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CBD for Insomnia

Sleep is an essential part of human existence. It plays a critical role in determining how our bodies relax after a long day’s job. A night of good sleep is important for letting our bodies relax and regroup for the day ahead.

The inability to sleep can lead to several disease conditions, including heart-related problems and death.

The need to meet deadlines in our overly busy world is gradually making real sleep hard to get. Increased workload, coupled with exposure to different diseases, has increased the level of sleep-related disorders in the world. Roughly 21% of Americans report not sleeping well enough to feel refreshed the next day. That’s a startling statistic, isn’t it?

The term sleep-related disorders refers to a condition where individuals find it hard to fall asleep or remain asleep.

Did you know we require 8-10 hours of sleep per night? This has been recommended by several studies.

These sleep-related challenges vary in their severity. Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, and sleep apnea serving as some of the most encountered sleep-related disorders.

CBD may be the next biggest thing in the sleep aid world. Lets talk all about its’ use to fight off insomnia and other sleep-related disorders.

The Fight Against Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have trouble falling and or staying asleep. Most episodes of insomnia are related to the following:

  • poor sleeping habits
  • chronic illnesses
  • lack of exercise
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • certain medical conditions.

Treatment procedures for insomnia identify the underlying cause of the condition. These procedures might even use sleeping aids or therapy to offer the most effective solutions.

CBD may offer solutions to sleep-related disorders like insomnia. CBD is able to indirectly stimulate different areas in our bodies via the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This is why it is such a powerful product to use against insomnia.

Role of CBD for Insomnia

CBD interacts with with the cannabinoid receptors found in the brain, peripheral organs, and the immune system. For this reason, it can produce several beneficial effects that are important in the fight against insomnia.

Let’s take some time to go over the more popular effects CBD may bring, and why you should consider using CBD for insomnia.

CBD and Pain Relief

Pain is one of the leading factors that affect sound sleep. The bulk of CBD use revolves around its’ ability to interact with our CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. This interaction can lead to a wide range of reactions leading to pain relief.

Information from research shows that CBD via interaction with the pain receptors can block their transmission of information from nerve endings. Although the mode of activity between CBD and pain circuit is still unknown, people who have used CBD have testified to its ability to promote pain relief.

Cbd For Insomnia Nerve Block

Since CBD interacts with the ECS receptors, it can address the underlying condition with ease, thus giving users a sound sleep.

Inflammation may be responsible for chronic pain. The CB2 receptors are the primary site of CBD action, and they are responsible for modulating the activities of the immune system, making sure only the right types of responses and cells are deployed during an invasion.

This is why you hear so much about CBD and its’ anti-inflammatory properties.

Improved Sleep From CBD Use

Insomnia is a sleep-related condition where people who battle with it find it hard to fall or remain asleep. CBD can also interact with neurotransmitters to promote sleep. There is one thing to keep in mind, though, and you might find this surprising:

CBD on its’ own is a rather poor sleep aid. Sure, it can help relax you, but the best way to use CBD for insomnia (by FAR) is to blend it with melatonin.

Why is that? CBD helps you fall asleep, but not stay asleep. Melatonin is a hormone our bodies product that helps you stay asleep. Together, they produce a phenomenal effect that puts most people into a deep sleep within 30 minutes to an hour.

Some CBD products come equipped with melatonin to boost their activity. Melatonin can be combined with CBD to promote sleep in individuals battling insomnia.

New Phase Blends has a patent-pending CBD sleep aid that is based around the precise mixture of cannabinoids (like CBD) and melatonin. You may have even seen it in magazines like Vogue, or news networks such as Yahoo! Finance and MarketWatch.

Cbd For Insomnia

Plain ol’ CBD products may help people with minor sleep issues, but it will likely not help more moderate to severe insomniacs. There is nothing wrong, necessarily, with plain CBD, however, it works so much better when used with melatonin as a sleep aid.

Mental Struggles Like Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression remain the most common cause of sleep-related disorders, including insomnia. These are often accompanied by other symptoms that may disrupt the quality of sleep.

CBD possesses an excellent anxiolytic property that has been used to calm anxiety and also help users deal with depression. It can interact with neurotransmitters like the GABA and Serotonin receptors. This triggers the release of feel-good hormones that makes users relaxed.

Imagine being ready to face your next daily activities refreshed and full of energy.

The non-psychoactive nature of CBD makes it an excellent candidate for dealing with anxiety. Also, say goodbye to the fear of getting high or failing a drug test (from THC use). The THC content in CBD is so minute you will not get any psychoactive effects.

Side Effects from CBD Use?

The use of CBD is not linked to any life-threatening side effects. Some users have reported dizziness, irregular eating habits, irregular sleep patterns, and daytime sleepiness. These side effects for using CBD for insomnia really aren’t too bad.

While this may be true, it is important to note a couple different factors. Time of administration, dosage, and the cannabinoid spectrum determine the overall reaction people will receive from CBD products.

For this reason, it’s important to understand exactly how to use your CBD products. Most products come with a recommended use section that describes, in detail, how to use that particular CBD product.

You can always ask you healthcare provider for more information, as well. Most providers are very familiar with CBD use these days. They can offer more precise medical advice than we can, too.

Cbd Recommended Use Panel

CBD has been reported to reduce the metabolism of drugs. Processing drugs is dependent on an enzyme called Cytochrome P450 (CYP450). Interestingly, this enzyme is responsible for the breaking down of CBD and other drugs like aspirin.

When taken together, CBD can limit drug metabolism through competitive inhibition. This means that, while rare, it is possible to overdose on something like aspirin if taken together with CBD. Keep this in mind if you take several prescription or over-the-counter medications. Better safe than sorry, right?

CBD for Insomnia | Conclusion

Our line of CBD products for sleep and insomnia just may be what you need to aid in providing a good night’s sleep. With our CBD and Melatonin product for sleep, users get a chance to enjoy the dual role of CBD and melatonin in promoting real sleep.

Quality and dedication to customer health is important to us. For this reason, all of our CBD products come from hemp-derived CBD containing less than 0.3% THC. This means it is non-psychoactive and non-intoxicating. There are also no additives or pesticides in any of our products.

New Phase Blends is a leading brand for a reason. Our products work well, are safe, and backed by a money-back guarantee. Don’t like the product you bought? Return it for a full refund.

Cbd For Insomnia

Remember, the battle against insomnia can seem pretty hopeless at times. There are products out there to help with this. Also, never be ashamed to ask for some mental relief if you need it. Sometimes insomnia is onset by purely mental conditions that psychologists or counselors can address.

Using CBD for insomnia relief is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for fighting insomnia. Get real sleep tonight. What do you have to lose?


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