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Best Vegan CBD Products

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You’ve officially found your way to an incredible blog on the best vegan CBD oil capsules, and other products on the internet. In this article, we will do a deep dive into the world of vegan CBD. We’ll also cover where and how to buy these items. Vegan CBD seems like it would be an easy item to find, but it really isn’t.

A lot of companies may claim something is vegan, but is it really? You have to do your research before buying vegan CBD edibles, or any other vegan product for that matter.

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What are Vegan CBD Products?

This isn’t a trick question. The answer is probably as simple as you are imagining. Vegan CBD products are CBD products that are certified as vegan. You would think I wouldn’t have to bring this up, but I do. If a company doesn’t hold the certification, the item isn’t vegan certified.

Vegan Cbd Products

If you visit, it will specify exactly what conditions a product must meet to be certified as vegan. In order for a product to be approved for Vegan Certification, it must not contain meat, fish, fowl, animal by-products, eggs or egg products, milk or milk products, honey or honey bee products, insects or products from insects such as silk or dyes, or sugar filtered with bone char or be processed with any animal products or by-products.

Most CBD products I’ve seen already meet these requirements, so It is easy to apply for a certification.

Keep in mind that some vegans aren’t necessarily looking for a certified vegan product, rather products that meet the vegan requirements. A certification would boost the credit of that company and vegan CBD product, but not everyone cares if that certification has been granted. Being vegan is already a challenge, so I can see why most vegans simply look to see if the CBD oils or other CBD products meet the vegan guidelines for production. Many vegans have memorized what’s known as a vegan ingredient list.

Let’s get more into that so you know which CBD products meet vegan requirements, in case they aren’t certified vegan.

Vegan CBD Ingredients List

If the CBD product in question is simply labeled vegan or ‘no animal ingredients used’ you shouldn’t rely only on that labeling statement. Instead, turn the CBD product over and check out the ingredients list. You can check these ingredients and make sure that they all comply with vegan ingredients.

Although CBD is still unregulated, genuine, reputable companies still label all CBD products with a supplement facts panel in addition to a scannable QR code. This QR code links to a third party lab analysis that show things like cannabinoids content, heavy metal screenings, etc…I cannot stress enough how important it is for vegan hemp oils or other CBD products to contain this QR code.

If a product doesn’t have this QR code on the labeling, put it down and never buy anything from that company. Here is an example of the QR code:

Vegan Cbd Capsules

Check both the supplement facts panel and the certificate of analysis to make sure your vegan CBD is compliant with a vegan ingredient list. Here are some ingredients to look for if you are trying to purchase vegan CBD oils:

  • MCT oil
  • Organic flavoring
  • Organically grown hemp
  • Vegan alternatives to gelatin if purchasing edibles

Most CBD products don’t come with much more in their ingredients. Sticking to vegan CBD products is easy for this reason alone.

Vegan Hemp Products Ingredient Checkers

I’d like to introduce to you a nifty little tool that helps you check ingredients to see if they are vegan friendly or not. While there are several online, this vegan CBD ingredient tool is a great one. It isn’t specific to vegan hemp or CBD products, either.

What Is Hemp

It’s made by Double Check Vegan, and it’s very simple to use. Type in the ingredients you are curious about, and hit submit. If there is an issue, it will alert the user. If there is no issue, it will state just that – ‘no issue.’

Here are a few more vegan CBD tools/resources you can use to double check your CBD ingredients before purchasing:

  • Vegan Analyzer
  • Guide by Vegan First
  • Scanner for vegan products
  • Vegan Pocket

As you use these, you will slowly begin to memorize what is, or isn’t, vegan. You’ll find that you may use these resources a lot at first when verifying vegan CBD products, but with time you use them less and less. Being vegan is more than watching what you eat – it’s a lifestyle, and it is important to stick to what you are trying to accomplish.

Examples of Vegan Certified Products

As discussed previously, a lot of CBD products are already made in vegan fashion – its just the nature of how CBD products are made. For example, premium CBD oil drops are typically made with an organic MCT oil, CBD rich hemp extract, and a flavoring of some type.

These ingredients typically meet vegan requirements. As we discussed previously, double check all ingredients on the vegan CBD oils, or products, before purchasing.

Vegan CBD Oil Drops

As for vegan CBD oils, or vegan CBD drops, New Phase Blends offers a high-quality, vegan friendly, CBD product line called ‘pure.’ I frequently tell people, “You may find products that can come close to what New Phase Blends offers, but you will never find something of better quality.”

Pure comes in both CBD oil, also called CBD drops, and in vegan certified CBD gel capsules.

Purest Cbd Oil

All of the ingredients in these CBD drops check out, and are vegan friendly. We actually have a large vegan following, and they all love these premium, CBD-rich vegan CBD drops. There are two options available: 1,000mg or 2,000mg tinctures. They come in either natural mint, or citrus flavor. All flavorings used are organic, and abide by the vegan guidelines. There are thirty, 1mL servings per bottle – regardless of which strength you purchase.

Certified Vegan CBD Oil Capsules / Pills

A few of the areas you might struggle with, as far as CBD products are concerned, is finding certified vegan CBD gummies or gel capsule pills. This is because most gummies and gel capsules use a type of gelatin. Since gelatin is an animal byproduct, it is immediately out of the vegan CBD product running.

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When buying vegan CBD gel capsules, or other similar pills, keep one thing in mind. Look for vegetarian or cellulose-based capsules. They are not made with animal byproducts. Also, you can test the CBD capsule if you are unaware of the origins by placing it into a glass of water. The gelatin-based capsule will not dissolve. The vegan friendly one will.

Cbd Softgel Capsules

Of course, New Phase Blends offers certified vegan CBD gel capsules. These CBD pills are a rage, and for good reason. They are a real vegan product, and they work quite well. The same CBD drops above have simply been manufactured as a soft gel capsule. Have a look for yourself:

These broad spectrum, vegan CBD pills are packed with 40mg of CBD per capsule. There are 60 capsules in each bottle. If you take one pill daily, that’s a 2-month supply. We use a little bit of hemp seed oil in each pill to help act as a carrier oil. This helps evenly dose every single pill with the correct amount of CBD-rich hemp extract.

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Please keep in mind that the carrier oil is NOT the source of CBD. I bring this up because some companies try to sell hemp seed oil (which has NO CBD in it) under the guise of CBD oil. All of our CBD products come from a premium hemp extract – not fake hemp seed oil products. Don’t worry 🙂

Cbd Pills In Softgel Capsules

Like all of our other products, you can scan the QR code on these as well. This will link you to a real certificate of analysis that breaks down the cannabinoid content, and other panels, on an easy-to-read document. Scan it with your phone and in a matter of seconds you will be redirected to this report.

Watch Out For Hemp Seed Oil!

This is a hot topic lately. Remember how some CBD companies are attempting to sell products that are only hemp seed oil? Hemp seed oil has no CBD in it.

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Hemp seed oil is normally used for moisturizing the skin, or even cooking. It is never to be used as a source of CBD.

Be Careful Who You Purchase Vegan CBD From

The FDA began to crack down on companies that sell fake or mislabeled CBD products. Since CBD is still essentially unregulated, there are a lot of shenanigans’ going on from unethical CBD companies. In the summer of 2020, the FDA concluded that roughly 25% of all CBD products sold were either mislabeled, or completely fake.

The FDA issued warning letters, and I suspect they will pursue more serious actions in the future.

How do you make sure your vegan CBD products are real and actually contain cannabinoids, like CBD? Here’s a few things to look for when looking at different CBD companies:

  1. Recommendations by others, preferably people you know
  2. Certifications: GMP certified CBD, organic hemp, vegan certifications
  3. Third party certificates of analysis
  4. Product guarantees – i.e.: money back guarantees
  5. Easily reachable by phone

These are a few of the ways you can make sure you are buying from only trustworthy CBD companies or brands. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will likely end up with a great product. Most people who find their trusted CBD source end up sticking with them for years. Keep that in mind when looking for the best vegan CBD products.

Summary – The Best Vegan CBD Oil

By now, you surely have a great understanding of what some of the best CBD products are, and how to find them. Remember, just because a vegan CBD product claims it is vegan friendly on the label, doesn’t mean it really is. You need to do the work yourself to determine this:

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  • Find the supplement facts panel and read the ingredients
  • Look for vegan certifications on the packaging
  • Double check ingredients you aren’t familiar with on some vegan ingredient checker apps

Of course, I would prefer if you stuck to New Phase Blends’ best vegan CBD products. However, everyone has their own taste in a product. I understand that. At a minimum, I hope you learned something from this article on vegan CBD products. If you care to give any of our stuff a try, I guarantee you will love it!

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Table of Contents

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About the Author - CBD Expert Dale Hewett

Dale Hewett Author
Dale Hewett

Dale Hewett is the owner and founder of New Phase Blends. He discovered his passion for CBD use after suffering from injuries sustained while on Active Duty in the US Army. His number one priority is introducing the same CBD products that he himself uses for relief to others who can benefit from them.

Dale holds a Master Degree of Science, and is the inventor of the popular, CBD-based sleep aid known as ‘Sleep.’ He’s given multiple lectures on CBD to institutions such as Cornell’s MBA student program, and Wharton’s School of Business.

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