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Using CBD for Back Pain: Why You Need to Try It

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Dealing with back pain is no laughing matter. In an effort to find pain relief, many are looking at nonprescription cannabidiol CBD for back pain relief. After all, hemp-derived CBD is reported by many users to give excellent pain-relieving effects.

Overall, CBD seems to be an increasingly popular way to get relief, whether they are taking these products all by themselves or in conjunction with prescribed pharmaceuticals.

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To alleviate pain, especially back and neck pain, hemp-derived CBD might be the answer for a LOT of people. Many companies are getting on the CBD oil bandwagon and adding CBD oils to many of their products.

This tactic is a way for many companies to market their creams and lotions as having the pain management and therapeutic benefits of CBD, but many fall short of delivering on those claims. It is best to do your research to make sure you’re getting the best CBD oil for your buck!

CBD as Pain Relief?

Even though clinical trials have yet to support the pain-relieving aspects of CBD oils fully, some research has shown that there may be more to CBD and pain management. However, more research is needed before CBD can be used for back pain treatment.

It is recommended that you talk to a medical professional before taking any dietary supplement for chronic pain management. Using nonprescription CBD products with other medications may have adverse effects, especially if you suffer from undetected health conditions. Read the labels, talk to a doctor and make an informed decision before introducing any new supplement into your diet.

Let’s talk a bit about the quality of New Phase Blends and the various ways that our of CBD oil products may make a difference in your health, and life.

About New Phase and Their CBD Oil Products

New Phase Blends CBD comes from the Cannabis sativa plant (hemp plant). We use only 100% organic hemp plant material in each of our products. We don’t add any artificial ingredients to our products, and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders.

New Phase Blends Cbd Product Line

New Phase Blends offers the following CBD products available on our site:

New Phase Blends carries a wide range of products with varying degrees of CBD potency. We offer broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, and full-spectrum CBD oil products. The difference between full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate is each version’s level of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol is the compound found in the cannabis plant known for its psychoactive effects – or giving a person the “high feeling”).

Cannabis Species Chart

However, unlike medical marijuana containing much more THC than CBD products, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum contain 0.3% THC or less. CBD isolate contains no THC at all, and users will only feel the effects of CBD.

Is CBD Legal?

Are cannabidiol CBD and cannabis Sativa products legal in the US? Since the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived CBD products with less than 0.3% THC are legal federally. However, CBD may be illegal under some state laws. Check whether it’s legal before you buy any CBD products, including local, state, and federal laws.

Review all 50 states and their CBD laws by clicking here.

Marijuana-derived CBD products like medical marijuana, on the federal level, are illegal. However, some US states have made marijuana use legal. Check with your local and state laws to be sure.

Also, keep in mind that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved nonprescription CBD products as dietary supplements. Many companies are known to label their products inaccurately.

New Phase Blends products like CBD oil are high quality, and all of our products are third-party lab-tested. We also include a QR code on each product to see the certificate analysis. Always do your research before making a purchase, so you end up with the best CBD oil for the best price to do the best job for your back pain.

Cbd Gummies Qr Code Examples

Let’s look at the main CBD product available that might be used to possibly help ease chronic back pain or treat pain in general.

CBD Cream For Back Pain

A common CBD product that may help treat pain is a CBD topical or CBD cream. Many of these CBD creams combine with other ingredients with therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. Some of these transdermal cannabidiol creams can also provide hydration to the skin, keeping it supple and soft.

Many companies have a range of broad-spectrum products, full-spectrum products, and CBD isolate products. CBD creams are meant to reduce pain.

They use a carrier oil like MCT oil or olive oil that not only dilutes the base ingredient but allows the CBD to be properly absorbed into the skin. This delivers its anti-inflammatory properties fast and effectively.

How Long Does CBD Take To Provide Pain Relief?

The time it takes for the effects of CBD to take hold can vary significantly between product and company. Each formula is created differently, and each version of CBD works differently within the body. For example, taking a CBD tincture sublingually (placed under the tongue) will work much faster than eating gummies.

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It all comes up to personal preference. Whatever works best for you and your situation, is obviously the best choice for you.

When using a CBD cream or topical, it becomes even harder to determine how fast the cream will start to work. The reason is that each person is individual, and their skin is unique.

Cbd Topical On Hand

Make sure you follow the instructions before using a CBD cream since the results may vary, but a general rule of thumb to bear in mind is to apply the cream every 4-6 hours to help with the pain.

According to the medically reviewed article by Alan Carter, “the correct dosage of CBD depends on many factors. Form and usage are a few ways that affect the dosage.”

CBD comes in various forms from oils, to gummies, to topicals and vapes. More research is needed to confirm the most beneficial and safe way to take CBD.

How Strong Does CBD Need To Be For Pain Relief?

CBD comes in various strengths from different products. Many companies will accurately label the strength of the CBD in the product description.

The amount of CBD is typically indicated in milligram measurements. However, be aware that many companies mislabel their products. Always look for third-party lab-tested products like New Phase Blends.

It is recommended that people start with a lower strength CBD product first and work their way up to a higher strength, but only if needed. Alternatively, you can use less cream to start and work towards using more if necessary.

The idea is to slowly work your way up to higher strength and dosage of CBD.

How to Choose a CBD Cream

You should consider some factors before purchasing a CBD cream or topical. Here are the top things to look for in your CBD cream or in any CBD product you're about to purchase:

  1. Certificate of Analysis (COA): If you are thinking of trying CBD to treat your pain, you should only purchase CBD from companies that provide COAs for each product. New Phase Blends does just that. We offer our COAs (certificate of analysis) online and on the product via a QR code. The COA verifies that the product's ingredients and information are correct and that the CBD per dose will not be harmful to those taking the product.
Third Party Tested Cbd
example of a CoA
  1. Ingredients: CBD creams and topicals are not all the same. Different companies use different formulas, and because of this, you'll get a different experience from each new cream. Some companies add camphor as a way to give you a warm sensation. At the same time, other brands use menthol, which will provide you with a cooling sensation. You'll have to decide which sensation you prefer the most or which one helps to alleviate your pain.
  2. Spectrum types: CBD products typically come in three types. One can choose between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate. The difference between the three types is the amount of THC in each. THC is the psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant that gives a person the feeling of being high. However, full-spectrum CBD contains only 0.3% THC. This is not enough to get you high or make you fail a drug test, even though many people caution against taking it before a drug test. Broad-spectrum has trace amounts of THC, and CBD isolate contains zero THC.

Another factor to consider is the quality and price of the product. New Phase Blends prides itself on delivering a quality product. Always look for third-party lab-tested products that use organic ingredients and derive the CBD using a clean CO2 extraction method.

And when it comes to pricing, most products range from moderate to high pricing. New Phase Blends has reasonable pricing. Talk to us today for more information on the CBD product you're interested in.About New Phase and Their CBD Oil Products.

CBD and Chronic Back Pain

CBD oil and chronic back pain, and pain-related behaviors have already been the subject of study and research. This medically reviewed study used both a rat model backed with human studies to determine the effects of cannabis and back pain.

It was discovered that using cannabidiol is effective s a pain medication. The major psycho-inactive component of cannabis showed significant anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects in both human and rat studies, indicating that CBD may help with chronic pain such as back and neck pain.

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Even though this study shows that using transdermal cannabidiol reduces inflammation, taking CBD oil should only happen under the care and observation of trained health professionals. A medical professional will know how much CBD per dosage to take and watch for any side effects the CBD may create in the patient.

Safety and Side Effects of Taking CBD For Back Pain

The Food and Drug Administration has approved just one CBD product thus far, Epidiolex. Epidiolex is a prescription medication commonly used to treat specific types of seizures. Most people seem to take CBD without any problems, but the FDA does warn that taking CBD may result in some side effects, including:

  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Diarrhea and digestive issues
  • Decrease or loss in appetite
  • Irritability and mood swings
  • Mental confusion

The FDA also warns that CBD may create adverse effects that are hard to notice, including potential liver damage. Using CBD may interfere with prescription medications such as blood thinners. Pregnant women should avoid taking CBD as it may harm the fetus while in the womb.

Talking to a medical professional before taking CBD for pain is always vital since CBD may have adverse effects on the user. CBD may affect a person's ability to communicate when experiencing pain-related behaviours such as moaning, indicating where the pain is, or favoring one limb over another.

Although many CBD users claim that CBD is a perfect remedy for back pain and has fantastic anti-inflammatory properties, we simply need more science to support these claims. What we can tell you is that many people report CBD helps, a lot, with their pain.

CBD and Neuropathic Pain

A 2017 review found that CBD (cannabis plant compounds) helped with chronic neuropathy pain in humans. The research involved 11 randomized controlled trials with around 1,200 patients. The researchers studied the effects of CBD per dosage as a pain medication for the back and spine and saw the potential that CBD possesses as a possible treatment.

Cbd And Nerve Response

However, more research will be needed to understand how CBD works with neuropathic pain fully. Whether or not full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate products will be given the green light as an official method to treat pain, many CBD users are already claiming its pain-relieving effects.

Pain Relief and CBD: The Final Word

Chronic pain affects millions of people yearly in different ways. Whether the person is suffering from the pain of multiple sclerosis to the constant suffering of persistent back and neck pain, many are looking at CBD oil as an alternative treatment.

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The best part is that there is hope in the many CBD oil products available online. New Phase Blends carries several CBD oil products that are geared to helping with the effects of chronic pain. One should be careful when looking for CBD oil brands that make bold claims. Do your research and look for companies that provide all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Chronic pain doesn't have to keep you down. Talk to your doctor and see if CBD oil is the way to help with your back pain. CBD may be the pain relief product you've been looking for.

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