Hemp Dog Treats: An Effectiveness Review of Canine Snacks

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Hemp Dog Treats: An Effectiveness Review

Looking after your dog’s health is as important as looking after your own. The problem with dogs is that we often like to spoil them with treats that are often less than healthy (to no fault of our own). Instead of spending money on unhealthy dog treats, why not switch to hemp dog treats?

Not only do they taste great, but they are also good for your dog.

Are Hemp CBD Treats Good for Dogs?

Hemp dog treats are a natural way of adding goodness to your dog’s diet. Just like us humans, dogs suffer from health problems and illnesses. For instance, if your dog has a very active lifestyle, he or she is at risk of developing inflammatory diseases including canine arthritis.

Dog Laying On The Ground

Treating dogs for arthritis and other chronic illnesses is expensive. As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Adding food or treats with naturally available anti-inflammatory properties has many health benefits for your dog.

Hemp Dog Treats Health Benefits

Hemp dog treats have many health benefits. First of all, it is important to know hemp snacks become quite bio-available for dogs. That means their digestive system recognizes hemp as a natural compound. This makes it easy for them to digest the treats.

Dogs are omnivores which means they can eat both meat and plant-based foods.

The problem with vet prescribed anti-inflammatory treatments for dogs is that they can cause health problems. As a matter of fact, they cause the same health problems in dogs as they do in humans including canine pancreatitis and stomach upsets. If you can, you should replace them with natural remedies instead.

Hemp Treats For Dogs

The list of hemp health benefits for dogs is extensive. Here are a just a few you should take into consideration:

  • Lower inflammatory response
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Increased immune health
  • Better cardiovascular function
  • Better breathing in certain breeds with breathing problems

There is some scientific information suggesting aggressive dogs may benefit from hemp in their diet.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

As hemp is bio-available to the canine digestive system, it is perfectly safe to feed your dog hemp treats. Just like with any other treats, you should not overfeed him. Many dogs have a problem with impulse control. That means they don’t know when to stop eating.

You need to make sure that you give your dog the right amount of treats. Overfed dogs quickly become ill and develop health conditions that are difficult to treat.

How many treats can my dog have per day? It is a good idea to make your dog’s treats part of his overall daily diet allowance.

For instance, if your dog recommended dietary intake per day is 500 grams, your dog’s treat allowance should be part of that.

Do all dogs like hemp dog treats? If your canine is fussy when it comes to treats, but you think he can benefit from having hemp added to his diet, you can put the treats in with his feed.

However, it has to be said that most dogs don’t mind the smell of hemp.

Improve Your Hemp Dog Treats Taste Profile at Home

If you would like to make it more interesting for your dog to eat healthy dog treats, you can add them to their toys. There are many fun ways of doing so and offering your dog mental stimulation at the same time.

Kong Dog Treats

Kong toys have a range of dog toys to which you can insert treats. You can break the treats apart and add them to what is known as “licky mats.”

Another fun way of adding healthy treats to your dog’s diet is by hiding them.

When you make feeding your dog treats into a game, you also mentally stimulate your dog.

Side Effects of Hemp CBD Treats

As far as adding hemp to your dog’s diet goes, no negative side effects have been recorded. Yes, there may be dogs that are intolerant to hemp, but it is unlikely. Just make sure that you monitor your dog’s reaction as you would do with any new food.

How Quickly Does Hemp Work For Dogs?

The consensus from many different veterinarians seems to be that hemp dog treats will work within 30 45 minutes after taking them.

Hemp Oil For Dogs

This is a standard wait time for many different forms of medications that canines can take.

Key Takeaways on CBD, Hemp, and Dogs

It is important to make sure you buy quality hemp dog treats. New Phase Blends is a good brand offering a range of healthy products for both canines and humans. Start slowly and make sure your dog responds in a positive way.


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