CBD Oil for Obesity

How Does CBD Oil for Obesity Work?

Are you considering CBD oil for obesity and weight loss? You are doing it right, but it will become more satisfying after reading research on its impeccable benefits for health.

The powerful compound within the cannabinoid family called cannabidiol , better known as CBD, is full of health benefits. The CBD oil is derived from the CBD compound by diluting CBD extract with any carrier oil. CBD oil for obesity, weight management, mental health, physical ailment, emotional health, and whatnot plays an extraordinary role.

CBD, known as the non-psychoactive compound, is generally safe and provides numerous health benefits. Cannabidiol, in our body, binds with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system and regulate the working of neurotransmitters. 

In the natural health world, CBD is getting the spotlight for many possible uses, such as from skin issues to mental health and physical health to emotional health. Also, the researchers are claiming that CBD can help reduce weight and post-obesity traumas, especially the risks of weight gain in diabetes and metabolic disorder.  

Here we will discuss the CBD role for weight loss, dosages, and precautions associated with this. Have a look!

Why Obesity Occurs?

Obesity results from an abnormal range of body weight and fat percentage, or you can an unusual BMI is the reason for obesity. Excessive weight gain leads to many health risks. The excess fat mass likely develops lifestyle-related disorders like Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM), and hypertension.

An inactive lifestyle with a high-stress environment is one of the primary reasons causing weight gain. Multiple mental conditions such as anxiety and depression and sleep disorders can be the key reasons for adding up to the risk of obesity.

How can CBD be a practical choice in this situation, and Does CBD oil for obesity work? Let’s find out the answers to such queries.

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Benefits of CBD Oil For Obesity

The researches have endorsed CBD’s capability in preventing obesity and weight loss. CBD’s effects are linked to its ability to reduce craving and food intake and modulate the expression of genes and proteins involved in advancing metabolic disorders like obesity. Here are the top 5 benefits of CBD oil for obesity reduction.

CBD Decreases Lipogenesis

Cannabidiol lowers the level of lipogenesis involved in a process where acetyl-CoA (metabolic intermediate) gets transformed into triglycerides that is the real face of body fat. Sugar and glucose is the chief cause of metabolic energy. And the metabolism of Simple sugar and primarily glucose generally creates the Acetyl-CoA.

The excess metabolism energy is accumulated as fats in adipose tissue after maintaining the positive energy balance. Impacting and limiting lipogenesis levels might help control the risks of metabolic disorders, including obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

CBD has shown great potential in effecting and limiting lipogenesis. A study in 2014 stated that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid in determining the excess lipogenesis rate. CBD oil for obesity is a practical choice for promoting weight loss by preventing the expression of specific essential proteins that can later cause obesity.

CBD Reduces Food Intake

Cannabidiol impacts our eating behavior and reduces food intake. Food intake contains several complicated mechanisms that combine specific nutritional signals and behavioral outputs.

It is the ultimate source of energy and controlled by our metabolism. Food intake includes the behavioral regulation of body weight. 

Our brain’s signaling system stimulated and stopped the eating behavior and maintained a stable internal environment. The sensory stimulation such as sight, aroma, or taste or even thinking about tasty food arises the appetite even if your energy requirements are enough filled.

The excess food intake adds up in food storage and leads to abdominal obesity. It is essential to control food intake and abnormal cravings to prevent obesity and promote weight loss.

CBD has been shown significant results by supporting the anti-obesity effects to control food intake and induce satiety

CBD Influences Energy Homeostasis

Energy homeostasis is the process of coinciding control over the calorie intake and calorie expenditure in our body. In this process, the hypothalamus of the brain maintains the balance of hunger signals.

Calorie intake is food consumption, while calorie expenditure means the usage of these calories during different activities.

When the ratio of calorie intake and calorie expenditure is balanced, a positive energy balance occurs. On the contrary, excess energy is accumulated in the form of fat that causes obesity. There are certain conditions like pregnancy and hypothermia in which the fat storage is good but not in excess. 

When the energy balance is negative and calorie expenditure is high compared to calorie intake, weight loss occurs.

CBD oil for obesity is the new town talk due to its anti-obesity effects and how it facilitates a negative energy balance. It increases the activity of mitochondria that further boosts the energy expenditure.

CBD Impacts Fat Genes

One of the few reasons for obesity can be a family background. Sometimes obesity runs in families and comes inherently in the generations. MC4R is a gene most commonly involved in obesity and forms the melanocortin four receptors. Any alteration in the expression of this receptor leads to excess hunger and overeating.

Changes in obesity-specific genes add up to the risks of gaining weight and metabolic syndrome. A study back in 2000 indicated more than 50n genes involved in the progression of obesity.

CBD oil for obesity has shown some efficacy in downregulating such genes and proteins that encourage adipose tissue expansion.

CBD Boosts Fat Burn

When calorie intake surpasses calorie expenditure, it promotes the negative energy balance that leads to obesity and metabolic disorders. In high carb and high fat foods intake, the metabolic rate is usually low, and fats start accumulation in the adipose tissue where the expansion of fatty tissue occurs.

There should be a surge in the resting metabolic rate to promote excessive fat and weight loss. The responses of the metabolic system must be promoting breakdown and oxidation of fats. For this, a keen observation must be a part of the activity with what you are eating and what nutrients you should opt for improved metabolic rate.

Fat burning develops a significant amount of heat, commonly known as body energy, and provides insulation to our body. The process is known as thermogenesis. Brown adipose tissues are responsible for the operation of thermoregulation that helps in burning fat. At the same time, the white adipose tissue is responsible for fat storage.

CBD oil for obesity has forefronted itself, taking part in BAT development by inducing the expression of specific genes.

Dosage of CBD oil for Obesity

For whatever purpose you are opting for CBD, it is not safe to start self-dosage without your doctor’s consultation. The effects and dosage depend on everybody’s bodily system and how you are consuming it. The consumer can take CBD orally or can inhale it by a vaporizer.

To date, there is no prescribed dosage limit of cannabidiol oil for weight loss and prevent obesity. If you are initiating it, start taking smaller doses of 50-60 mg and keep observing the effects.


CBD is a safe cannabinoid having no intoxicating effects. It contains a mild concentration of THC that is a psychotropic agent and can cause any possible adverse effects. In past research, the daily doses of up to 500mg for six months didn’t reveal any complications. In fact, in 2011, a study advocated that high doses of 1500mg per day are safe to take for three months.

The amount of THC is relatively harmless that can only affect the hyper-sensitive bodies. That is why one should always start taking CBD oil for obesity from lower doses. 

CBD’s use might influence the drug effects, such as it inhibits cytochrome p450 that is responsible for metabolizing drugs. The consumer shouldn’t pair the products containing a notable amount of THC  with alcohol.

THC-filled products might cause nausea, dizziness, fatigue, impaired balance hallucinations, disorientation, and paranoia. Also, it can be a cause of a significant increase in heart rate for a short time.

Pregnant and lactating women and children shouldn’t use THC-containing products without consulting a doctor.

Wind Up | CBD Oil For Obesity

Ultimately, the effectiveness of CBD oil for obesity is another feather in the crown of this compound. A long list of CBD health benefits is enough to grab the attention of researchers and pharmaceutical companies.

The initial research results in CBD for weight loss are pledging and prompt to take up more research.  It helps to maintain the energy balance, burn calories, suppress appetite, and decrease the level of specific proteins that later can add up in obesity.

It regulates food intake and prevents abnormal cravings and overeating. Moreover, CBD promotes the development of brown adipose tissues and boosts WAT’s browning that further helps in the breakdown and oxidation of stored fat.

However, nothing will replace the effectiveness of a healthy diet and plenty of exercise as a weight-loss strategy. Also, there is a need for extensive research to provoke the efficacy of CBD oil for obesity. Don’t start self dosage, especially in the case you are already taking other medications.

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