Is CBD Legal in Oregon? | Laws and CBD Buying Guide

Just like other states of the U.S., Is CBD legal in Oregon? Yes, CBD oil is legal in Oregon. If we talk about CBD’s first journey, the Oregon state is one of those that paved the right way for Cannabis legalization. If we call it one of the most friendly states in the U.S. for cannabis, that wouldn’t be wrong. 

In 1998, Measure 67, the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act was passed, and the Oregonian state started its journey towards legalizing medical cannabis with this initiative. Furthermore, In 2014 Measure 91, the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act got approval, and the recreational use of cannabis became legal.

The most relaxed state and the Cannabis rules are relatively progressive in Oregon. However, this much easy access and relaxation have made CBD production quite extensive. Now the state is trying to control the popular product by putting the strict laws on CBD.

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So, here we are going to discuss present Oregon CBD laws, licensing requirements in the state, and where to buy CBD oil in Oregon? Let’s move forward! 

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating natural drug derived from Cannabis. CBD shares the extreme space in the cannabis plant after THC. We would sum up CBD as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-seizures, neuro-protectant, pain-reliever, muscle relaxants, and anxiety reliever product.

It is on a factual basis that CBD is non-psychoactive kin of THC, but it is not as CBD has the psychoactive properties. In the medical field, CBD has proved its worth already in medical therapy.

CBD has 0.3% THC, that is the surety it doesn’t make you high, and doctors can try it in my fazing conditions. Apart from released properties, we are sure that CBD has much more to deliver. And the future will stamp this as a viable therapeutic option.

CBD treats the patients in a more natural way than the other medications with no visible side-effects, and that’s a win-win situation for CBD. In the past few years, CBD research got a boom, and significant investment made in this concern.

Why is CBD Illegal in Some Places?

First of all, CBD is considered safe because of the minimal quantity of THC and its insane benefits for human health. It’s a fact that all kinds of Cannabis with intoxicating properties are illegal under the Act of the Federal Controlled Substances of 1970.

2018 brought a revolution for Hemp and hemp-derived products. The cultivation of Hemp became federally legal for medical purposes with farm bill update. Few of the Cannabis sharing the place in Schedule 1 list got elimination from the panel and got legal status.

So, CBD derived from Cannabis with 0.3% THC became legal with the exact following of State and federal laws.

Food and Drug Administration has the authority of regulating the CBD product labeling, keeping a check on a therapeutic claim for CBD, and usage of CBD for recreational and dietary purposes. FDA, on use, has non-allowed the advertisement of hemp-derived CBD as a dietary item or add to food and beverages. 

The Food and Drug Administration had this stance for long. But now it has softened these regulations and started allowing the dietary usages of CBD. Moreover, Farm Bill has given this authority to states to allow or disallow the cultivation and business of CBD. But strict regulations must be of the State’s duty under this Farm Bill.

Now, let’s find out Is CBD Legal in Oregon?

Oregon CBD Laws and Regulations

As we have already discussed that Oregon was one of the first states that legalized Marijuana. Cannabis is legal for recreational and medical purposes since 2014 in Oregon. The state started taking steps in 1998 with the primary act Measure 67 and then from 1998 to 2005, Oregon became the top state consuming cannabis in the U.S. the cannabis consuming rate was 45% 

higher than the general American Population.

Measure 91 got approval in 2014 that kicked off the low-quality products. Even in 2017, the state restricted the CBD stores and health shops to sell weed to recreational users only if they possess an OLCC license. So, following the passage of Farm Bill 2018, CBD from hemp and cannabis is legal at the state level.

Cannabis users can buy and possess an ounce of useable cannabis in public. While in a private residence, they can own up to eight ounces of cannabis. The laws are this much less poignant that you can be a cannabis plant grower at home with up to four plants.

It seems like cannabis was never an issue for Oregon state residents. Oregon State is following the same CBD classification regulations, as mentioned in Farm Bill 2018. If CBD-related business in Oregon is meeting all the requirements of state and federal laws, there is no need to seek any license or registration card to continue the sales.

Adults age 21 and above are free to get CBD products except for vaporizers and other inhalant delivery components. As most straightforward as it is, Oregon state is the heaven for cannabis users.

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Licensing requirements for CBD in Oregon

In Oregon, there is no need for any license to sell CBD products if you are following state rules accurately and your products 0.3% or less THC.  The Oregon department of agriculture is responsible for supervising and regulating hemp-derived CBD products in the state.

There are no requirements in Oregon except regulation around testing, labelling, and cultivation of hemp and marijuana products. These regulations are different in both cases.

For instance, the industrial hemp contained products that are specifically manufactured for human use; such products will carry a different label. The label must bear the department’s special hemp symbol, which is a white cannabis leaf and the word hemp inside a rectangle with a blue background.

On the other hand, The state’s cannabis regulatory body is the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The OLCC has explained if the product is made up of Marijuana. The label must carry the universal Marijuana symbol that is a rectangle with a white cannabis leaf and an exclamation point inside a square with a red background.

Other CBD Labeling Rules in Oregon

These product labeling rules are quite a need in Oregon state. Also, the product label must mention this advice “This is a hemp-derived product and could contain THC. Keep out of reach of children.”

All the concentrates, topicals, and other hemp extracts that are not edibles must include this warning “Do Not Eat.” The manufacturers are advised to mentions the FDA statement on the label, “This product is not approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”

The Oregon state has updated the testing requirements, and current conditions explain that extracts and concentrates must be tested for the content of CBD, THC, pesticides, and enzymes (if used). CBD hemp products, intended for human use, must be examined for CBD and THC content.

Oregon’s people can grow up to four cannabis plants at home without any registration. Oregon CBD laws are easy for all the large-scale hemp growers. If the grower’s application gets approval once then, there is no specific limit for growing hemp. 

Oregon CBD possession limits

The CBD possession limit in Oregon is as easy as the cannabis laws in the state. In other words, no possession limit at all. The residents are free to access and possess the CBD products as per their needs.

Marijuana-derived CBD products’ possession limits vary from product to product. That is to make it clear, 16 ounces of Marijuana for solid form, 72 ounces for liquid, and 5 grams for concentrate product forms is the possession limit in Oregon. Residents enjoy full liberty of using and possessing CBD products.

Where to buy CBD Oil in Oregon?

Well, that is not a hard task in a state like Oregon, where CBD is widely and freely available. You don’t have to roam in the hassle to find CBD. Hemp-derived CBD products, including topicals, oil, tinctures, and edibles, are federally legal in the state.

Some stores have their chain in every town of Oregon. Oregon citizens can buy high-quality CBD products from any retail storefront or reputable online stores without any restriction.

Final Words

In short, CBD’s future in Oregon state as brighter as its past was luminous. The straight answer is Yes to the query Is CBD legal in Oregon? The marijuana growers in the state are switching to hemp cultivation, seeing the popularity and acceptance of this non-intoxicating product in the state. The FDA does not approve CBD as a medicine; however, in Oregon, it is familiar and accessible.

Just a little reminder, in last, always choose a reputable brand such as New Phase Blend for CBD purchase and do proper research before making a choice. Hopefully, this overview of Oregon CBD laws will make you more confident in making the right selection.

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