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Our patent-pending CBD formula specializes in helping people fall asleep, and STAY asleep. There is an undeniable synergistic effect between the way melatonin and cannabinoids work together to help induce a deep sleep. See for yourself. Browse our page, and be sure to take an additional discount of 20% off your purchase by using the coupon code: cbdschool20 at checkout. FREE SHIPPING is included in all orders within the United States.

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If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase – return it. All we ask is you try it daily for seven days. If you aren’t getting relief, please return the bottle and what’s left in it for a 100% refund. We will not bother you or ask any questions. It’s THAT easy!

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Each tincture of New Phase Blends CBD contains organic, plant-derived ingredients that support a healthy and balanced mind while combating some of the problems of daily life. We take science-backed data and use it to drive our product development which means YOU get the most effective CBD products on the marketplace.

All facilities that deal with our hemp or process our oils are GMP certified. Every batch of our product is backed by a certificate of analysis verifying it’s quality and consistency. If you’re ever unhappy with your purchase, just let us know – we’re here to help.

Educational Articles on CBD

New Phase Blends is the creator of the popular hashtag #howtocbd. We believe in spread accurate and trusted information about hemp and CBD products. Our CEO even took the time to write an industry standard manual called CBD Essentials that contains so much valuable information about CBD, hemp, and many other aspects of the industry. We recommend you check it out here.

CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

CBD Oil for Energy and Focus

You already know that you can use CBD oil to help manage chronic pain. What you might not know, though, is that special blends of CBD oil for energy and focus exist. These blends can help improve everyday physical and cognitive performance. How Using CBD Oil for Energy and Focus Works New Phase Blends is a leading manufacturer of CBD oil supplements that we formulate specifically to improve athletic performance, mental clarity, and overall cognitive function. We get asked, often, how our CBD oil for energy and focus works. After

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High Strength CBD Oil 2,000mg tincture

Benefits of 2,000mg CBD Oil Tinctures

New Phase Blends’ 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures represent some of the most potent full-spectrum CBD oil currently on the market. Is this what you truly need? Maybe you do, but let’s go over this before you make that decision. We make our 2,000mg CBD oil tinctures specially for the benefit of those who require fast, safe, sure-fire relief from chronic pain. Here, we’ll look at general CBD oil benefits and uses, because the 2,000mg tincture is definitely high-strength and not for everyone! What is CBD Oil? If you are in

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CBD Oil ebooks

Highly Recommended CBD Oil eBooks

At present, there are hundreds of CBD oil ebooks available on places like Amazon. However, it is harder than you might think to find genuine, high-quality information about cannabidiol. Here, we’ve, therefore, curated a list of the four best CBD books worth reading right now in 2020. Free CBD eBooks vs Paid CBD Oil Books Before diving into our list of the best CBD ebooks of the year so far, please note that no free CBD oil books make our 2020 rundown. At New Phase Blends, we regularly see less

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