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How to Make CBD Gummies At Home, Easily

Dale blog imageAuthor: Dale Hewett
how to make CBD gummies
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If you’ve been wondering how to make CBD gummies, you’re in luck with learning how to add CBD to any flavored gummy snack you want to make. Today we’ll cover an easy and popular method to make CBD gummies that will all have a set percentage of CBD within each of them (CBD dosage). You can also learn alternative ingredients that allow you to replace gelatin and ingredients to make your gummies 100% Vegan, too. While it is much easier (and maybe even more cost effective) to simply buy your own CBD gummies from a CBD company, some people love making their own. That’s exactly why we’re covering how to make CBD gummies at your own home!

Homemade CBD Gummies – The Basics

Not every CBD gummy contains the same ingredients since there are recipes that include different ratios according to the flavor and texture.

Homemade Cbd Gummies

Not everyone is crazy about certain flavors so the exact amount of added fruit flavor will vary additionally. You may also be using sugars or sweeteners that can change the flavor. Since you aren’t making gummies that are intended for reselling, additives such as preservatives will be missing from your recipe too.

This will require you to carefully store your CBD gummies in an airtight container, so they stay fresh as long as possible.

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Here is a list of ingredients that you’ll encounter…

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Gelatin is the key ingredient that goes into making gummies and is commonly made from animal tissue and allows many materials to become gelled or thickened when added to water.

In recent years, there has been an overwhelming call for gelatin substitutes that replace gelatin for ethical animal rights issues.

Corn syrup

Corn syrup is a vital part of gummies that stabilizes the gelatin and allows it to remain flexible. Corn syrup contains sugar but is not the only sweetener that’s added to CBD gummies.

It’s an extender additive that gives it a gummy texture for longer periods. Corn syrup also keeps sugars from crystallizing later.

Sugars / Sweeteners

There are so many natural sugars that are great replacements instead of using pure cane sugars. There is beet sugar, fructose, lactose, and glucose. Organic sugar is preferred by some who don’t like added processing or bone char that’s part of making pure cane sugar appear white.

Mixed Flavors


While you don’t use a lot of water when learning how to make CBD gummies at home, it’s essential to activate the gelatin.

This is typically simmered off and what is leftover are the remaining ingredients that help stabilize your gummy when it goes back to room temperature.

Optional Ingredients Used to Make CBD Infused Gummies at Home

We covered the basic ingredients for making the CBD gummies themselves, but now we need to spruce them up a bit with things like flavorings, preservatives (if that interests you), and non-stick coatings so they stay separated when removed from the gummy molds.

These next ingredients really take your CBD edibles to the next level. Homemade edibles are not that hard to make, but putting in the extra effort to make consuming CBD delicious is needed.

Added Flavors and Coloring

All gummy bears have added flavors. Adding natural flavors can be a matter of simply using fruits and flavors that you can add into your gelatin mixture. They don’t always have to be chemical flavors, or flavors that use too much sugar.


Good flavorings include a highly refined fruit juice which can give your gummies the fruity taste that tastes nothing short of delicious!

Options for fruit based flavorings:

  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Grape juice
  • Apple juice
  • Lemon juice

Feel free to experiment here. The options for natural flavorings are literally endless. Start with a small dose of flavoring, do a taste test, and add more if needed. Different dosages of CBD put into the gummies will require different dosages of flavoring.

They don’t always add color, so these are added to give gummies attractive coloration. Knowing how to make CBD gummies have a great taste starts with juice concentrates you like the most.

Adding artificial flavors adds a whole new layer to your gummy and is all-natural as well. Using a touch of citric acid, lactic acid, and malic acid also adds a boost that enhances the taste of gummies overall. You can even add the powder from Pixie sticks to add more zing to your gummies if you like sour things.

Natural preservatives

The word preservatives can sometimes push people away from certain CBD edibles or CBD tinctures.

Citric acid not only helps the flavors of your gummies but also is a 100% natural additive to preserve them for longer. Even if you don’t mix this into the recipe, it can be coated as a powder on the outside so they don’t stick together.

Here are some more helpful ingredients you can add to your gummies to help preserve them for longer.

Non-stick coatings

Cornstarch is one of the few secrets that you never hear about to keep gummies from sticking together. It’s also used to dust your molds before you pour the gelatin mixture into them. Alternatively, you’ll know how to make CBD gummies better if you use a non-stick oil spray like Pam or any household spray to give them a clean non-stick shine.

Now, Add Some CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil

We’re now at the stage of making gummies that requires us to add the active ingredient – CBD, or cannabidiol. How much CBD should you add? Good question.

One of the most critical additives to your CBD gummies is adding the right amount of CBD oil. Based on your total ingredient list, you’ll need to adjust the amount of oil to the total amount of grams of your gelatin mixture.

Cbd Oil Tinctures

To achieve this the easy way without complicated math, fill the molds that you have until you have no more gelatin mixture left. Then you count how many pieces you’ve poured and that number will be the precise amount of drops you add to each gummy. You can adjust the number of drops for stronger CBD oil gummy doses if you are looking for stronger effects based on the type of CBD oil you’re using. There are broad spectrum and full spectrum versions of CBD oil that most people prefer over a CBD isolate.

New Phase Blends offers no more than 0.3% THC in their full spectrum CBD oil while their broad spectrum has near 0.0% THC. Regardless of which CBD oil tincture you go with, it will not be intoxicating, because there isn’t enough THC in it to do much of anything.

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