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Our patent-pending CBD formula specializes in helping people fall asleep - and STAY asleep.

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Adam22 - World famous pod caster and influencer

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"I take SLEEP every night to help me get through my rough evenings of dealing with cancer. It's one of the few sleep aids I take that works without making me a walking zombie."

L. Johnson - Proud Customer

"I used to take 20mg of melatonin per night to try to get some sleep. I take SLEEP by New Phase Blends and I'm out like a lightbulb within 10-15 minutes."

E. Thrall - Business Owner

"I have fibromyalgia and no other sleep medicine works like this. Thank you so much for making this product!"

S. Hickman - Retired

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We've taken the time to publish several articles that address anything from common questions, to more complex scientific studies on the use of CBD. 

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