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What is Cannabinol-C2? (CBN-C2)

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What is Cannabinol C-2?

Cannabinol-C2 (CBN-C2) is a Sativa compound oxidized from CBN, one of the major cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBN-C2 is a derivative of CBN. CBN is formed from the continuous exposure of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA) to heat in the presence of oxygen. 

Researchers and scientists have been researching the cannabis plant since 1940, and have found multiple compounds in the plant. CBN-C2 was discovered in small quantities from aged cannabis plants.  

The metamorphosis of cannabinolic acid is the neutralization of compounds from their precursors.

This could happen through the process of decarboxylation, or in some cases like CBN-C2, oxidation is what occurs. CBN-C2, unlike others, is formed through continuous degradation of the THCA compound.

The exposure of THCA to light, oxygen is the cause of CBN-C2. The downside of this formation is that it doesn’t happen unless required by scientists or through the carelessness of cultivators. If the cannabis plant is well preserved, the CBN-C2 compound is likely not to be formed.

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The CBN compound is one useful compound with therapeutic benefits in the medical field. It is used as a sleeping aid, and thus there is a high level of research going on around the functions of the compound.

The CBN-C2 compound is expected to go through research once the go-ahead for research has been gotten following the debates happening around the legalization of marijuana and its use in the medical field by necessary actors like the FDA, United Nations, World Health Organization, etc. 

How Does CBN-C2 Work?

CBN-C2 comes in little or no quantity in a fresh cannabis plant. Also, CBN being an illegal compound in most countries is blocking researchers from being able to learn more about this compound.

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The little to no information available about this compound hasn’t allowed researchers to understand exactly how it works and how it will react to the human body. 

We know that CBN is a strong sleeping agent and more sedative than THC, but we cannot assume that CBN-C2 works the same way as its mother compound considering the difference in functions of the CBN from its mother compound, THC.

We don’t know how it works and can only hope researchers unlock its potentials in the nearest future.

Are There Benefits of CBN-C2?

We know that CBN has the therapeutic benefits of helping with insomnia and mild pain relief.

What researchers haven’t been able to pinpoint is the particular functions of the CBN-C2 compound and how its difference in chemical composition will affect or alter CBN’s therapeutic functions.

There are no tests or facts to prove or show the possible therapeutic benefits of the CBN-C2 compound. Nonetheless, we know that CBN has no psychoactive tendencies, meaning it can be used and no intoxicating effect will be observed

Interesting Facts About CBN-C2

  • CBN-C2 is not formulated from CBG or CBGA but the degradation of THCA.
  • It exists largely in aged cannabis plants.
  • CBN-C2, in most cases, is deliberately created in the lab by the exposure of marijuana to UV light in the presence of air.


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