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CBD Books: ‘CBD Essentials’


CBD Books: CBD Essentials

CBD eBooks are hit or miss. We like to think this one is a hit. You can think of this book as a guide to all things CBD. New and experienced users alike will find plenty of value through reading CBD Essentials by founder of New Phase Blends, Dale Hewett.
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CBD Books: No Better Way to Learn

CBD Essentials is an easy-to-read CBD book that addresses many of the questions and concerns people have about the CBD and hemp industry. It is written by Dale Hewett, ex Army Captain and a degree holder of a Masters of Science.

Dale shares his vast knowledge of CBD and educates the readers accordingly. Recommended by many, loved by all. With 26 pages of condensed and very educational information, you are sure to come out more knowledgeable after reading it. CBD ebooks are a great way for anyone to learn more about a subject, since they are so easy to use.

Hey there! If you found your way to this CBD ebook, it’s most likely because you are interested in CBD and the benefits that this compound can bring to yourself, or others. If you’re confused, don’t be – this new industry brought a ton of confusing products and information along with it. It’s my goal to help you get a firm grasp on what CBD is and how people are currently using it. This will be a very easy-to-read book in a structured manner that will make sure you get the most benefit possible. I’ve personally bought many CBD eBooks that are poorly written and offer little to no value – this is not one of those books. I give you my personal guarantee that when you are done reading this, you will feel confident in hemp-based products, like CBD, and more importantly, how to find a quality company that offers you what you need most.


Note from the author: You will see the terms CBD oil, hemp oil, and hemp-based products used interchangeably in this book. These all are referring to CBD oil. You will run across these names in products due to the nature of the CBD market and unregulated operating environment. Some times people confuse hemp seed oil with hemp oil, however, for the purposes of discussion, hemp oil as mentioned in this book is NOT the same as hemp seed oil.

Disclaimer: Due to the unregulated nature of CBD and other hemp-based products, I must be sure to mention that the FDA has no approval issued on CBD, or any other cannabinoid use as a dietary supplement. For this reason, all health claims are not FDA approved and people should exercise caution when shopping for, and using, CBD or other hemp-based products. Myself, and many others, are confident the FDA will issue their regulatory guidance and guidelines in a timely manner. Now, let’s get on to the good stuff.

What is this CBD Stuff?
How is CBD Made?
How can CBD Help Me?
Choosing the Right CBD Brand for YOU
All About Certificates of Analysis
Broad Spectrum? Full Spectrum? What‘s the Difference?
Key Differences Between Hemp and Marijuana
Other Important Cannabinoids
The Future of Hemp Products
About the Author

Instructions After Purchase of Any CBD Books

Any of our CBD books are useable from the following devices:

  • smart phone
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After checking out from our online CBD shop, you will be emailed a link. You will be able to download the CBD book directly from that link, immediately. CBD eBooks are transferrable throughout many different devices.

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CBD Essentials: About the Author

Dale Hewett is the current CEO of New Phase Blends. He is a retired Army Captain and holds a Masters of Science.

Dale developed a passion for CBD, and other hemp-based products, while dealing with chronic pain that was the result of a spinal cord injury sustained while on active duty in the United States Army. Dale created New Phase Blends in hopes of being able to deliver the same products to others that he finds solace in taking. Since being medically retired from active duty, Dale began to pursue a unique approach to CBD use.

He strongly believes that hemp-based products work very well when blended with other well-known and scientifically proven compounds. He enjoys writing CBD books to help spread useful information about CBD, and discuss how it just might change your life.

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Common Questions About CBD eBooks

CBD Books that we produce are simply a digital ‘book’ that can be read on any computer, smart phone, or tablet. It is filled with useful information about CBD, hemp, and other areas of the hemp industry. Most people know of this format as an eBook.

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There are 26 pages in this CBD book. Newer editions are always around the corner, and as a buyer, you are entitled to receive them as an upgrade for free! This CBD eBook will make sure you know everything someone should know about CBD and hemp before investing your hard earned money into CBD products.

All of our CBD books are quite easy to read.

There is some scientific information contained within, but we did our best to make it as entertaining and easy-to-understand as possible. The feedback from buyers is that it’s well worth the money.

You will receive a link via email immediately after you submit a payment at checkout. Simply click the link, and download the file – that’s it!

You’ll be reading within no time at all.

First and foremost, New Phase Blends is all about educating people on how they can use CBD products to offer a better quality of life.

If you have any questions at all, please call us at (561) 331 – 2225 and ask a representative, or email us at with your question. We’ll get back to you with an answer.

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Keep in mind, the CBD book above contains a lot of information that cannot be found in these blogs.