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Topical CBD Products

topical cbd products, premium cbdIn addition to our premium broad and full spectrum oral CBD products, we offer a variety of topical CBD balms and lotions. New Phase Blends produces some of the most premium topical CBD products you will ever find. Our broad and full spectrum CBD products have several certifications, including the use of certified organic hemp which is made in a GMP certified facility. Each product made will exceed your expectations and is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. New Phase Blends offers patent-pending products that help you get the results you need.

To get the most effects out of your CBD balm, just rub a dime sized amount of the topical CBD product into the area that needs relief. You’ll notice the balm begins to thin out when exposed to your body heat. Your skin will almost immediately begin absorbing it.

New Phase Blends’ CBD balms quickly penetrate the skin for fast-acting results. Many people enjoy pairing CBD balms with some of our oral products. By doing so, you get the benefits of relief in the localized area the balm is rubbed into, along with the benefits of the oral CBD product. This is the best combination for maximum relief.

Go ahead and experience the best – you deserve it.