CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

You already know that you can use CBD oil to help manage chronic pain. What you might not know, though, is that special blends of CBD oil for energy and focus exist. These blends can help improve everyday physical and cognitive performance.

How Using CBD Oil for Energy and Focus Works

New Phase Blends is a leading manufacturer of CBD oil supplements that we formulate specifically to improve athletic performance, mental clarity, and overall cognitive function.

We get asked, often, how our CBD oil for energy and focus works. After all, don’t people use cannabidiol to manage anxiety and insomnia?

While it is true that cannabidiol has sedative-like effects, it is also true that in lower doses CBD has well-documented wakefulness properties.

  • In lower doses (up to 20mg of CBD per serving) of full-spectrum cannabidiol promotes mental alertness and helps fight fatigue.
  • People who use CBD oil for energy and focus often report feeling more motivated, creative, and confident.

Mounting evidence also suggests that using CBD oil for energy and focus can help improve athletic performance and expedite post-workout recovery times. Being able to get a boost to your workout AND recovery at the same time is a real game changer.

cbd for energy and focus

Getting the Most Out of CBD with Synephrine

At New Phase Blends, we formulate premium-grade CBD oil that specifically promotes energy and wakefulness. We do this by pairing organic, broad-spectrum cannabidiol with natural synephrine soured from bitter orange.

What is Synephrine?

Synephrine is a naturally occurring alkaloid that has well-known adrenergic effects. This means that synephrine has a similar stimulative effect on the body to that of adrenaline. However, unlike other stimulants, synephrine does not result in adverse side-effects on the cardiovascular system.  

  • Studies show that synephrine can increase physical energy and aid appetite suppression. 
  • Synephrine can speed up the metabolism of our bodies, thereby aiding weight loss.
  • It can provide users with a physical energy boost and can also improve mental focus without users feeling over-stimulated.

Synephrine is also completely legal in the United States. However, the National Collegiate Athletic Association does prohibit athletes from using stimulants like synephrine when competing in official events.  

cbd oil for energy and focus

Who Benefits From Taking CBD Oil for Energy?   

New Phase Blends is one of the only CBD producers in the United States who formulates CBD oil specifically for use by athletes and people looking to boost energy and focus. It’s an incredible product.

Those who use our “Go” range of high-energy CBD oil include busy professionals, students, training athletes, and night workers.

  • Unlike other energy supplements, our  500mg CBD / 300mg synephrine tincture does not result in a so-called “crash” as effects diminish.
  • Our CBD oil for energy is fast-acting and does not impede decision making or physical coordination.
  • A single 500mg CBD tincture costs just $66 and will typically last 30-days when the correct dosage is followed.

Are you looking to benefit from extra energy and focus, without risk of adverse side-effects? If so, try our CBD oil for energy and focus called “go” for yourself by clicking here.

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