What is CBD Third Party Testing and Why Should You Care?

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What is CBD Third Party Testing and Why Should You Care?

What is CBD third party testing? Is it important? Are all cannabidiol products tested like this?

These are all extremely common questions that many CBD users would like to know. While CBD has been on the market for awhile now, there are many people who do not know everything there is to know about CBD, Read on in this article to find out more about CBD and the third party testing process.

What Is CBD Third Party Testing?

Third party laboratories test CBD to ensure that there are no contaminants like bacteria, fungi, or mycotoxins that may be in the plant. While it is not required by law for CBD products, it is required for high THC items. You’ll know if something has been tested via the QR code that is on the product packaging:

Third Party Tested

If something is tested in this manner, you basically have evidence from a third party in the form of a lab report that tells you exactly what the cannabinoid profile is in that exact product you bought. Currently, this is the only way to know, for sure, that you are buying genuine CBD items. The best CBD oil products will absolutely have these lab tests done.

There are a lot of scams in the CBD industry right now. For this reason, you should stick to only third party tested stuff.

Is Third Party Testing Required For All CBD Products?

Third party testing is not a requirement for CBD products, but is recommended by experts. There are many manufacturers who sell unlabeled CBD products which usually means that the product has not gone through third party testing. Be cautious when purchasing these unlabeled CBD products.

Testing Cbd Oil

You have no idea what you are really buying if your CBD items have no been tested this way.

What Are The Dangers of Buying CBD Products That Have Not Gone Through Third Party Testing?

Third party testing of CBD ensures that it is legal and goes by the federal government guidelines that it is does not contain more than 0.3 percent of THC. The THC is what gives you a high, and is therefor regulated. Pharmacy stores and major chains only sell third party tested CBD products.

Third party testing also ensures that your CBD product is both reliable and trustworthy and tells you that the ingredients on the bottle are accurate.

Certificates of Analysis

After a third party test has been completed on a batch, the manufacturer is given a certificate of analysis, or simply CoA for short.

Cbd Oil Coa Example

This certificate of analysis is the core of the test. It shows you cannabinoid profiles (how much CBD is in your product), heavy metal screenings, residual pesticide content, and other things. What you should be most concerned with is the cannabinoid profile. A lot of CoA’s are different, but they all will show you the list of cannabinoids and the content of them.

What Do Reputable CBD Products Contain on the Label?

There are many things to look for on a CBD label to ensure that it is reliable and accurate. A CBD label should include: the amount of CBD per serving, a supplement fact area including other ingredients, net weight, distributor or manufacturer name, suggested use, and batch number that corresponds to the certificate of analysis.

Spectrums of CBD

Full Spectrum

A full spectrum CBD contains all of the components of a cannabis plant, including a small amount of THC.

Broad Spectrum

A broad spectrum CBD has all of the components of the cannabis plant, except for the THC.


CBD isolate is strictly the cannabinoid known as CBD nothing else. You will not get any other potential benefits from any other terpenes or cannabinoids in an isolate.

Where Can I Purchase Third Party Tested CBD?

Third party tested CBD products are best purchased at a one stop shop CBD store, like New Phase Blends. We offer every type of CBD needed in whatever form works best for you. Regardless of whether you purchase from us, or not, just make sure you are buying real, tested CBD items. You’ll thank us later!

How Much CBD Do I Need To Take Daily?

To be safe, speak with your doctor with any questions about daily intake. However, experts recommend that you take about .25mg of CBD per pound of body weight, per serving. Starting out with a small dosage ensures that you do not have an allergic reaction.

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Are There Any Side Effects When Taking CBD?

While taking CBD is usually well received by the body, there are some side effects that include: fatigue, dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite and drowsiness. Most reported cases of these side effects occur from taking too much CBD. As long as you stick with the recommended servings on your products, you should be fine.

Do Medications Interact with CBD?

CBD may interact with certain medications. As a general rule of thumb, if a prescription has a grapefruit warning label on it, it could interact negatively.

Warning Label On Prescription

A person should always speak with their doctor before starting CBD if they have concerns. Your doctor is the best resource because they know your medical history, and can let you know if CBD will work well for your body.

Has a Third Party Tested CBD Been Approved By The FDA?

The FDA has not approved any CBD product except for one product that is used to treat seizures in children Epidiolex.

Is CBD Expensive?

CBD prices are all over the board. You’ll find that CBD is expensive, unfortunately. Third party lab tested CBD is usually slightly more expensive than non-tested products, due to the cost of the test.

Also, keep in mind that insurance companies do not cover the cost of CBD.

What Techniques Are Used to Test CBD?

The two techniques used to test CBD in a laboratory are: gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy.

Gas chromatography or GC is a technique that is used to separate the chemicals in a sample mixture in order to determine the presence or absence in the mixture and how much is present. These chemicals are usually gases or organic molecules.

Mass Spectroscopy is an analytical tool that is used to measure the mass to charge ratio of molecules in a sample mixture.

Third Party Testing Equipment

These are some need to know details about testing CBD by a third party laboratory. If you are purchasing CBD for your family or yourself, be cautious when you see a CBD bottle without a proper label. Strangely labeled CBD bottles mean that it may be illegal and contain illegal components that would be harmful to your body. A bottle that has gone through third party testing will have a comprehensive label, QR code, and all of the necessary information that you will need to know about the product.

Try Real CBD Today

Remember to always speak with your personal physician to ensure that a CBD regimen is right for your body and medical history. Begin by taking a small amount of laboratory tested CBD to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction. Taking too much of a CBD product will sometimes leave you with a dry mouth, fatigue, having no appetite and feeling drowsy.

Pure Cbd Oil Drops

There are three types of CBD that include full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate. The preferred choice for many CBD users is either broad or full spectrum, because these have all of the cannabinoids and terpenes within hemp. Isolates do not.


The best place to purchase third party tested CBD is via a one stop shop like New Phase Blends. We specialize in CBD products and can help you with whatever type of CBD product you need. We have CBD oil, gummies, and so much more. We can also help you by answering any questions you may have as you begin your CBD journey.

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CBD is used most commonly to help with the discomforts of anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and inflammation. Experts say that CBD has been shown to significantly help many different situations. Taking a little bit of CBD will go a long way to keeping your body healthy and free from pain, allowing you to sleep at night and decreasing inflammation.

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