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CBD Oil ebooks

Highly Recommended CBD Oil eBooks

  At present, there are hundreds of CBD oil ebooks available on places like Amazon. However, it is harder than you might think to find genuine, high-quality information about cannabidiol. Here, we’ve, therefore, curated a list of the four best CBD books worth reading right now in 2020. Free CBD eBooks vs Paid CBD Oil Books   Before diving into our list of the best CBD ebooks of the year so far, please note that no free CBD oil books make our 2020 rundown. At New Phase Blends, we regularly …

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All About Nano CBD

All About Nano-emulsified CBD (Nano CBD)

The term Nano-emulsified CBD, or more commonly known as “nano CBD,” sounds like a pretty scientific form of CBD doesn’t it? I agree, the term nano-emulsified really sounds like it came straight out of a SCI FI movie – but it really isn’t too complex of a word. Let’s take some time and go over nano CBD and what you need to know about it. Nano-emulsification Don’t let this word scare you. You can thank cosmetic organizations for developing nano technology. It is also found in the pharmaceutical industries to …

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How To Plan Your Crop Rotation With Hemp?

Few things are more important than following a proper crop rotation with hemp. The cultivation of hemp serves a dual purpose. They are used as both cash and cover crops. While the latter protects the soil from the forces of erosion and leaching, the latter can be a good source of income to the farmers. The use of hemp as cash and cover crops has brought several advantages to farmers when it comes to cultivation. The hemp plant is one of the plants that give back to the soil after …

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hemp biomass

5 Best Methods for Storing Hemp Biomass To Prevent Mold

One major challenge linked with harvesting cannabis or hemp is the post-harvest spoilage that may affect the quality and quantity of hemp biomass. This is one major reason why farmers and CBD formulators need to pay attention to choosing the right storage techniques that are essential for maintaining a profitable business. Adopting the right storage method for dry hemp is arguably as important as planting, harvesting, or any other step involved in the cultivation of hemp. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best methods for …

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How to Read a Certificate of Analysis for CBD Featured

How to Read a Certificate of Analysis for CBD

Confused on how to read a certificate of analysis for CBD? You’ve come to the right spot! Let’s discuss exactly what a certificate of analysis is, and why it’s crucial to read before consuming your CBD product. A certificate of analysis for CBD, or CoA, is defined as a laboratory report that contains all necessary details about your CBD products. It is used as a navigator in identifying all phyto-chemical (chemicals in plants) compounds within the CBD product. This certificate is supposed to have information such as the CBD concentration …

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cbd extraction co2 supercritical

The Art of CBD Extraction and How it Works!

The primary purpose of CBD extraction methods is pretty simple: to end up with the cannabinoids and other products or derivatives in a form that is concentrated for better human consumption. To make this happen, you must make use of a plant material that contains enough phytocannabinoids (ie: CBD) such as hemp or other special cannabis strains. CBD extraction will require a favorable ratio of CBD to THC, because the Farm Bill of 2018 only allows CBD products to contain less than 0.3% of THC by dry weight. THC in …

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