Can I take CBD for anxiety

Can I Take CBD for Anxiety?

Is your anxiety beginning the overwhelm you? Does it feel like nothing you do can help manage your anxiety levels, and even if something might help a little, that particular product doesn’t do much? When most people reach this stage, they start doing research in an attempt to find a product that will actually help them manage their anxiety levels. Whether it’s day-time anxiety, or night-time anxiety, CBD use may be what you need to help get your anxiety levels under control.

I ask you to keep in mind one thing: while CBD may help manage your overwhelming anxiety levels, the underlying cause of the anxiety still needs to be address. Medications and supplements can help manage the anxiety, but they will not cure it. Do you understand what I mean?

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You, and many other people, are starting to wonder, “Can I take CBD for anxiety management?”

The short answer is, yes, you can. Some people actually find more relief from CBD-rich products than they do with pharmaceutical drugs. In this article, I’m going to answer the question, “Can I take CBD for anxiety?” I’ll cover why you might want to supplement with CBD, what to expect, and some best methods for taking CBD products.

Let’s get started!

Anxiety Can Be Crippling!

As someone who has dealt with moderate anxiety, I first want to acknowledge you for what you are going through. Severe anxiety can be straight up crippling. It can lead to panic attacks, and isolation. It may, however, give you at least a bit of comfort to note that anxiety is a rather common occurrence in people. That statement isn’t meant to downplay what you’re going through, rather help you realize that many people are able to get out of their anxiety rut.

When anxiety starts to negatively affect your social life, it is considered a disorder. There are many types of anxiety disorders. A few of them are…

It is important to keep in mind that many of the moderate to severe forms of anxiety disorders may require a psychologist, counselor, or even psychiatrist. There is nothing wrong with going to visit one of these healthcare professionals. It is their job to help people get over what people like you, or someone you know, is going through. Also know that although you may feel like you are so deep inside of a black hole, getting out of that hole may not be as hard as you are convincing yourself it is.

Let’s move on to answering the question, “Can I take CBD for anxiety?”

Can I Take CBD for Anxiety?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural plant chemical that comes from the cannabis plant. There are over 120 known cannabinoids, and CBD is simply one of many. Have you heard of THC? THC is another cannabinoid that most people are familiar with. However, THC is psychoactive; CBD is not psychoactive, meaning CBD will not make the user feel high – at all. In fact, one of the most popular benefits to CBD is it can help people without them having any sort of euphoric feeling. CBD also has a wide range of therapeutic effects that span through a range of neuropsychiatric disorders, originating from complex central nervous system mechanisms.

Positive Studies on Using CBD to Manage Anxiety

At New Phase Blends, we like to use real, scientific data to prove our stance on CBD use. Let’s go over some recent studies that show a positive benefit to CBD use for anxiety issues. You can click on the links within the sentences to view the actual study if you want to read more.

  • Some forms of anxiety tend to happen to adolescents or younger adults. An interesting study completed in 2019 provided evidence for anxiolytic (drug used to reduce anxiety) effects of repeated CBD administration in teenagers with social anxiety disorders. That is a huge find!
  • Another study published in September of 2020 shows that “existing pre-clinical and clinical evidence supports a possible role for CBD as a novel treatment for anxiety disorders (Wright, Ciano, & Brands, 2020).
  • A different study in 2020 concluded, “of those prescribed CBD, 44.1% (or 70.0% of the follow-up group) reported good to excellent benefit for relatively intractable (hard to deal with or control) conditions (Gulbransen, Xu, & Arroll, 2020).”
  • Skelley, Deas, Currenand Ennis (2019) concluded in their own study that “CBD has a promising role as [an] alternative therapy in the management of anxiety disorders.”

These are just four of many scientific studies on the use of CBD for anxiety management. There are tons of studies that are currently taking place, and I believe their results will only strengthen the answer to the question, “Can I take CBD to manage anxiety?” The answer is a resounding yes, as these studies show.

Now that we know you can use CBD to effectively manage anxiety, let’s get into some CBD products, and how to use them correctly.

Best Methods for Using CBD to Manage Anxiety

Generally speaking, someone who is looking to try CBD for the first time should always start with the lowest effective dose, and only increase that dose as needed. Like any other substance, your body can develop a tolerance to CBD. Taking more than you need will only develop a tolerance more quickly.

I would recommend using a sublingual CBD product to manage anxiety. Sublingual products get into the bloodstream extremely quick (within 2-10 minutes), and work very well. Pills, gummies, and other edible CBD products may be of benefit, but CBD drops are your best bet. Place the drops under your tongue, hold there for 2 minutes, and wait for the results.

If you feel nothing within 15 minutes or so, try about 1/4 more of the dose you tried. Eventually you will notice results from the CBD drops helping manage your anxiety.

If you have daytime anxiety, try to stay away from CBD sleep aids, as they will make you extremely tired throughout the day. Stick with a product that is between 1,000mg to 1,500mg of CBD per tincture. This tincture will last most people anywhere from 15-30 days, depending on their use frequency.

Here are a couple examples of New Phase Blends products that many people have found extreme relief from anxiety with:

CBD for anxiety relief

Pure is a great day-time product for those dealing with overwhelming anxiety during the day.


CBD for anxiety
Sleep is a patent-pending sleep aid that many of people across the globe find relief in taking. It helps people with insomnia, or severe night-time anxiety.

Conclusion | Can I Take CBD for Anxiety?

We discussed a lot in this article. Here are some of the take-aways for those who like a recap, or prefer to skip to the conclusion:

  • There are many different forms of anxiety
  • A lot of studies show that CBD can be used to treat even severe anxiety
  • Those who want to use CBD for anxiety management should use sublingual CBD drops, as they work the fastest
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Remember, if you are suffering from a severe anxiety disorder, consulting a mental healthcare professional is highly recommended. They will get you on the right path. Also keep in mind, CBD use will help manage the symptoms of your anxiety disorder, but CBD will NOT cure your anxiety disorder. You need to get to the root of what’s causing it, and a healthcare professional is trained to do that. I hope you learned a bit from the article on answering the question, “Can I take CBD for anxiety?”


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