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Side Effects of CBD

Read About the Side Effects of CBD Oil

While there are side effects of CBD oil, they are really not bad at all when compared to other medications. Can CBD make you sleepy? Can CBD give you a headache? Can CBD give you diarrhea?

These are all valid questions in regards to CBD use.

While CBD and other phytocannabinoids (‘plant chemicals’) are an ancient product people have used for thousands of years, it was just legalized in the United States via the Farm Bill of 2018.

For this reason, a lot of real peer reviewed research is lacking when compared to other products that treat similar symptoms like Advil or or Tylenol.

Don’t worry though! Side effects of CBD oil have been studied, just not to the degree of other major over the counter, or pharmaceutical medications.

Known Side Effects of CBD Oil

Let’s discuss the KNOWN side effects of CBD oil.

According to Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research publications “the most common [negative] side effects of CBD oil were changes in weight, tiredness, and diarrhea.”

This particular study came from an extensive research panel on 132 different studies ranging from CBD oil usage for up to 1500mg per day.

Keep in mind, 1500mg of CBD is a VERY high amount, and most certainly would give side effects. To put this into perspective, our most popular product (CBD oil for Sleep) has a total of 2000mg of rich CBD extract in it. That would be like chugging 3/4 of a bottle of sleep at a time. NOT GOOD!

Positive side effects of CBD include: physiological effects that include a better sense of mental well-being, anti-inflammatory effects, neuro protection effects, and antioxidant-like effects. This data is from the same study which can be seen in full below.

New Phase Blends Products

Lets take the time to go over exactly what each of these positive side effects are, and what the study shows about the positive side effects of CBD oil.

Can CBD Give You a Headache?

If taken in normal amounts, no. The tricky part is figuring out what a ‘normal’ amount of CBD is, since the FDA hasn’t issued guidelines for CBD to be used as a dietary supplement.

A vast majority of CBD drops, for example, come in 1000mg / 30mL tinctures. This equals about 33mg of CBD per 1mL serving which I would call normal.

Now, if you quadruple this dosage or take too much CBD at once, studies show that headaches can be a side effect. While rare, these headaches occur shortly after consuming too much CBD.

The good news is, the headaches from CBD were very mild. So, can CBD give you a headache? It’s highly unlikely.

Can CBD Make You Sleepy?

Plain CBD products are very poor when used as a sleep aid. That said, if you take too much CBD, it may make you sleepy.

Most people use CBD for reducing anxiety not as a sleep aid. CBD’s sedative properties are good at relaxing the mind, but not so good at putting the mind to sleep.

Can Cbd Make You Sleepy

There are CBD sleep aids that exist, but they will blend other substances, like melatonin, to get a strong effect. New Phase Blends sells a patent-pending CBD based sleep aid called ‘sleep.’

It blends melatonin with a CBD-rich hemp extract to act as a potent sleep aid.

Can CBD make you sleepy? No, CBD alone probably will not make you sleepy unless you take too much.

Can CBD Give You Diarrhea?

For whatever reason, many people ask, frequently, “can CBD give you diarrhea?”

It is highly unlikely that CBD will cause gastric issues resulting in diarrhea or even constipation.

If you think CBD gives you diarrhea, you may be mistaking this symptom for another issue. I would take a look at identifying the carrier oil of your CBD products. Carrier oils are oils that the hemp extract is mixed with in order to provide an even dose of CBD when you consume it.

Popular carrier oils are:

  • MCT oil
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Grapeseed oil

If you cannot tolerate these oils, chances are your diarrhea from CBD use isn’t really from CBD use it’s caused from the carrier oils.

There are plenty of companies out there that use different carrier oils, so if you are having an issue just find a different company/product.

Can Cbd Give You Diarrhea

New Phase Blends uses organic MCT oil for a carrier oil. This is, usually, the most tolerated oil on the market.

Other Side Effects of CBD Oil

This next study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study. This basically means it’s a very controlled and good study. CBD was co-administered with fentanyl [via IV] to 17 subjects.

Blood samples were obtained before and after 400 mg CBD or 800 mg CBD via pre-treatment. Following this CBD administration was a single 0.5 (Labeled Session 1) or 1.0μg/kg (Session 2, after 1 week of first administration to allow for sufficient drug washout) fentanyl dose via IV administration.

A well-known system, The Systematic Assessment for Treatment Emergent Events (SAFTEE), is used to document both the effects and safety of the CBD administration.

The SAFTEE outcomes were similar between groups. The test session result is no depression of respiratory or complications of the cardiovascular system. According to the test result…

“The results of the evaluation of pharmacokinetics, to see if interaction between the drugs occurred, were as follows. Peak CBD plasma concentrations of the 400 and 800 mg group were measured after 4 h in the first session (CBD administration 2 h after light breakfast). Peak urinary CBD and its metabolite concentrations occurred after 6 h in the low CBD group and after 4 h in the high CBD group. No effect was evident for urinary CBD and metabolite excretion except at the higher fentanyl dose, in which CBD clearance was reduced. Importantly, fentanyl co-administration did not produce respiratory depression or cardiovascular complications during the test sessions and CBD did not potentiate fentanyl’s effects. No correlation was found between CBD dose and plasma cortisol levels.”

Nerve Effects

A study was conducted on 15 otherwise healthy male patients. This study utilized both the fMRI and questionnaires to gather data. THC (10mg d9), CBD (600mg Broad Spectrum), or a placebo was used in this double-blind, repeated measured study. The side effects of CBD was being closely monitored.

It was found that pre-treatment with CBD that had doses of Δ9-THC administration immediately following the CBD could reduce the latter’s psychotic and anxiety symptoms.

Furthermore, no effects on peripheral cardiovascular activity such as heart rate or blood pressure were noticed.

Conclusion | Side Effects of CBD Use

That about wraps up the discussion on known side effects of CBD use. The major thing to keep in mind is that while side effects are possible from CBD use, a vast majority of them only occur when you take too much.

Too much CBD would be several servings of 33mg serving sizes. Why 33mg?

One of the most popular items in the CBD world is the 1000mg CBD tincture, also known as CBD drops. This size of tincture breaks down into 33mg serving sizes (30 servings at 1mL / serving).  This is a common dose for people new to CBD, and CBD veterans alike.

Headaches and nausea are the most common side effects of taking too much CBD. Can CBD give you a headache? Most likely, no. Does CBD make you sleepy? CBD, on it’s own, will likely not make you feel too sleepy.

Can CBD give you diarrhea? Again, unless you take a TON of CBD, no it won’t.

Can Cbd Give You A Headache

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Can Cbd Give You A Headache

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