The result from successfully regulated CB receptors is a wide variety of health benefits, including better mental health conditions.

CBD oil isn’t psychoactive (intoxicating) either. While cannabis does include both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant, all legal CBD products are hemp derived. This means there is very minute amount of THC in it, which just isn’t enough to get you high – at all.

Thc Vs Cbd Chart

While medical cannabis is a prescription drug, legal CBD oil for ADHD is not. In fact, CBD is federally legal in the United States.

The key takeaway here is that medical marijuana is not the only form of cannabis products on the market. While medical cannabis is popular, it requires a medical marijuana card to purchase, and is heavily controlled.

CBD Strengthens Body Cells

CBD oil for ADHD promotes increased attention span and focus in other ways. It also acts on the cells by stimulating cellular function and maintaining their fuel levels. Since the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, CBD helps in keeping them active throughout the day.

Cbd For Attention Span

This means that you can see a direct increase in what you perceive as focus levels. By taking smaller doses of CBD products for ADHD, it directly helps the mitochondria process nutrients. It can effectively break them down and turn them into excess fuel for the cell.

Inside the cellular walls lays the mitochondria. Take a look at the figure here to help familiarize yourself with what a mitochondria looks like:

PPAR Activator from Using CBD for Attention and Focus

Interestingly, CBD products have proven to affect the cell’s nuclei, because CBD activates the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs). This stimulates a tumor-regression impact in the cells of humans.

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A review on PPARs was conducted by a well-known scientific organization by the name of Acta Pharm Sin B. Through clinical trials conducted, they reinforce that ” [once] PPARs are activated, they also regulate the availability of insulin, uptake of lipid processing, and control of energy.” Once CBD oil activates these PPARs, the individual will soon feel re-energized due to regulated and optimized cognitive homeostasis.

Cbd For Adhd

Using CBD for attention is much better than taking a caffeinated shot.

Sure, you will feel some effects from the shot. However, not long after taking it your focus levels will crash leaving you worse off than before. When most people think of CBD, they don’t envision using it to stimulate them.

They think of it as a sedative or something that will calm them. So far, this is not the case when taking smaller doses of CBD.

ADHD Medication Safety and Side Effects

When most people hear the term ADHD, the first thing that comes to mind are the amphetamine prescriptions, and adverse effects that go along with them. As primarily a stimulant, ADHD medication is made to force you to focus.

It seems that to treat ADHD, most doctors just prescribe a medication and call it good.

I want to add here that your doctor can help provide medical advice in regards to anything discussed here. Your healthcare professional understands you, and your condition, better than any online blog ever will.

Clinical data shows that proper ADHD management is very tough on both the person involved, and their family. I completely understand this. If someone is working well, it’s tough to take a step back and focus on all of the negative side effects, because it is working so well.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is extremely common in the US. The latest survey from the CDC is from 2016, and it states that roughly 6.1 million children have ADHD, or symptoms similar to it.

If ADHD is treated with amphetamines for an extended period of time, there is a high likelihood of you experiencing the following:

  • sleep difficulties
  • depression
  • paranoia
  • panic attacks.

These are only a few of the more common side effects. If you use amphetamines, you should seek an alternative treatment – or at least try one out. Consider trying a CBD product, like ‘go’, to help you out.

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While the medically reviewed ADHD medications that use CBD are almost non-existent, many people report that CBD from the cannabis plant really does help them, or someone they know.

CBD products are not hard to find, either. You can easily buy CBD online, just make sure you buy from a reputable CBD brand – like New Phase Blends.

New Phase Blends’ Approach on CBD for ADHD Symptoms

We were one of the first, if not the first, hemp-based companies to recognize this, but using CBD for increased focus is actually a thing now. Imagine being able to address some of the ADHD symptoms by using specialized CBD products.

ADHD medication, and other forms of ADHD treatment, can be extremely taxing on your body, and most are quite addictive. Sure, some people need them in order to live a normal life, but you should always try to treat your symptoms with the most natural, effective products as possible before considering a prescription drug.

Cbd Products For Sale Online

The premise behind our company is blending cannabinoids, like CBD, with other natural and well-known compounds. This results in greater relief.

Cannabinoids alone are great. However, when blended with these other natural compounds, a synergistic effect occurs like nothing else we’ve seen. We decided to mix synephrine (AKA bitter orange extract) in small doses. We use 10 mg of synephrine, per serving, with lower doses of premium CBD extract. This delivers the most powerful CBD oil for ADHD on the market, or so we like to think.

It’s called “Go“, and people love it! Learn more about synephrine here. Synephrine is non-caffeinated. It can deliver incredible amounts of cognitive focus and attention – without the crash.

Cbd For Increased Attention SpanSo, in a nut shell, increased attention spans is a byproduct of using Go by New Phase Blends, but who ever would have guessed that? Plain ol’ CBD oil isn’t going to cut it. Remember, keep your CBD in lower dosages. This may promote better levels of focus in your body, and most positive overall mental health. New Phase Blends‘ product called ‘go’ takes advantage of this unique ability of CBD.


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*FDA disclaimer: none of the statements on this webpage have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Medical advice should be sought before starting any supplement. If you are pregnant or nursing consult with a doctor. Medical advice should be sought if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. If you take other prescription medications, a doctor should provide medical advice. Site void where prohibited.

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