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Check out our selection of CBD products for sale at our online store. People use our CBD products for sale for many different reasons – the possibilities are almost endless. For this reason, we continuously develop new ways to blend our wholesome CBD for the most effective results possible.

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People love New Phase Blends for several different reasons, with product effectiveness topping the list. We can’t count how many times people have switched from other CBD brands because they tried our CBD products for sale – and LOVED the results.

Part of being a veteran owned and operated organization means that you will, never, ever be charged for something that you don’t absolutely love. We offer one of the most competitive money-back guarantees in the CBD industry. If, for ANY reason, you don’t love your product, we actually encourage you to return it for a refund in full.

The bottom line is, our products outperform the competitors every single time. Why? We utilize only the best ingredients, the best hemp, and the best formulations to make sure your relief comes quick, is effective, and lasts a long time.

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Dr. Philip Agrios
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For last two years, I have been getting acne after shaving below my lip and on my chin. I have used so many different products that have not worked. Even went to the dermatologist. When I stated to use Glow, it took about a week for me to notice some results that I would consider exciting. It has been two months now and I have been using it after shaving and before bed, I would say that 99% of the condition is gone, with maybe something there that is not that noticeable. I highly recommend this product because it worked for me. Simply put, you have the best CBD products for sale I've tried so far.
Marissa Delano
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I like to consider myself a CBD guru. I have tried well over 30 brands of different kinds of CBD, and your company (BY FAR) has the BEST CBD IVE EVER HAD! It helps with my aches and pains far better than anything else I've ever tried in the CBD industry. If you have a referral program, I really want to be a part of it. I know lots of people looking for quality CBD products for sale similar to what you offer. I have lots of friends who could benefit from your products.
Shauna L
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After seeing your instagram, I decided to try your CBD acne cream product called glow. It cleared up my skin in about 2 days. I have used it ever since. <3 I literally threw away every other acne skin clearing product and only use glow. That's how good it works on my skin.
Jonathon Jupitz
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You have to be careful what you buy in the CBD world. #NewPhaseBlends sells the best CBD products. Hands down.
Gina Palmetto
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I love your insta! I ended up going with the pure 2000mg and it is actually better than a higher strength dosage I was taking by CBDistillery. I am pleasantly surprised! You have my business! I also love your weekly email campaigns. It isn't spammy at all, and there is always an excellent deal waiting inside the email. Some other CBD companies need to take a look at how you do business and take notes. The best CBD products for sale by far! I am hooked on your stuff.
Michelle Guoly
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I struggle with nighttime anxiety and it makes me not get much sleep. It's been going on since I can remember. Your sleep product is amazing. It makes me go to sleep within 30 minutes. I am going to try the gummies next! I cannot tell you how much of a life changer this has been for me. Struggling to get through your day without sleep is miserable, and now I don't have to do that anymore.
Nathan P.
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#NewPhaseBlends sells the best CBD balm I have ever used. At my age, my joints are becoming very important and they often hurt a lot. I apply soothe and within minutes I can feel the relief. I really cannot believe how well this product works. I normally stay away from natural products because they just dont work that well for me, but not in this case.