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Does CBD Oil Expire? How Long Does It Last?

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The short answer to “does CBD oil expire?” is yes. CBD oil products can expire, although it takes quite some time for a high quality CBD oil to actually go bad. The bottom line is that CBD products expire, but many have a shelf life of 3 years from the date of manufacture. Most manufacturers list the expiration date of their CBD oils, gummies, capsules, and vapes on the label to give you an indication of how long it will last.

That said, there are ways to extend the CBD oil’s shelf life, especially proper storage.

Does CBD Have a Shelf Life?

CBD doesn’t, technically, expire in the same way that milk or bread does. However, its potency will gradually decrease over time. CBD has a shelf life of around 1-2 years if stored properly. How long this process takes depends on a few factors, including how the CBD is stored and the quality of the product. CBD can lose up to 97% of its potency within 60 days if it’s not stored correctly.

Additionally, the ingredients within your CBD products may expire. For example, if gummies utilize sugars or other edible components, they might expire well before the cannabidiol within the gummies does.

What Can Affect The Shelf Life Of CBD Oil?

Just like any other product, CBD has a shelf life. However, unlike other products, CBD’s shelf life is determined by various factors. By understanding these factors, you can extend the shelf life of your CBD products and get the most bang for your buck.

Factors like air exposure can break down the oil and make it go rancid faster. If you store your CBD properly, you can keep your CBD oils lasting longer.

Like with many other products, the four main culprits that affect the shelf life of CBD are oxygen, heat, UV light, and humidity. Storing CBD oil properly will protect it from those environmental conditions. However, keeping CBD oil fresh forever is impossible.

Full Spectrum Cbd Oils

It will eventually expire.

New Phase Blends products are made from the highest quality CBD. We use only organic oil with no additives, heavy metals, or artificial ingredients. And each of our products comes with a certificate of analysis.

You’ll normally find the expiration date near the QR code on most of our products.

Qr Code Examples

Higher quality products tend to last longer than lower quality products, and here are a few factors that may also affect your CBD product’s quality and shelf life.

Quality of the Carrier Oil

Different CBD companies have different details on how long CBD oil lasts. How CBD oil is manufactured makes a big difference in the quality of the product. Most CBD products use a carrier oil such as MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil, and each of these oils has its own shelf life.

Hemp Seed Oil

The freshness of these carrier oils can significantly affect the freshness of the overall product. These carrier oils are typically the first to go rancid. The higher quality carrier oil used, the higher quality CBD oil product you’ll be consuming.

Carriers oils like MCT oil are unsaturated fats that have carbon bond chains. These carbon bond chains break down over time when exposed to oxygen. The process of products that break down due to air exposure is called oxidation.

Mct Oil

It’s not that difficult to tell if the carrier oil has gone bad. Coconut or MCT oil becomes discolored and will go from a nice smooth white to yellowy and chunky. You can also tell if your carrier oil has gone bad if you notice a rancid and putrid smell.

Additional Ingredients

The quality of the ingredients used in a CBD product will also affect its shelf life. If a CBD product is made with inferior ingredients, it will degrade more quickly and have a shorter shelf life than a product made with high-quality ingredients.

Product formulation differs from each manufacturer. Low-quality CBD oil may not have the best ingredients to make the formula. In turn, it may reduce the shelf life of CBD oil from these companies.

For example, a product may use essential oils that add aromatherapy to the oil rather than flavor. Subsequently, CBD oil lasts longer when one of the ingredients is essential oil due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Ingredients like additives, artificial coloring, and flavoring may also affect the molecular structure of the CBD oil and its expiration date.

Light Exposure and Air Exposure

You may have noticed that almost all CBD oil bottles you see are dark-green bottles, amber-colored bottles, or simply dark bottles. Oil stored in dark bottles helps prevent light exposure.

By filtering out the harmful effects of UV light, the oil’s active compounds degrade very slowly. If your product does not come in amber or dark green bottles, you can store your CBD oil in a dark place to keep the oils lasting longer.

CBD oil is photosensitive (sensitive to light) and breaks down when exposed to light. To extend the shelf life of your CBD products, it’s important to store them in a dark place away from direct sunlight.

CBD oil is also oxidative, which reacts with oxygen in the air. When this happens, it causes the CBD oil to degrade and become less effective. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to store your CBD products in an airtight container. This will help to keep the oxygen out and extend the shelf life of your CBD products.

Additionally, oxygen can slowly affect the chemical balance of CBD oil. When the chemical balance is disrupted, the oil’s effectiveness is also compromised. Most companies prevent this by designing CBD tincture bottles to prevent light and air from degrading the product.

Pure Cbd Oil Drops
Check out the amber color of this tincture.

Packaging Good Manufacturing Practices (or GMP) is a medical industry guideline used to maintain a set of standards for safety for the packaging of medications. Although this is not yet standard practice for CBD products, many manufacturers have adopted GMP for their CBD products to preserve freshness and make the product last longer.


The speed at which a manufacturer can move their CBD oils to the consumer also dramatically impacts the freshness of the product. CBD oil that sits in a warehouse for a year or more before it is shipped will begin to lose potency once the consumer finally gets it.

New Phase Blends Cbd Edibles

Look for a company that has a high turnover. Fresh CBD oil matters for both potency, quality, and taste. The fresher the oil, the less chance of the CBD product going rancid. Smaller companies tend to work with smaller batches of CBD oil. It usually means that the oils are made fresher.

To ensure you’ve purchased a good quality CBD oil that is full of freshness, check the manufacturer’s date on the label of your product. New Phase Blends uses third-party lab-tested results on all of its products. This way, you are sure to get high-quality CBD tinctures, capsules, gummies, vapes, and more.

Did Your CBD Oil Expire? Here’s How to Tell

The shelf life of CBD oil eventually comes to an end. Did your CBD oil expire? Here are some ways you can tell if your CBD oil’s shelf life is nearing the end of its expiration date.

Dark & Cloudy Appearance

Depending on the type of carrier oil used, your CBD oil will look either clear, white, dark brown, or cloudy. Remember that a cloudy consistency is usually associated with an MCT (coconut oil) carrier oil. The thing to be concerned about is if the oil becomes brown or chunky at room temperature.

It might be an indication that the oil is breaking down. By holding the amber bottle up to a light source, you can examine the oil for impurities like cloudiness.

However, visual clues may not be enough to tell the oil’s freshness.

Funky Smell & Taste

High-quality CBD oil will have a naturally bitter-earthy smell and flavor. While some people aren’t big fans of the flavor, it is one of the easiest ways to tell if your CBD oil has gone bad. Expired CBD oil will have a musky smell and tastes rancid.

It might be an indication that the carrier oils have gone bad. MTC (or coconut oil), olive, or hempseed oil typically have a neutral flavor. If they go bad, you’ll taste it. Some CBD companies will use older carrier oils to cut costs. Always purchase from reputable companies.

You Don’t Feel the Effects of the CBD Oil

Aside from the smell and taste, there is another way to tell if your CBD oil has gone bad. In some cases, expired CBD oil can look perfectly fine, and if the cannabinoids have been affected by the effects of UV light, excess heat, or extreme heat, the oil just won’t work.

In some cases, the CBD may not actually have expired; it might just be weaker than you’re used to be. It means that you may need a larger dose than when you first started taking your bottle of CBD oil.

Research has shown that a person may require more CBD as their body becomes accustomed to the doses. If you’ve increased the quantities and still have no effect, this could indicate a poor quality CBD oil or the oil has expired.

When to Throw Out CBD Products

Just like any other food or product in your home, there comes a time when you have to throw out CBD products. It might be because of the color, the texture, or it doesn’t smell or taste the same. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know when it’s time to say goodbye to your CBD products. If your items have been affected by the issues above, it’s time to toss them!

The Extraction Process May Affect CBD Oil Shelf Life

There isn’t just one standard extraction method.

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Each extraction process has its pros and also its cons. The extraction method used may impact not only the quality of your bottle of CBD oil but also how quickly the CBD oil expires.

CO2 Extraction

The most common method of extraction is to use naturally occurring CO2. This method seems to produce the cleanest and highest quality CBD products. These products contain cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and vitamins in high quantities.

The CO2 method involves using closed and pressurized chambers, each consisting of a different component. While one chamber holds the hemp plant material, another has the CO2. As the CO2 is pushed into the chamber with the hemp plant material, the CBD is separated from the hemp. The result is the cannabinoid extracted (hemp extract) to make a potent form of pure CBD oil.

Cbd Extraction Machine

Products using the CO2 extraction method may create “better to use” products, but these products may also last for more extended periods. This might be due to the high amounts of CBD obtained from this type of extraction method.

Steam Extraction

With the steam distillation method, water is heated to create vapor. This vapor is then cycled over the hemp plant material, causing it to break down further. When this happens, the oil is released from the cell walls.

These oils are processed with the water until the oil separates from the water. The resulting oil is rich in CBD, but the method is quite cumbersome and doesn’t yield as much CBD as CO2 does. However, steam is said to be much safer than using solvents to extract CBD.

Solvent Extraction

The least popular method of extracting CBD is solvent extraction. It uses solvents such as butane to help release the oils from the hemp plant. Many CBD enthusiasts stay away from products that use this method.

Ethanol Cbd Extraction

Aside from creating low-quality CBD, one of the main reasons people avoid this method as much as possible is that it could create potentially dangerous by-products. Trace amounts of these solvents could end up in the final product, possibly affecting a longer shelf life for the product.

How To Extend The Shelf Life of the CBD Oil

Everything eventually comes to an end. Even the highest-quality CBD at some point will expire. A general rule to follow is to purchase a CBD oil that has at least a year’s best before date.

This 12 month period gives you plenty of time to take your CBD oil before it starts to go bad.

So, how long does CBD oil last? As you can see, this depends on some things you can do yourself.

How To Store CBD Oils & Tinctures

Oils (tinctures) have a reasonably long shelf-life. When compared to edibles or vapes, products like CBD oil last longer. There are a few reasons for this; for example, dark-glass bottles are used to protect the breakdown of the active compounds from UV light. However, to maintain the freshness of your CBD, here are some things you can do to extend the shelf life of your CBD product:

  • Store your CBD oil properly in an airtight container, away from extreme heat.
  • Store your CBD in a cool, dark, and dry place (avoid keeping it near air conditioners).
  • Store your CBD products with your supplements and medications since CBD requires the same conditions as these products.
  • If you use your CBD oil less than once a day and it sits around for extended periods, you can store the opened bottle in the refrigerator. If you plan on keeping CBD oil for long periods, unopened bottles can last up to three years in the fridge. Many will buy bulk CBD and store it in the refrigerator until they start using it.
  • Purchase higher-quality products. Minimally processed products like full-spectrum CBD oil tend to last longer than other oils. CBD isolate products will also last for a long time with no added flavors or artificial ingredients.

How To Store CBD Edibles

CBD edibles have varying expiration dates. It depends on many factors, like adding artificial ingredients used to make the product. Baked versions of edibles like cookies tend to expire faster than gummies or hard candy CBD products.

Pure Cbd Gummies On Prop

The basic guideline for edibles is to consume them within a few weeks while the product is still fresh. Regular chocolate and candy bars will last a long time on a store shelf. However, the same product that contains CBD may not last as long because cannabinoids are susceptible to breaking down over time.

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To store CBD oil edibles for long periods or eat at a later date, keep them fresh by placing them in the freezer. Again it is recommended that you refer to the best-before date when purchasing an edible CBD product.

How To Store Your CBD Oil Topical Products

You may already be familiar with storing oils and edibles, but you might be asking yourself asking “How long does CBD oil last as a topical?” or “Will my topical CBD oil expire?”. Yes! That topical will expire, but topicals will last much longer than a consumed product.

Topical Cbd Balm

The shelf life of a CBD oil topical may last anywhere between 14-24 months. This shelf life is dependent on many things, such as the formulation, added essential oils, preservatives, and antibacterial agents. These additives may affect the long shelf life.

Like other CBD products, store these creams, CBD balms, and massage oils in a cool and dry place out of direct sunlight.

Can Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick? Is It Bad?

Consuming an expired CBD product won’t make you sick, but the taste will be less than desirable. It also won’t deliver the full benefits that CBD has to offer. When CBD oil expires, it is best to toss them out. Expired compounds within the CBD oil may be bad for your body to consume. Why take a product that won’t work, or it doesn’t taste or smell good?

Check the product’s expiration date, so you know if you have old CBD oil. As always, talk to your doctor before taking any new supplement like CBD oil, gummies, capsules, or vapes. A doctor will inform you if the CBD oil product is right for you.

What Happens if You Take Expired CBD Oil?

When you find an old bottle of CBD oil at the back of your medicine cabinet, you may be tempted to try it. After all, it’s not like it will hurt you, right? Wrong. Consuming expired CBD can have some serious consequences.

The first is that it may not be as effective as fresh CBD. Over time, the compounds in CBD break down, reducing its potency.

As a result, you may not get the same relief from pain or anxiety as you would from using a new bottle of CBD. Additionally, expired CBD may contain harmful bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal issues like nausea and vomiting. So if you’re considering using expired CBD, think twice – it could be more trouble than it’s worth.

Most CBD oils last around a year to two years. Check the expiration date first before consuming.

A company like New Phase Blends uses third-party lab tests to reassure you of the quality of the CBD as well as ingredients product information and expiration dates.

Does CBD Oil Expire? Some Final Thoughts On CBD Products and Expiration

We hope this article has helped you if you’ve been wondering, “does CBD oil expire?”. CBD oils can go bad. Most CBD oils last anywhere from 1-2 years if stored properly. This is plenty of time for avid CBD users.

New Phase Blends Cbd

Some CBD manufacturers are out to make a quick buck. Products are mislabeled, use poor quality ingredients, and simply don’t last as long as higher-quality hemp extract CBD products.

New Phase Blends line of CBD products for sale includes high-quality CBD oils, gummies, capsules, balms, and more items that are meant to have a higher shelf life. However, you need to properly store your CBD for the best results.

Avoid purchasing poor-quality CBD oils, and always look for third-party lab-tested products. Stick with trustworthy brands that have great reviews.

Talk to the folks at New Phase Blends today for more information on all of our CBD oils. We’re here to help!

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