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The Power of CBD Muscle Balm

Are you curious if CBD muscle balm or CBD muscle rub actually works? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of these types of CBD balms. We’ll also talk about whether or not you should use it for helping get relief from chronic nerve or muscular pain and discomfort.

Nerve, Muscle, and Joint Pain

Chronic muscle and nerve pain can be very discomforting as it not only affects your daily performance and productivity but also causes insomnia and anxiety. People use all types of remedies to get relief from this kind of pain but all these treatments only offer temporary relief.

Doctors recommend exercising daily or stretching your muscles to help relax them. But this is something not everyone can do.

Cbd Cream For Joint Pain Relief

We have seen that a lot of underlying conditions can cause muscle and joint pain. From chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia to COVID-19: there’s several reasons behind muscular pains.

You feel like your body is hurting all the time and you are unable to carry out even basic daily chores. Sometimes the muscle pain lasts for months, which can be very damaging to your physical and mental well-being.

Among treatments that really work, CBD muscle balm and CBD muscle rub have been found to be very effective. These are used as topical ointments and usually contain a potent natural ingredient called CBD-rich hemp extract. This extract addresses the pain locally and offers relief.

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You might be wondering if CBD is psychoactive like THC. After all, THC is the psychoactive component in marijuana. However, hemp extract contains little to no THC at all. It is not possible for someone to get high from CBD muscle balms or CBD muscle rubs.

This is what makes CBD perfect for pain relief.

Let’s find out more about this hemp extract and how it is used in CBD muscle balm or CBD muscle rub.

What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is an active compound found in the cannabis plant. It is being used in a variety of products these days to help improve a wide range of physical conditions. Although the significance of CBD is still being extensively researched by researchers, there are some proven benefits backed by existing studies such as:

· It can help overcome sleep disorders and improve sleep.

· It can help relieve muscle pain and cramping.

· It is great at relieving muscle soreness which often occurs after a rigorous workout.

· It can help relieve depression and anxiety.

· It is found to have anti-inflammatory properties.

· It can help reduce the occurrences of seizures in people with epilepsy.

It is important to note that Epidiolex, which contains CBD, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Soothe Cbd Muscle Rub Product

CBD can be taken in a number of ways, including: edible pills, capsules, gummies, or CBD drops, but it is most commonly used as a topical product like a CBD muscle rub or CBD muscle balm.

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People also use CBD as part of their daily bedtime routine to help relieve muscle stiffness and have a peaceful sleep.

What is CBD Muscle Balm?

CBD muscle balm is a topical ointment that is solid, thick, and waxy in texture. It can be applied to various areas of the body.

Have you heard of a CBD salve? This is the same thing as a CBD muscle rub or CBD muscle balm.

Both CBD balm and CBD salves use the same CBD fatty oil and waxes as the main ingredient, in comparison to CBD lotions and cream which tend to use water. Our skin loves to absorb oily substances, since it blends well with our ‘sebum.’

Cbd Muscle Balm Soothe Product

Sebum is simply a term for the oil that our skin produces naturally.

When you use a water based topical, it does not absorb as well since the sebum repels the water. Remember, oil and water do not mix.

Since balms are thicker in texture and have high concentrations of CBD, they are ideal to be used as pain relievers in comparison to creams and lotions.

Our skin even contains what is known as CB1 and CB2 receptors which can process the CBD muscle rub and CBD muscle balm extremely effectively.

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Benefits of CBD Muscle Rub and CBD Muscle Balm

Like any other topical product, CBD balm is also meant to be used externally and it is applied directly to the area of the skin where the problem exists.

However, it is recommended to use a generous amount of CBD balm which contains a high concentration of CBD on the affected area(s).

‘Soothe’ topical CBD balm by New Phase Blends is one of the best CBD muscle rubs made. It not only has a high concentration of CBD, but has also been found to have high absorbency as compared to other balms available in the market.

Not all CBD muscle balm products are created equally. Like anything else, some products are better than others.

CBD balm can also be used to help improve a number of health problems or conditions some of which are:

Pain Relief

CBD products often come with additional pain-relieving ingredients such as menthol, camphor, and capsaicin. This might make them ideal for muscle pains, aches and cramping often experienced by the majority of people. The issue with products like this is they often don’t contain much CBD at all.

These companies think since there is menthol in their CBD muscle balms, they can get away with being cheap and not putting much (if any) CBD in the balm itself. The result is an inferior product, unfortunately.

Muscle pain is one of the most common muscle-related complaints which affects almost all activities of an individual and leads to sleep disorders as well.

If you are of those who have tried almost everything, then you should give CBD balm a try before going for any extensive treatment. Most people are glad they started using our topical CBD products.

A lot of research has been published which confirms topical CBD products are beneficial in a number of pain issues like: arthritis-related pain, nerve pain, and jaw pain.

On an interesting note, a study was conducted in 2015 on rats and the results of the study show that CBD application on the skin considerably reduces joint swelling and pain. Yes, rats and humans are different, but we actually process some compounds in a very similar manner.

Nerve Pain

In 2020, people with nerve damage were tested and examined for the results of CBD oil application for nerve pain relief.

Cbd Balm Nerve Effects Diagram

The study showed that almost all of the participants reported a significant reduction in levels of nerve pain and it was noticed that the sharp, severe, cold, and itchy feelings associated with nerve pain were also reduced.

A study conducted in 2019, was specifically focused on the results of CBD use to treat a particular type of facial pain that involves the jaw. The results were surprising. It was reported that those people who applied CBD balm or oil at least twice daily experienced a significant reduction in facial pain just within two weeks of beginning their CBD regimen.

Skin Conditions

Although pain relief is the major benefit that can be achieved with the use of CBD balms but they also have extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties making them suitable for many skin conditions such as: acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, CBD products are good at reducing inflammation which is one of the causes contributing extensively to acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

All you need to do is to apply a generous amount of CBD balm to the affected area and you will see good results in few weeks.

Finding real relief from some of these symptoms can be hard, but it looks like CBD balms might be the answer.

How Does CBD Balm Actually Work?

CBD muscle rub is applied to the area where you are experiencing pain or ache and soon after its application, the balm will quickly penetrate into the skin through cellular membranes. Since topical products do not enter the bloodstream, rather they work on the surface area only, they are not harmful. These types of remedies have also been found to be effective for the treatment of multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis especially when CBD is combined with THC.

The frequency of using the balm needs to be determined by the user as each person is different. It is always recommended to start with a low dose and then gradually increase the dose if required. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, it can also be used topically to reduce acne and some other skin disorders.

One major benefit of CBD muscle balm is that it may reduce morphine dependence and therefore can be used in substance abuse treatment.

Things to Consider When Buying CBD Muscle Balm

It is very important to carefully consider a variety of factors before you make a decision to buy a particular CBD product.

The reason behind careful examination is that there are products available in the market which claims to give benefits while they are simply a scam.

Did you know the United States FDA conducted a study in the summer of 2020 on the labeling of CBD products? They discovered that roughly 21% of the products they tested either had no CBD, or much less CBD than the label claimed.

Cbd Muscle Balm Study Results

You need to be able to avoid purchasing your CBD muscle balm from a company that falsely labels their products. How do you know what to look for, though?

I would recommend you to look for the following before you buy a CBD product:

Testing: Since the consumption of products containing more than 0.3% THC content is illegal in many states, it is very important to go for a product that has an up-to-date and complete certificate of analysis (CoA) acquired from a trustworthy third-party lab.

Cbd Muscle Rub Coa Example

The image above is an example of a CoA for our ‘pure’ vegan CBD softgel product.

The CoA is essential to verify the quantity of CBD and THC available in the product. Additionally, there are also other benefits of CoA such it verifies that the product is free from mold, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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The CoA is accessible via a scannable code on the label. When you scan this code, it will bring up the lab report for you to view.

Transparency: The authentic and reliable brands will not hide the information regarding how they grow their hemp. It is very important to look for brands that are transparent about the information regarding hemp growth and how the product is made.

Ingredients: Just like it is advised to check the ingredients for any other product, it is advised to check the complete list of ingredients of the CBD balm to make sure that there is no ingredient that raises an alarm.

Going through the ingredients is also important to make sure you are buying quality, natural, and even organic products. If your ingredient list is filled with hard to pronounce words, it’s probably a questionable product.

Reputation: This is the most important factor to consider. Not many people are aware of the fact that there are many CBD brands that are either facing lawsuits or have been warned by FDA. Yes, the US FDA sends warning letters to CBD companies who violate their laws surrounding CBD.

Click here to see a list of the most up-to-date warning letters issued by the FDA.

If a brand is facing a lawsuit or if it has been warned then it means there is something wrong with either the product or with the procedures being followed by the brand. I would recommend you to search each brand carefully before buying CBD topical products.

How Are These Balms Used?

It is recommended to first carefully read the instructions that come along with the product to know if there are any important things to consider.

After you have read all the instructions, please follow the following steps:

· Before applying the balm, do not forget to wash your hands.

· Clean the affected and make sure it is dry before application.

· Apply the balm on the affected area and massage it in a circular motion. Please make sure that there are no open wounds or cuts on the affected area. In case of open wounds and cuts do not apply the balm.

· Avoid touching your eyes until you have washed your hands properly.

Introducing Soothe, Powerful CBD Muscle Balm

If you are looking for a pure CBD balm with no artificial or harmful ingredients, check out ‘Soothe’ Topical CBD Balm, which is available in three concentrations: 500mg, 1000mg, and 2000mg.

Cbd Muscle Rub Texture

It contains rich hemp extract and comes with a lovely lavender scent. The product has received a 5-star rating from its customer base, too.

It’s not as expensive as other CBD lotions and creams available on the market.

This CBD muscle balm is not greasy like other products and can be easily applied to areas like the neck, the ankle, and the elbow.

Why should I choose this CBD muscle rub?

Although there are a number of topical balms available on the market, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. The topical CBD muscle rub, ‘Soothe’ has been proven to offer fantastic results due to the following reasons:

· It consists of rich, full-spectrum hemp extract making it highly concentrated.

· It has additional ingredients for added benefits such as beeswax, jojoba oil, and hemp seed oil.

· It has the ability to effectively penetrate into the skin and it also helps the dermis to absorb all the nutrients packed in this balm.

While CBD oil when consumed orally may cause symptoms (rarely) like diarrhea and nausea, CBD muscle rub is considered totally safe and harmless with no potential side effects.

Soothe Cbd Muscle Balm Application

Common Questions

QUESTION: How long do the effects of this CBD balm / CBD muscle rub last?

ANSWER: The results of CBD balms may vary from person to person and the duration for which the results last also varies. Typically, the effects of topical CBD products such as balm last for up to 6 hours, however, if your condition is severe it might not last as long. It is recommended to adjust the quantity and frequency of dose depending upon your condition and results.

QUESTION: Do CBD drops or CBD gummies give the same results for muscle and joint pains?

ANSWER: No, the results are different in the two cases. Applying CBD balm to relieve muscular pain is found to give quicker results as compared to when applied for joint pains. This is due to the fact that the surface area around the muscles, which is being covered by the skin, takes up more surface area as compared to the surface area of skin covering the joints.

QUESTION: Are CBD products legal?

ANSWER: Yes, CBD products that are derived from hemp is federally legal. CBD derived from marijuana has over 0.3% THC content, and is therefore illegal. We recommend using CBD products made by New Phase Blends since all products are THC free which means they contain less than 0.3% THC in their products.

QUESTION: Are there any side effects of using CBD products?

ANSWER: According to World Health Organization, CBD is safe to be used just like any other product. CBD products may, however, result in few side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea, disturbed appetite, or change in weight. It is advised to consult your doctor if you wish to take CBD products, especially if you are taking other medications. They will make sure that it is safe to use CBD products with the medications you are currently taking.

Topical CBD products do not have any of the side effects mentioned above, and it is comparatively safe to use tropical CBD than oral supplements. You can always carry out a patch test before using the product to ensure that your skin is not allergic to the balm. Additionally, it is advised to never use CBD muscle rub on areas where you have cuts, or other openings in your skin.

QUESTION: How can I do a patch test?

ANSWER: Before exposing larger areas of your skin to the product, it is advised to perform a patch test on a smaller, non-visible area such as the wrist. In order to perform the test correctly, you should apply a very little amount of balm on the wrist and wait for 24 hours to see the results. After 24 hours, if there are any signs of redness or itchiness, then you should not use the product.

However, if there are no symptoms and the skin is just like as it was before, then you can safely use the product on other areas of the skin.

QUESTION: Do topical CBD products like CBD muscle rub only mask the pain?

ANSWER: No, CBD muscle rubs do not only mask the pain. They also work at applying an anti-inflammatory effect which may promote faster healing on the area you are applying the balm to.

Conclusion | Topical CBD Balms

Hopefully you now know all about CBD muscle rubs, or topical CBD balms. They are all, essentially, the same product with a different name.

These products do a fantastic job and offering local, quick relief in the form of:

  • mitigating pain
  • lowering inflammation

Remember, not all balms are created equal. The FDA’s discovery proved that about 21% of CBD products are falsely labeled in an effort for companies to make more money.

You will not run into this problem with New Phase Blends CBD products. All of our CBD products for sale, including the CBD muscle rub, come with a money-back guarantee, and also have scannable QR codes on all labels.

Cbd Balm Shop Banner

If you don’t like it, return it within 30 days of your purchase for all of your money back. No questions asked.

There are plenty of other articles like this in our CBD blog. Be sure to sign up with your email via the footer of any page on this website. You’ll become privy to exclusive discounts and information available nowhere else on the internet.

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