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CBD Oil Without THC: Will It Work?

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the best natural medicines you can try. It does a great job of offering relief for many different physical and mental health problems. CBD is also safe, effective, and proven to work by many studies. If you buy hemp derived CBD oil without THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the medicine will never produce a high for the user, but it will still offer relief.

For this reason, people are beginning to experiment with CBD use on a scale like nothing we’ve ever seen before. This rush is known as the CBD boom of 2019.

TL;DR: A vast majority of CBD products come from the hemp plant, which means they have little to no THC in them. For this reason, you cannot get high from hemp derived CBD oils, but you still get the benefit of using CBD. The THC content has no effect on whether or not the CBD will work, or not.

Why Would You Want to Buy CBD Without THC?

THC free CBD oils seem to work for anxiety, focus, mental health, sleep, mood stability, and many other mental health issues.

If you want to use CBD, but you’re worried about getting high, don’t be. As long as your CBD products come from the hemp plant, they simply don’t contain enough THC to get you high.

Not everyone likes the high you get from marijuana. Some people enjoy it and find it mellow; others find it more intense but enjoyable because it is exciting.

Pure CBD Products for Sale by New Phase Blends

Other people hate it. In fact, a large portion of people who try THC actually do not like the intoxicating effects it brings on.

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THC can also impair your ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. You might not be able to study or write a report while on THC. Other side effects include a dry mouth, dilated pupils, odd behavior, and fatigue.

All that said, THC is still a relatively safe drug. It has very little potential for abuse or harm compared to more hardcore drugs. However, someone who enjoy THC may still want to moderate their use of it, and others do not enjoy the substance at all.

CBD is Safe and Not a Recreational Drug

CBD is not anything like THC. It can only be used as a medicine, never as a recreational drug. It will never produce a high.

It also has a much lower potential for side effects than THC. It will not make you feel any fear, paranoia, anxiety, or anything like this. It is not possible.

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CBD treats anxiety rather than causing it, and it will not raise your heart rate, dry out your mouth, or inhibit your ability to focus. You can also drive safely on CBD, unlike many other medications that may affect your motor skills.

Keep in mind that CBD is not completely without side effects, though. If you take far more than necessary, you may experience fatigue, nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting. These side effects are almost never reported, though.

You can use pure CBD during the day to stabilize your mood, not only at night to help you get to sleep. It usually does not make you drowsy or interfere with your daytime activities in any other way.

Is CBD Without THC as Good as CBD With THC for Health Benefits?

For the most part, THC free CBD products will offer relief from your health issues just as well as having it mixed WITH THC will.

You won’t miss out on health benefits if you use CBD without THC. Imagine reaping all of the benefits of medical cannabis compounds from the cannabis plant, but without the high.

This is now possible thanks to THC free CBD oils.

You see, cannabis encompasses both industrial hemp, or simply ‘hemp’, and marijuana. A lot of people do not realize this, for some reason.

Thc Vs Cbd Chart

Manufacturers will create a cannabis extract from these plants. The extract from hemp will create non THC CBD oil, and the extract from marijuana will contain a controlled THC oil.

Some people probably need THC, but a strong dose of cannabidiol will usually give you the same health benefits of THC mixed with CBD.

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While THC does offer some health benefits, CBD offers the same benefits and more. THC’s health benefits, such as helping you sleep and relieving pain, are important to many people.

If you are currently smoking marijuana for health benefits but do not like the high it produces, try switching to CBD. Make sure you look at both full spectrum oils and broad spectrum products.

We’ll get into these different spectrums a little later on.

You might also like to use marijuana for the psychoactive effects, but only once in a while. If so, you can use CBD for anti-anxiety and anti-insomnia relief often, but only use THC occasionally. Many people take this approach to using THC free CBD products.

CBD makes you healthier, in general, by reducing inflammation and making up for low serotonin. Anyone who persistently feels bad may have low serotonin, which CBD can make up for.

Our bodies also have an endocannabinoid system which is responsible for how we utilize cannabinoids.

Endocannabinoid System Receptors

Anything that reduces inflammation without many side effects is a great option for your pain. CBD can do this, and do it well.

Back Pain and Inflammation: CBD or THC?

While both THC and CBD will help with your back pains, it becomes a choice of whether you want to be high, or not.

Not everyone enjoys being high. It affects your day to day activities, social life, and a slew of other things. For this reason, we highly suggest using a THC free CBD for back pain relief.

Imagine being able to reap the rewards of medical marijuana, but without getting high. This is now possible.

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD

When you are buying CBD without THC, you should buy either full or broad spectrum products.

Full spectrum CBD products contains other cannabinoids, too. These other cannabis compounds have health benefits and may strengthen the effect of cannabidiol. The THC content in this spectrum will be less than 0.3%, by law.

Broad spectrum is almost the exact same, it just contains near 0.0% THC.

Full spectrum products also contains terpenes, which are at least as important as other compounds. Terpenes give many plants, including the cannabis plant, their color, smell, taste, and medicinal qualities.

Different terpenes may have different medicinal benefits and are found in different strains of the plant.

Vegan Cbd Capsules

That said, there isn’t much scientific evidence that exists which shows the therapeutic benefits of terpenes. Most research revolves around how terpenes affect smell and taste.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD is also a good choice because of the entourage effect. The entourage effect is the theory that cannabinoids work best in combination with other plant compounds and terpenes. As a side note, the most popular form of CBD comes via a 1,000 mg CBD oil tincture.

The different cannabinoids and terpenes not only have their own effects, but also make the CBD more powerful. If you take it on its own (like a CBD isolate), it may have a relatively weak effect.

What are Flavonoids?

Flavonoids are another reason why full-spectrum CBD is more effective. Many fruits and vegetables get their health benefits from flavonoids, which can work as antioxidants. THC free CBD oils are an excellent source of these healthy plant compounds.

Your body is always under attack by harmful molecules known as free radicals, which can kill cells all over your body. There is no way out of being exposed to these substances, and your body needs them in some quantity to fight infections.

However, you can (and should), reduce the power of free radicals by using antioxidants.

You can find antioxidants naturally in your food. For example, vitamins C and E are both antioxidants. Flavonoids also have powerful antioxidant effects.

THC free CBD oil is full of flavonoids.

Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Thankfully, this is unlikely. However, it is possible for a product advertised as THC free CBD oil to contain THC.

This can make the product illegal in most US states and many or most other countries. CBD oil containing less than 0.3% THC is federally legal in the US.

A company is not likely to include any THC in a product they advertise as THC free. Instead, a company might accidentally create a product that contains THC by manufacturing the oil improperly.

You can minimize the chances of this happening to you by looking for a scannable QR code on THC free CBD oil labels. It looks like this:

Qr Code Examples

It will link to a third party analysis that tested the THC content of the product, in addition to other cannabinoids. Reputable CBD companies will always have this on all labels. If you do not see this QR code on your CBD products, never buy them again. It’s likely an under-dosed, or fake item.

At worst, you could fail a THC test after using a CBD product. The product might contain enough THC that it shows up on a drug test. Be careful what company you buy from, and don’t buy a mixed CBD/THC product thinking that it is only CBD.

It is important to remember that CBD on its own will not cause you to fail a test – the product has to contain THC.

A reliable company will always deliver products that contain almost no THC.

More on CBD and Legality

THC free CBD oil products have to be made out of hemp, not marijuana, to be federally legal in the United States.

To be legal, the product has to be made out of hemp (not marijuana). We touched on the differences between hemp and marijuana earlier, so scroll up if you need to catch up on this area.

The Farm Bill of 2018 made CBD legal on a federal level, in addition to some other legislative changes for hemp products.

That said, the Food and Drug Administration still doesn’t recognize THC free CBD oil as a dietary supplement. For this reason, the FDA maintains that it shouldn’t be used to treat a serious medical condition.

Usually, anything that a known and trusted company offers is legal if it claims to be legal. It is risker to go with less well-known companies.

Is it Legal to Order CBD Without THC Online?

Yes, you can order CBD online, as long as it is pure CBD from the hemp plant.

Different countries have different laws, but it is often legal without a prescription in places where marijuana is still illegal.

You can also find CBD products for sale all over the United States. There is also no enforced legal age limit to buy CBD oil products, although most companies will suggest you are over 18 before purchasing.

What to Look for in THC Free CBD Oils

Some CBD products give you more CBD per dollar than others. This is not all there is to finding a CBD oil tincture, but it does matter.

Never go by the fluid size of the bottle. Only go by the total number of milligrams of CBD that it contains. The potency of the CBD oil varies dramatically from one product to another.

Pure Cbd Oil

Sometimes, a CBD oil tincture is not a good deal. Some companies offer CBD products with significantly less THC free CBD, per dollar, than others.

Some CBD is also higher quality, and may be worth it even if it doesn’t offer a lot of CBD per dollar. To be honest, you really get what you pay for in the CBD industry.

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However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a bottle of CBD oil. Look up several trustworthy companies to get a ball park figure on what you should be paying.

An average price for a THC free CBD oil tincture with 1000 mg of CBD should be around $70-80 USD.

THC free CBD oil can treat a wider variety of health issues than CBD isolate can because it contains more ingredients.

Another thing to keep in mind is that full and broad spectrum CBD products are stronger than CBD isolate. A bottle of broad spectrum CBD oil, for example, may have more total potency than a bottle of CBD isolate with the same number of milligrams of CBD.

I know this sounds confusing, but keep in mind that most people prefer full or broad spectrum CBD products over the isolates.

Can You Get CBD Edibles Without THC?

Yes, you can get CBD edibles that don’t contain any THC. Companies sell CBD only candies, drinks, baked goods, pills, and gummies. Taking edibles makes taking CBD quite easy.

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CBD users commonly consume CBD in the form of a concentrated tincture, called CBD drops or a CBD tincture. They use a dropper to put a small amount of concentrated CBD under their tongues where the sublingual vein can distribute the CBD into their bloodstream.

An Image Of The Sublingual Vein

However, this is not the only way to use CBD.

Edibles and pills work just as well, but they may take slightly longer to kick in since they must be digested first.

What Are Some Good CBD Products to Start With?

New Phase Blends is an established CBD company you can trust. All of the CBD they offer is legal (made out of hemp with almost no THC in it) and made out of healthy organic hemp plants.

Purest Cbd Oil

Some lower-quality THC free CBD oil is made with a bit of help grown with pesticides. You should consider higher-quality CBD from organic hemp plants. It might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth it.

New Phase Blends regularly tests their products to make sure the THC is near zero and well under the legal limit, too.

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As well as selling products that are THC free oils, New Phase Blends sells products that contain a mix of CBD and a few other ingredients. Confused about what to buy? Check out the CBD starter kit. It comes with three different forms of CBD products, so you can see which one you like best.

For example, they offer a patent-pending sleep blend that contains melatonin, and they offer an energy and focus blend that contains synephrine.

The company sells pills, gummies, and lotions as well as tinctures. People take different forms of CBD, depending on what they are experiencing. Regardless of what you choose to take, it will all have a similar effect on you.

Pure Premium CBD Oil Drops

New Phase Blend’s Pure Premium CBD Oil Drops are a standard, high-quality CBD product. They are what many or most people want their CBD to be: organic, powerful, and either full or broad spectrum.

Thc Free Cbd Oil

Pure, premium CBD oil drops come in a standard bottle with an accurately labeled dropper which allows you to control your dose easily. The CBD contained in the hemp extract is very potent – 1000mg or 2000mg in a small bottle.

Because of its strength, you can use only a small amount at a time, and the bottle will last for a long time.

Pure also comes in both broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oils.

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The carrier oil that it used to thin out the rich hemp extract is an organic MCT oil. MCT oil is widely known for it’s many healthy benefits, particularly for its’ use as food for your brain.

CBD oil without MCT oil seems to be a lesser quality product.

CBD Sleep Aids

CBD for Sleep by New Phase Blends

Many people do not experience anxiety during the day, but do find it hard to sleep at night when the anxiety decides to hit.

These people might benefit from taking a specific CBD oil tincture for sleep that combines melatonin with CBD before bed. Melatonin is your body’s natural sleep hormone, so it is one of the healthiest (and most effective) substances for getting back to a regular sleep cycle.

This sleep aid is broad spectrum, which means you won’t have to worry about any THC.

CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

Most people use THC free CBD oil to calm them down, reduce negative thoughts and help them sleep. An underrated use of CBD is as an energy booster.

Go Cbd

The clear mind that CBD gives you can make you energetic and able to get things done. Low doses of CBD can accomplish this.

This is a testament to the research and development that New Phase Blends conducts when creating their products. If you want to experience using CBD to enhance your energy levels, try out Go: CBD Oil for Energy.

Summary – CBD Oil Without THC in It

CBD is, in many ways, an ideal medicine. Produced from naturally grown hemp, it is both safe and effective. Both OTC and prescription medications may work well. However, they also have a lot of risks via strange side effects.

CBD is a non-addictive and natural approach to relief that should be considered, especially if you struggle with constant aches and pains.

If you are interested, try buying a small bottle of CBD oil today. It just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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