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Can CBD Help With Mood Swings?

Do you experience mood swings? Mood swings are a common indicator that you may have a personal or a mental health problem. As human beings, we experience mood swings for all sorts of reasons. It’s actually pretty normal. In this article, we are taking a look at how you can manage your mood swings better. Can CBD help with mood swings?

Let’s examine the medical evidence and find out!

Why Do We Experience Mood Swings?

We experience mood swings for all sorts of reasons. Mood swings are often a sign of stress or trauma.

Mood Swings

For instance, many veterans experience unexplained mood swings. Mood swings are often experienced as a result of PTSD. This is a very complicated healthy condition and mood swings is one of the ways it can manifest itself.

Mood swings are also experienced for other reasons. When you suffer from anxiety, depression, or bi-polar disorder, frequent mood swings are often included on the list of symptoms.

Most importantly, if you do experience mood swings, it is important to try to identify why you are experiencing them.

Mood swings are not only experienced as a result of mental health issues. Our endocrine (hormonal) system also has a huge effect on our mood. As we go through different stages in life, we are likely to experience mood swings.

Are Mood Swings Dangerous?

Mood swings have a more serious impact on the lives of some than on others. By allowing them to continue, we are much more likely to accept them as normal. Mood swings are never normal. What is the link between CBD and a reduction in mood swings? There are several links, including anti-anxiolytic effects among other benefits.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

When you do experience mood swings, the first thing you should do is to ask yourself why you are experiencing them.

It is important to get your condition diagnosed. Seeking advice from a counsellor or medical professional is a good idea.

Doctor Talking About Anxiety Disorders

Does that mean you have to take conventional medication? No, it doesn’t. On many occasions, natural remedies including CBD are just as useful. CBD is a useful tool when it comes to managing mood swings and associated conditions.

Insomnia and Mood Swings

There is a clear link in between insomnia and mood swings. Overtime, insomnia can change brain chemistry. A reduction in the sleep hormone melatonin is often a sign that you are suffering from mood swings related to insomnia.

The good news is that using CBD for insomnia is actually quite effective at helping minimize sleepless nights.

Cbd Oil For Insomnia

Melatonin does not only help us to sleep. It is one of the hormones that helps us to control our mood. When your body does not produce enough melatonin, the end results are often poor sleep quality and mood swings.

We experience mood swings because we are tired. It is a vicious circle but it is also a condition that you can remedy yourself.

Cbd Oil For Sleep

For instance, CBD with added melatonin can help you sleep better.

CBD Use for Anxiety and Depression

There is also a clear link between anxiety and mood swings. Is there a link between anxiety and CBD? Yes, there is.

Experiencing anxiety is increasingly common. We experience anxiety for many reasons. Perhaps we have a personal problem that we are finding hard to handle.

When we do experience anxiety, feelings of panic often emerge. We may even feel that we are being overwhelmed by feelings of dread and fear.

Depression And Anxiety

Our human instinct is to protect ourselves. So, what do we do? We lash out at others around us. In fact, we experience mood swings.

Once again, it is important to get help and a diagnosis. Once you have reached out for help and had your condition established, you can choose how you help yourself. Yes, that is right. We can often “help ourselves” to get over anxiety.

Conventional medication has not proved to effectively treat anxiety and associated mood swings. Instead, it has often shown to exacerbate the condition.

If you do find yourself suffering from anxiety and mood swings, taking the natural route is a much better idea. For instance, chewing on CBD gummies is a good idea.

Full Spectrum Cbd Gummies On Display

Why CBD gummies?

CBD gummies is a great way of getting access to slow release CBD.

When you eat a CBD infused gummy, the CBD compound enters your blood stream and begins to help calm you. Within 30 minutes, most people are in a significantly better mood.

How Much CBD Should I Take For Mood Swings?

Should you wake up feeling anxious, pop a CBD gummy under your tongue. Let it dissolve and you will soon notice that you feel better. Avoid coffee for half an hour and the remedy is even more effective.

You can take CBD gummies throughout the day when you suffer from mood swings as a result of anxiety. Just make sure you use a quality company’s products, such as New Phase Blends.

Can CBD Help With PMS Mood Swings?

This is where CBD can really shine.

Many women going through menopause often experience mood swings as a result of hormonal changes.

CBD can help to regulate hormonal imbalances. On top of that, it is a rich source of gamma-linoleic acid, omega-6, and omega-3. All are essential fatty acids and are linked to a reduction in mood swings and better brain health.

Brain Receptors

It is not actually clear why this happens. Clearly, hormonal changes affect the way our hormones interact with each other.

Also, it is thought hormonal imbalances lead to inflammation in the body. When inflammation affects the brain and the nervous system, the end result can be mood swings.

The body is unable to produce these essential fatty acids. The only we can access them is by taking a supplement containing them. CBD is an excellent example of a plant based supplement and natural remedy containing all three in abundance.

Can CBD Help With Moods? | Final Thoughts

Can CBD help mood swings? CBD shows a great deal of promise when it comes to natural remedies that can help to improve mood swings.

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CBD does not have any of the negative side effects associated herbs such as St. John’s Wort (another natural remedy). When compared to conventional medications, CBD is a sustainable way of helping to control mood swings and many of the conditions associated with them.

It is important to buy a quality CBD product, should you choose to go this route. If you are unsure, contact the company you are thinking about buying the CBD from, and ask them which one they would recommend.

Give the CBD time to work, and you should soon experience positive effects including fewer mood swings.

Note from a customer:

I suffer with PTSD and CBD gummies do work when I have a problem. I also rescue former service dogs, Belgian Malinois, that have problems with canine PTSD after their service. I have personally noticed that their behavior improves when I add CBD to their kibble. Also very effective for canine joint problems.


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