CBD Tolerance

What if I Build Up CBD Tolerance?

For people that frequently supplement with CBD products, they may find themselves building up a CBD tolerance. This is perfectly normal, and it means your body is actually functioning as intended. CBD tolerance is not special. The human body builds a tolerance to many different things that we ingest frequently. Let’s discuss more on how to deal with CBD tolerance.

One New Phase Blends distributor came up with a system for helping people reverse their CBD tolerance. Before we get too deep into this subject, it’s important to note that the FDA has not approved or verified any of this content. The FDA has also not approved CBD for use as a dietary supplement. Any health conditions or supplementation should be spoken about with your doctor. Moving on…

Why does CBD tolerance occur?

CBD tolerance occurs because our CBD receptors (see the chart below) become over saturated with CBD. Our endocannabinoid system actually has two CBD receptors: CB1 and CB2. Not too hard to understand, right? These receptors are located in different parts of the body, and are responsible for different functions. As people supplement with CBD, they are saturating these receptors. Without getting too scientific, the more the receptors are saturated, the more CBD they will require to get a similar effect. Have you ever heard about people who can drink a pot of coffee and not even get the jitters? This is a similar concept. It’s nothing to worry about, but we should discuss how to fix this situation, should CBD tolerance build up too heavily.

CBD Tolerance

What should I do if my CBD tolerance is getting too high?

The distributor mentioned above has two options she recommends to others:

Option 1: discontinue CBD use for 2-3 days. This will give your body time to go without any CBD saturation at all. Your CBD tolerance will go up during this period with no CBD. After this period of time, resume CBD supplementation at a lower dose ( approximately 50% of previous dose).  Every three days, we recommend an increase slightly until therapeutic dose is achieved.

Option 2: Decrease current dose by 25% every three days. This method is known as “titration” and is used for people coming off of other substances. Titration slowly builds up your CBD tolerance by decreasing what you body has become used to over a period of time. After this titration period, the theory is your body’s CBD tolerance will drop. “For example, if a customer takes a 40mg dose of CBD at a frequency of 2-3 times per day, we would decrease (titrate) down to 30mg 2-3 times per day for days 1-3.  If they do not feel improvement on day three, we would decrease by another 25% and go down to a  dose of 22mg of CBD 2-3 times a day for days 4-6. On day 6, if they do not feel improvement, we would go down to 16.5mg of CBD per dose and stay there for three days.  Once we find the new dose that works better, we can always increase again when needed.  The key is…if an increase is needed, go slow.”

Option 2 obviously requires more patience and attention to detail, but it prevents the user from going “cold turkey” which, if they are in a lot of pain/anxiety, would not be particularly fun!

I hope this article on CBD tolerance helps you figure out exactly what it is, why it happens, and how to address it. Thanks for reading!

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