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Check out our selection of CBD gummies for sale. People buy CBD gummies, for many different reasons – the possibilities are almost endless. For this reason, we continuously develop new ways to blend our wholesome, CBD rich hemp extract for the most effective results possible.

By the way, you can always call to place your order, should you prefer to speak with someone on the phone instead of buying CBD gummies online.

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Our founder, Dale Hewett, personally guarantees your complete satisfaction with any CBD product you buy from us. If you are unhappy with anything you purchase, just return it within 30 days of your purchase. We'll process your refund within 48 hours of receipt.

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Try Using CBD Gummies for Pain Relief

Many people report that using CBD gummies for pain relief works well for them. While the studies surrounding the use of CBD for pain are still in their initial stages, the user reports are staggering.

CBD infused gummies work within our bodies via the endocannabinoid system in the same manner that CBD oil drops would. This system is made up of different receptors that do different things, when stimulated. One of these benefits is a reduction in inflammation, and pain relief.

Different Cbd Infused Gummy Flavors

CBD Gummies and Anxiety

Every try using CBD gummies for anxiety?

If not, give them a try. Most of the other user reports involve people taking cannabidiol gummies for anxiety. Again, these reviews are claiming a lot of success with managing their anxiousness after taking a gummy.

All gummies come in a single serving size, that is, one gummy is one flavorful serving of CBD-rich extract at 45 mg of CBD per gummy. This is stronger that most gummies on the market.

CBD Gummies for Sleep Improvement

Did you know that the owner of New Phase Blends is the inventor of the popular CBD and melatonin combination? This combination helps induce a healthy, deep sleep in people if used in the right combination. Not only will you fall asleep easier, but you will stay asleep longer.

While CBD alone is not the best at helping people with moderate to severe sleep issues, blending it with melatonin brings out a synergistic effect like no other. We carry the best CBD gummies for sleep on the market. We guarantee this, or you can have all of your money money.

We want you to love anything you buy from us. If you don’t, just ask for your money back and we will gladly refund you. While a vast majority of people don’t ask for refunds, it does happen, and we are extremely easy to work with in this regard.

Common Questions About Our Gummies

What are CBD gummies? Well, you can think of them as CBD-infused candies. One gummy will contain an organic, CBD extract at roughly 45 mg per gummy – depending on which product you purchase.

They can offer different benefits to our bodies. They are also simple to use. There is no measuring involved – just eat one gummy and wait for the results. This usually happens within 30 minutes, or so.

There are a lot of things that CBD gummies can do for the body. From anti-inflammatory effects, to pain relief, to helping people sleep better, the list just goes on.

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Some people report that CBD gummies can reduce their stress levels, significantly. While we are still figuring out, exactly, how this works within our bodies, we do know that CBD can act as a mild sedative, helping people relax more in times of high stress situations.

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Full spectrum CBD gummies contain all of the cannabinoids within cannabis, with a THC content nearing 0.3%. Regardless of which type you choose, the THC in any of our products is no where near enough to get you high.

The best gummies are going to depend on you and your own experiences with the product. The same can be said for any CBD item on the market.

One product may work well for you, but even better for someone else. For this reason, some trial and error is required for all new CBD users.

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This is one of the reasons we recommend our starter kit. It comes with a bunch of different products at a very reasonable price, so you can experiment.

Yes, our CBD gummies for sleep are actually considered patent-pending for use as a sleep aid. As you can imagine, they work extremely well. Each one contains 45 mg of broad spectrum CBD with 3 mg of melatonin.

They use the same product formula as our CBD oil for sleep – they are simply in gummy form.

Usually, this just comes down to different names describing the same thing – hemp derived CBD gummies.

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There is one thing you need to be mindful of, though, and that’s hemp seed gummies (also known as cannabis sativa seed gummies). There are absolutely no cannabinoids within the hemp seed. Hemp seed oil will do nothing for you, except add some healthy fats to your diet.

The FDA hasn’t authorized the use of cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat pain. For this reason, no medical claims can be made on CBD.

However, what we can tell you is that thousands of people report using CBD for back pain.

CBD gummies vary in strength, depending on the brand you buy. This makes figuring out how many CBD gummies you should eat somewhat confusing. New Phase Blends CBD gummies are packed with 45 mg of CBD per gummy. This equals a serving size of one gummy. Most users will reap the benefits of CBD by taking one gummy, as needed.

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