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CBD Starter Kit Bundle


CBD Starter Kit Bundle

New to CBD? This CBD starter kit is for you.
-1,000 mg ‘pure’ CBD tincture (choose your spectrum and flavor)
-500 mg ‘soothe’ CBD balm
-You pick: ‘sleep’ gummies, or ‘pure’ gummies
-Receive a free copy of our CBD eBook upon purchase

Complete CBD Starter Kit ($185 value)

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Starting Out With CBD?

New to CBD? Looking to purchase hemp-derived goods, but just don’t know where to start?

Maybe you are ready to start your CBD journey, but you truly don’t know where to begin or what CBD product to buy?

Well, your daily CBD routine just got easier.

New Phase Blends has the answer in our unique CBD bundle. Only CBD products of premium grade are in this insanely well priced package. Buying CBD has never been easier. Starter kits are the way to go for those that are new to CBD, or unsure of which products they should try.

Pure Cbd Oil Tincture Diagram

Our founder, Dale Hewett, personally guarantees your complete satisfaction with any CBD product you buy from us. If you are unhappy with anything you purchase, just return it within 30 days of your purchase. We'll process your refund within 48 hours of receipt.

Gummies Third Party Tested

Third Party Testing

Only CBD products that went through third party testing is essential to finding high-quality CBD. This is simply a sign of quality commitment. All CBD sold by New Phase Blends will come with a scannable QR code that links to what’s called a certificate of analysis, issued by a third party lab. Regardless of who you purchase CBD from, please make sure the item has this scannable code. It’s the only way to ensure the item meets certain standards.

Items You'll Find In This Kit:

Here are some snapshots of the products found in this starter pack. You can click on them to view their own individual product pages, if you want to learn more about the individual items this pack contains.

Nothing is altered at all if you buy the CBD starter kit. We include the real products in their true form. Some starter packs contain a ‘diluted’ or ‘dumbed down’ version of CBD items. Not ours.