why is my cbd oil cloudy

Why is my CBD Oil Cloudy?

New Phase Blends received a question from one of our new Wholesale Accounts with a question about crystallized CBD oil from another supplier they work with (not us!). I’d like to take the time to address exactly what this is, how it happened, and what a user can do to try to fix their crystallized CBD oil. If you want to know why your CBD oil is cloudy, keep reading…

CBD and/or Hemp oil, while easy to store, can take on some strange forms when stored incorrectly, like the cbd oil turning cloudy. In a previous article, we covered how light can affect the coloring of CBD oil. If you missed that article, take a look here. While rare, it is possible for CBD oil to take on the look of a “cloudy” type substance that almost resembles nano-emulsified (water soluble) CBD – even though it isn’t water soluble. Why is this happening? Why is my CBD oil cloudy?

We need to keep a couple things in mind:

  1. The CBD oil you consume is essentially a heavily concentrated extract that’s mixed with a lipid carrier (at New Phase Blends we use MCT oil).
  2. When the extract mentioned above is exposed to extreme conditions, it can take on a solid form that resembles crystallization.

What are the crystals?

Your CBD oil isn’t really cloudy – its crystallized. These crystals are pure phytocannabinoids – that’s it. The lipid carrier has separated from the extract, resulting in a solid form of phytocannabinoid presence, similar to the crystallized appearance of THC on the outside of the cannabis flowers. From a chemical point of view, both THC and CBD have closely related molecular characteristics, and they both take on the form of a crystalline lattice. Those crystals you see are the purest form on concentrate that exist. That may sound like a good thing, but it’s not. Why? The mixture would result in a highly inaccurate dosage level if you were to take a dropper of that same oil with the crystals. For example, if 1mL of your oil would have 32mg of CBD, when it crystallizes, it may result in anywhere from 0 – 200+mg of CBD, depending on the amount of crystals that made it into the dropper. We mix this CBD extract with oil to provide an even, and accurate, amount of CBD per mL of oil. Since the CBD has separated and crystallized, we lost that ability.

example of cloudy cbd oil

Why did it happen?

If you keep up with New Phase Blends educational articles, you know by now that we mix a phytocannabinoid-rich extract with organic MCT oil to make our products. This process is called “suspension.” During suspension, we are making sure that an even dosage of CBD is maintained throughout the entire 1mL tincture. If we are making a product that is 1,000mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, I want to be POSITIVE that every 1mL of fluid has 33.2mg of CBD extract in it. By suspending the correct amount of extract in the oil, we can be sure this is the outcome. In a good mixture, no cloudy effect from the CBD oil can be noticed.

Coming out of suspension.

When exposed to extreme conditions, the CBD oil can come out of suspension, which is what gives the CBD oil a cloudy effect. This is why you see the crystals – the oil is out of suspension. I would bet that 99 times out of 100, you noticed your crystallized oil take this form after receiving a shipment of the oil. It likely sat in a VERY hot or cold environment during the shipping process. The product isn’t toxic or poisonous in nature, it’s just no longer suspended. We need to heat the oil back up to promote chemical binding of the CBD extract and the oil carrier.

What should I do to remove the cloudy CBD appearance?

If you received the CBD oil in a cloudy or crystallized form, I would immediately contact your provider and ask for a refund. It’s not your fault that the shipping conditions from the supplier to you were so extreme that it resulted in a mutated form of what you ordered. To date, I’ve only heard of ONE company that wasn’t willing to refund their customer, or help them figure out how to get the CBD extract suspended properly again so it doesn’t have a cloudy appearance. I wont name who that company is – but its pathetic that they would treat their customers this way.

Methods for correcting your CBD at home.

You can look into trying to reheat the CBD oil tincture to a reasonable heat level that MAY promote the crystallized CBD to bind back to the lipid carrier (oil base). You can do this by boiling a pot of water and placing the CBD tincture (sealed tightly) into the water using a pair of tongs. Gently shake the oil around with the tongs, being careful not to burn yourself, and see if the crystals slowly go away. If they do, that means they are suspended again properly in the lipids (oil). If they do not, you can try microwaving the tincture at 5-10 seconds at a time to see if you can get a similar result. This is meant as a method for last resorts. If you still have no luck, then you are most likely out of luck.

Advanced method for correcting.

For those that have the use of a chemistry set, you can heat your plate and stirring device to 60 degrees Celsius and pour all contents of your CBD oil tincture into the beaker. Gradually heat the oil up to no more than 70 degrees Celsius. This should do the trick. You will notice the cloudy nature of the premium CBD oil starts to slowly vanish. Wait for the product to cool, and pour it back into your CBD tincture.

Clear CBD oil without crystallization

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