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Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

If you are new to CBD products, you might be wondering what the best time of day to take CBD oil is. There really is no right answer here, because everyone uses CBD for different reasons. Some people also get worried about CBD and making you sleepy, so they need to know when exactly to take it. In today’s article, we’ll cover CBD products and look at the best time to take CBD oil products.

Why Most People Use CBD Oils and Edibles

Before we get into the best times of the day to use CBD oil, we need to figure out exactly why you are using CBD products to begin with.

Some of the most popular reasons, according to multiple studies, people consider using CBD are:

  • Pain relief
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Sedative (induces relaxation)
  • Sleep aid

There are other reasons that you may take CBD, but these are by far the most popular methods.

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Understanding why you take CBD to begin with is crucial, because this will determine when the best time of day to take it actually is.

excellent sleep aid

For example, if you are taking CBD for relaxation, you wouldn’t want to take it right when you wake up, would you? Or maybe you want to try out CBD as a sleep aid, so you wouldn’t want to use CBD sleep gummies right before you go exercise, right?

Now let’s cover when the actual best time of day to take CBD is. Remember, it all depends on why you are using CBD.

What is the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

The best time to take CBD oil all depends on why you’re taking it. Let’s start by addressing what’s called a reactionary measure. Reactionary measures are just another term for using something as a reaction to something else.

For example, if you play a lot of tennis, and maybe you twisted your ankle, or knee, and it began to hurt. As a reactionary measure, you would use the CBD right after the twist occurred and the pain started.

Makes sense, right?

If you are using CBD as a reactionary measure, there really is not a best time of day to take CBD oil. Your CBD use will all depend on if you experience an injury. You would simply use some CBD topical balm, or maybe some 2000mg CBD drops to help get pain relief ASAP.

The other means of using CBD is as a preventative measure. What’s this, you ask?

A preventative measure is just doing something to prevent something else from happening in the first place. For example, if you know you have arthritis pain in your knuckles, you would use CBD products throughout the day to prevent that pain from coming up.

You know that you are experiencing arthritic pain, you just want to prevent that pain from happening.

Now you see why there really is no best time to take CBD oil. It all depends on your issues.

Best Time to Use CBD for Prevention

If you’re trying to prevent nagging, chronic pain you should consider using small to moderate amounts of CBD throughout the day. Try taking some shortly after waking up, and take more throughout the day.

If you are experiencing joint pain, like arthritis look into using topical CBD products, too. These types of CBD products are meant to be applied directly on the skin. They can penetrate the skin and help offer local relief in the area that hurts.

topical CBD balm for relief

There really is no best time to take CBD oil when you take it as a prevention. The best time would be throughout the day, if you had to put a label on it.

Best Time to Use CBD as a Reaction

Now, if you’re using CBD as a reaction to an injury, or something similar, the best time of day to take CBD oil would be as soon as possible after the event happened that requires relief.

For example, if you are experiencing redness or swelling somewhere, once you notice this, take some CBD oil. Things like CBD drops work quickly, and are best for this scenario. Place the drops under your tongue, and wait for them to kick in.

best time of day to take CBD oil

The most popular type of CBD drops are normally a 1000mg strength that comes in a 30mL tincture. One serving (1mL) will provide your body with about 33mg of CBD to use as a therapeutic.

If you aren’t a fan of the CBD drops, you can take CBD softgels, pills, or gummies, too!

Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

I am going to say something that might rub some people in the CBD industry the wrong way:

CBD, when used alone, is a poor sleep aid. Yes, it’s true.

However, if you take a LOT (I’m talking like 5-10x the recommended serving) of CBD oil, you MIGHT get sleepy.

So, does CBD make you sleepy? The answer is no, not unless you take an extraordinary amount.

Effective sleep aids generally blend premium hemp extract that’s rich in CBD with other substances, like melatonin.

does CBD make you sleepy

New Phase Blends is the developer of the nationally acclaimed CBD-based sleep aid called ‘sleep.’ It’s a patent-pending sleep that that takes advantages of the synergies between cannabinoids, like CBD, and melatonin. This sleep aid will put you to sleep, or you get all of your money back.

This sleep aid comes in both gummy and CBD drop form. Both products use the same exact patent-pending formula to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

Conclusion | Best Time of Day To Take CBD Oil

In this article, we reviewed the best time of day to take CBD oil. The bottom line is, there really is no best time to take CBD oil. It all depends on why you take CBD.

If you use CBD as a prevention to chronic aches and pains, you should consider using it throughout the day.

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If you’re using CBD as a reaction to an injury or event that caused you bodily pain, then the best time to take CBD oil would be right after this event.

Finally, using plain CBD products for sleep isn’t the best answer to addressing sleep issues. Does CBD make you sleepy? Sure, but you have to take excessive amounts of it that might not be safe. The best way to use CBD for sleep is by blending it with melatonin, which New Phase Blends has a patent-pending product for.

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