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Gummies For Stress Relief

Life is hard enough without having to deal with extra stress! Taking some of the edge off in a natural and healthy way is something all Americans can appreciate and should look into. CBD is a wonderful means of achieving this! What could be better than preparing for a stressful day at the office with a few delicious gummies for stress relief?

Our all natural, organic gummies for stress relief combine the proven power of CBD with an industry-leading line of quality and innovative hemp-based products.

If you’re not already familiar with CBD, let’s take a look into what it is and why so many people swear by these products!

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What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound derived from Hemp, which belongs to the cannabis plant family. These compounds are called cannabinoids.

Hemp is commonly and mistakenly confused with marijuana, since they are both part of the cannabis family. The word ‘cannabis’ simply refers to any products derived from the plants Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, or Cannabis Ruderalis.

Gummies For Stress Relief Diagram Of Hemp And Marijuana

The Farm Bill of 2018 changed the legality of hemp, and hemp-based products. The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 had previously made hemp based products illegal. Hemp is no longer on this list, thanks to the Farm Bill. By law, no hemp plant may contain more than 0.3% THC by weight.

Anything above this THC content is classified as marijuana.

Why was this the right move?

People want to enjoy the therapeutic health benefits of cannabis, without having to get high from the THC content. The answer to this issue is legalizing hemp.

Because CBD has NO PSYCHOACTIVE EFFECTS, it will not get you high. Further, according to the World Health Organization, “…there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.”

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CBD for Stress Relief

According to a new National Institute of Health study published in February, stress and anxiety are the most common problems Americans alleviate with CBD.

The study showed “that CBD users take the drug to manage self-perceived anxiety, stress, sleep, and other symptoms, often in low doses, and these patterns vary by demographic characteristics.”

We know what people expect from CBD, but why consider CBD gummies for stress relief?

Gummies For Stress Relief

Cannabis has been used therapeutically by humans for at least several thousand years. The oldest known evidence come from China in the first millennium BCE. The cultural perception of cannabis as medicine has never gone away, but research funding was very limited due to marijuana’s classification as a controlled substance.

This changed with the Farm Bill of 2018. Now that hemp is federally legal, large scale studies have started coming out proving the medical benefits of cannabis.

The results of these studies have been nothing short of astounding.

A recent long term anxiety/sleep study conducted by Kaiser Permanente showed “Anxiety scores decreased within the first month in 57 patients (79.2%) and remained decreased during the study duration. Sleep scores improved within the first month in 48 patients (66.7%) but fluctuated over time.”

Not only that, 96% of the group tolerated the medication well!

Another study team looking into anxiety disorders noted “revealed a significant effect of group on cortisol reactivity as well as a significant linear decrease.”

In other words, cortisol (the killer stress hormone) levels DECREASED in the control group. Long term exposure to cortisol, which increases blood pressure and heart rate, can disrupt almost all your body’s processes.

This has been shown to cause weight gain, easy bruising, muscle fatigue, diabetes, and a host of other health problems.

Why Gummies for Stress Relief?

Now that we know CBD works, the next logical question what is the preferred means of administration? Here at New Phase Blends, we develop our products based on data showing what people want and how they want to take it.

Cbd Gummies

Surveys show people prefer gummies for stress relief over ANY OTHER FORM of CBD administration. The reasons we see for this:

  • ease of administration
  • non-invasive
  • easy to store
  • high level of efficacy
  • enjoyability of administration (due to flavor)

In other words, the people have spoken and we listened!

People love New Phase Blends’ gummies for stress relief enough to propel them into our best selling product line.

The newest addition to this line, packaged and conforming specifically for air travel/FAA regulations has been flying (pun intended) off the shelves.

A five day supply containing 225 mg of premium CBD extract packed in a completely legal, airtight package is the perfect tool to combat jetlag/airline anxiety.

Broad vs Full Spectrum vs Isolate

We know gummies for stress relief work, but what are the different types of spectrums?

If a CBD product contains several naturally occurring cannabis plant extracts, including THC, it is full spectrum CBD.

Broad spectrum CBD also contains numerous cannabis plant extracts, but it is almost completely free of THC. That said, there may sometimes be higher amounts of THC in cheaply produced, broad spectrum CBD products. We highly recommend avoiding these products.

Make sure you scan the QR code located on the label of premium CBD products.

Any reputable manufacturer will display the chemical analysis in the form of a third-party certificate of analysis accessible via a QR code.

Qr Code On Gummies For Stress Relief

This is how a customer guarantees he/she knows what is in a product, and is an industry standard for high quality products.

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CBD isolate is the third common form of CBD. This is the purest form of CBD, containing no other cannabis plant extracts or compounds.

Why Choose Between the Three?

It is widely thought that due to the entourage effect of CBD, more active compounds provide more medicinal value. THC is one of these compounds, but some people are more sensitive to it or prefer not to have any exposure at all.

Even though CBD is completely legal, THC is still widely prohibited for employment. Even at less than 0.3% THC by volume, some people fear failing drug tests (very unlikely, but theoretically possible).

Others only want CBD isolate because they want to establish a baseline of how they react to just CBD. As stated before, most evidence suggests a greater effect from more exposure to a wide range of cannabinoids.

In the end, it really comes down to preference. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You know your body and how it reacts to CBD best.

Gummies for Stress Relief Summed up

There is no better and satisfying way to relieve stress than with a quality, CBD gummy! Easy and delicious, all CBD gummies from New Phase Blends come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buy Cbd Products Online

We carry the highest quality CBD products and ship to all 50 states. We take your health and treatment options as seriously as we take our own, which is why we have developed the products that we have.

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