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CBD can improve your life. It is a natural painkiller, sleep aid, and antidepressant that can heal you with no potential for addiction or abuse. If you try real, broad spectrum, high-strength CBD, such as our pure CBD tincture 1000mg, you may feel significantly better – immediately.


1000mg CBD tinctures are, perhaps, the most popular product on the market. This is because it’s a great dose for beginners and frequent users alike, and it lasts for quite some time before needing more. There are numerous health benefits associated with CBD use, too.

The best thing about CBD is that you can keep taking it for a very long time or for life. It cannot get you high and cannot turn into an addiction or even a bad habit. CBD is a safe and effective product you can take for extended periods of time, too.

Our Cannabidiol, or CBD, is Organic

The hemp we use is grown in a healthy and natural way, without pesticides. We take great care to ensure that everything you buy from us is as pure and free from harmful chemicals as possible.

As well as growing our hemp without pesticides, we also manufacture our oil as cleanly as possible. Some low-quality CBD oil tinctures contain chemicals left behind during the manufacturing process. We manufacture everything cleanly and test our CBD to ensure it is free of chemicals and THC.

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We only source from organic hemp, not marijuana. Quality CBD tinctures, regardless of who you buy them from, will always source from hemp plants.

Cannabis Species Chart

While hemp and marijuana are both part of the cannabis plant species, we want to make sure our products are completely non-intoxicating and 100% legal. For this reason, we source everything from non GMO industrial hemp.

One CBD Tincture is a LOT

One of our 1000mg CBD oil tinctures may last for a month, even if you use it every day. One milliliter of our powerful tincture may be an effective dose.

1000Mg Cbd Tincture

1ml of our pure premium brand spectrum CBD contains 33mg of CBD. Even a small bottle will last for a month at 1ml per day. Different people need different doses, but 33mg per day can be enough for many people.

We Offer Broad and Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Another reason why our CBD is powerful is that it is full spectrum or broad spectrum. Broad spectrum CBD oil tinctures are more powerful per milligram and has more health benefits.

Much of the “CBD” you can buy is just low-dosed CBD isolate. This is a sad, but unfortunate reality of the CBD market.

CBD isolate does work, but it only contains CBD, not any other medicinal ingredients. Broad spectrum (free of THC) and full spectrum CBD oil (containing a small amount of THC) contain other beneficial ingredients.

Vegan Cbd Capsules

Cannabis does not only contain CBD and THC. THC and CBD are the most important cannabinoids, but there are a hundred other cannabinoids in the plant. Other than THC, all of these cannabinoids do not produce a high and are legal.

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Different cannabinoids have different benefits, and we are not yet sure of what each one does. It will take a huge amount of research to discover the full benefits of cannabis, with 124 different cannabinoids to study.

One thing we know about cannabinoids for sure is that they intensify the effect of CBD. If you take CBD on its own, you get a relatively weak effect.

Pure Cbd Oil

However, if you take CBD in combination with other cannabinoids and other substances found in cannabis, you get a stronger effect. This is known as the entourage effect and is part of why broad-spectrum CBD is significantly better than CBD isolate.

Cannabinoids can cheer you up and make you feel great. Runners and sprinters experience “runner’s high,” a sense of euphoria when physically exerting themselves.

Runner’s high may be caused by your body’s natural cannabinoids and not as much by endorphins. Your body’s cannabinoid system has the power to make you feel better, and you can stimulate it with cannabinoids found in plants.

Thanks to your endocannabinoid system, you can actually use cannabinoids to help regulate different parts of your body.

Brain Receptors

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures Contain Terpenes, Too!

Terpenes are other medicinal molecules found in cannabis. They are not specific to marijuana and are found in many other plants.

They give many different medicinal herbs their power. Some strains of marijuana have a distinct smell and taste; this is because of terpenes. Terpenes also give some plants their color.

Different terpenes have different medicinal benefits. Some of the best-understood terpenes are:

  • Pinene is a pine-smelling terpene found in pine needles and other plants, including some cannabis strains. It works as an antidepressant and may even fight cancer.
  • Myrcene is antibacterial and antifungal, plus works as a sedative.
  • Beta-caryophyllene is found in hops and can fight anxiety and depression. Beer made of hops also has a calming effect.
  • Humulene gives you energy rather than calms you down. Strains of cannabis that boost your energy may contain humulene.
  • Limonene may fight cancer and may fight anxiety.
  • Linalool may reduce your stress levels.

Broad spectrum CBD oil with terpenes is powerful. Don’t assume that our broad spectrum CBD tincture 1000mg is only as powerful as a bottle of CBD isolate with 1000mg of CBD in it.

Broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil products are much more powerful. You should incorporate CBD with some of these terpenes into your daily routine.

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A CBD oil tincture, as we sell them, are currently legal in all fifty US states. Theoretically, a state could create laws against CBD, but it is legal at the federal level, and no states have passed new laws against it. Laws against marijuana do not include CBD.

To be legal, CBD oil tinctures need to be made from hemp and not marijuana. Hemp contains high levels of CBD, and is legal, while marijuana contains high levels of THC, and is considered a controlled substance.

Pure Cbd Oil

CBD must test at below 0.3% THC to be legal in all US states. Some states have more lenient laws. Our broad-spectrum CBD contains only a trace amount of THC and is legal everywhere.

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Sometimes, companies can accidentally produce a CBD oil tincture that is illegal. During the process of converting low-THC hemp extract into a concentrate, the level of THC in the mixture may increase.

This can result in an illegal product that the company sells as if it were legal.

We make sure that this never happens by manufacturing our products correctly and regularly testing to make sure everything is under the legal limit. We guarantee that we will never sell you any broad-spectrum CBD that contains more than a trace of THC.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your System?

CBD will stay in your system for about 3-4 weeks, depending on a whole lot of different factors. Most people feel the effects of CBD for about 6-8 hours, but after this it breaks down quickly. Small, trace amounts will linger within you for weeks.

Ingredients of a High Quality 1,000mg CBD Tincture

If you’re in the market for a pure 1,000mg CBD tincture, you are probably already aware of the many health benefits of broad and full-spectrum cannabidiol, or CBD.

Benefits Of 1000Mg Cbd Oil

You may notice that many companies use MCT oil as a carrier, but what is it? Why is this important? Olive oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil…they are all basically the same right?


MCT Oil is the Key To Success

MCT oil (coconut oil), or medium-chain triglyceride oil, is a fantastic carrier oil to use. Carrier oils are simply an oil added to something to help evenly distribute it.

Medium Chain Triglycerides are, essentially, fats. More specifically, triglycerides are saturated fatty acids that optimize the way cannabidiol is absorbed in the gut and into the bloodstream. There are also a lot of benefits to using quality, organic oils like coconut oil. Take a look at some of these benefits:

  • Your body quickly absorbs and uses it. This means that it serves as a readily available form of energy, and your brain thrives off of coconut oil use.
  • Did you know that research shows that weight and fat loss are improved when using MCT oil? Indirectly, this may help decrease the risk of heart disease.
  • If you are among those who use fats as an energy source (ie: keto diet, low carb diet, carnivore diet), MCT can actually help prevent lactic acid buildup.

In the case of CBD tinctures, we add coconut oil to help thin out the CBD to an even dose that matches the product.

Mct Coconut Oil

For example, a 1000mg CBD tincture will contain roughly 33 mg of CBD per serving. We dilute the raw CBD extract with the MCT oil until we get a dose consistency that matches this.

It has numerous health benefits, including the ability to be used as brain food. It’s sourced from coconuts in the form of fractionated coconut oil.

Fractionated coconut oil is simply a thinner version of coconut oil when compared to it’s raw form. Most of the time you see MCT oil on the shelf, or online, you are really looking at fractionated coconut oil.

Yes, the medium chain triglyceride oil we use is organic, too.

A Little Bit More on Carrier Oils

A carrier oil is just extra oil that is added to the CBD-rich hemp extract when making 1,000mg CBD drops, or other CBD products.

The hemp extract is in an oil concentrate form, so adding oil to it can dilute the concentrate until it becomes tolerable for taste and  at a strength that you want the product to be. The carrier oil “carries” the oil into your system.

That’s the easiest way to remember it. Carrier oils carry the CBD into your body.

  • Using a carrier ensures that a higher concentration of cannabidiol eventually enters the bloodstream after digestion.

  • When organic oils are used as a carrier for CBD, cannabidiol enters the bloodstream faster, resulting in faster relief from pain and inflammation.

  • MCT oil is widely used by professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts, thanks to the body being able to quickly metabolize medium-chain triglycerides into energy. Google the “bullet proof coffee” and see why fitness enthusiasts love MCT oil. It’s quite interesting.

CBD Will Not Get You High

Anyone can use our 1000mg CBD oil tincture without becoming intoxicated. While it is powerful, it is not intoxicating. CBD only makes you calm and focused, not high.

It’s not possible as long as the CBD is sourced from hemp extract.

Cbd Oil Tincture On A Dock

It will not cause excitement, pleasure, fear, a rapid heart rate, or any of the other things that a THC high might cause. CBD is not a psychoactive substance.

For this reason, CBD will not get you high. It’s just not possible.

Is CBD Ever Addictive?

It doesn’t seem to be possible to get addicted to using a CBD oil tincture, or other CBD products. While THC does have some potential for addiction, CBD does not. Since CBD oil cannot get you high, there is no possibility of craving the drug.

It also does not affect your brain in a way that makes you dependent on the medicine. You will not experience any withdrawal symptoms if you stop using CBD oil.

There is a possibility of developing a tolerance to CBD oil. If you use a lot of it for a long time, it might stop having as much of an effect.

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Our 1000mg CBD tincture is a powerful, concentrated mixture. You won’t need to use more than a very small amount of the tincture each day. Don’t use more than you need, as you might desensitize yourself to it that way.

Actually, CBD Can Help With Addictions

Not only is CBD never addictive, but it can even help you overcome an addiction. People use CBD to break their addictions.

The calm and focus that CBD gives you help you think rationally about whether to go back to a drug habit you are trying to quit. With a clear mind, it is easy to choose not to use the substance you are craving.

After you quit a substance, using a CBD oil tincture can help you stay off of it and not relapse. People even use CBD to quit cannabis. CBD can also reduce the likelihood of developing an addiction.

How to Use CBD Tinctures Properly

How you take your CBD oil affects how well it works. The best way to take CBD tincture is to put the drops under your tongue. If you take the drops sublingually, it will start to affect you quickly and strongly.

Many medicines are taken sublingually. Why is this an advantage for CBD or any other medicine?

The fastest way for medicine to get into your bloodstream is through the area under your tongue, not your stomach. When you take a medicine sublingually, the tissue on the floor of your mouth absorbs the medicine.

An Image Of The Sublingual Vein

The medicine goes from there into your sublingual vein, which is there to drain blood from your tongue. The CBD quickly moves from the lingual arteries to cells all over your body. This not only helps the drug work faster but makes it more powerful.

Swallowing CBD oil does work – your digestive system will not destroy it. However, taking CBD oil under the tongue is the best way.

CBD Products for Sale

All of the CBD oil products we sell are legal (both very low in THC and made from plants that are very low in THC), organic, and properly extracted. We use excellent extraction methods and test our products for impurities. We won’t sell you anything that contains chemical by-products.

Our products are also full spectrum CBD oil, or broad spectrum CBD oil. They do not only contain CBD but also terpenes and other cannabinoids. These other medicinal substances have their own health benefits and enhance CBD’s effect.

Buy Cbd Products Online

A lot of the CBD products you can buy are downright bad, not merely somewhat lower quality. A food and drug administration study found that it is very common for CBD products to not even contain CBD.

It is shockingly common for companies to sell useless “CBD oil tinctures” that don’t contain any CBD at all! Some other companies also use inaccurate labels. We will always sell you the highest quality CBD, sourced from organic hemp.

You can also count on our CBD oil tincture labels to be 100% accurate. Double check them against the third party analysis we provide via scannable QR codes. You’ll see for yourself 🙂

Qr Code Examples

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