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At this time in the world, CBD is available everywhere. Almost every state in the U.S. has legalized this natural drug in the following of Farm Bill 2018. So, if you are asking, Is CBD oil legal in Tennessee? The quick answer is Yes. Hemp-derived CBD containing 0.3% or less quantity of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is permitted in Tennessee. The residents can use hemp-sourced CBD in oils, topicals, tinctures, and other edibles.

Many people have cured severe physical and mental ailments using CBD as a treatment. However, you must be aware of your state laws about CBD before making it your priority. The approval of Hemp Farming Bill in 2018 made all hemp-based products’ sale, possession, and use legal at a federal level.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is responsible for supervising the CBD rules and regulations to maintain the safety and quality of the products. At the same time, the U.S. Department of FDA is in charge of the marketing, labeling, and regulating the CBD products.

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Still, there is a confusion about CBD legality in many states. As CBD laws differ from state to state, it is better to know your state CBD laws first. Here, in this guide, we will share the complete detail about Tennessee CBD laws, Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee? and where to buy CBD oil in Tennessee? Have a look!

What is CBD?

CBD is a non-intoxicating natural drug derived from Cannabis. CBD shares the extreme space in the cannabis plant after THC. We would sum up CBD as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-seizures, neuro-protectant, pain-reliever, muscle relaxants, and anxiety reliever product.

It is on a factual basis that CBD is non-psychoactive kin of THC, but it is not as CBD has the psychoactive properties. In the medical field, CBD has proved its worth already in medical therapy.

CBD has 0.3% THC, that is the surety it doesn’t make you high, and doctors can try it in my fazing conditions. Apart from released properties, we are sure that CBD has much more to deliver. And the future will stamp this as a viable therapeutic option.

CBD treats the patients in a more natural way than the other medications with no visible side-effects, and that’s a win-win situation for CBD. In the past few years, CBD research got a boom, and significant investment made in this concern.

Why is CBD Illegal in Some Places?

First of all, CBD is considered safe because of the minimal quantity of THC and its insane benefits for human health. It’s a fact that all kinds of Cannabis with intoxicating properties are illegal under the Act of the Federal Controlled Substances of 1970.

2018 brought a revolution for Hemp and hemp-derived products. The cultivation of Hemp became federally legal for medical purposes with farm bill update. Few of the Cannabis sharing the place in Schedule 1 list got elimination from the panel and got legal status.

So, CBD derived from Cannabis with 0.3% THC became legal with the exact following of State and federal laws.

Food and Drug Administration has the authority of regulating the CBD product labeling, keeping a check on a therapeutic claim for CBD, and usage of CBD for recreational and dietary purposes. FDA, on use, has non-allowed the advertisement of hemp-derived CBD as a dietary item or add to food and beverages. 

The Food and Drug Administration had this stance for long. But now it has softened these regulations and started allowing the dietary usages of CBD. Moreover, Farm Bill has given this authority to states to allow or disallow the cultivation and business of CBD. But strict regulations must be of the State’s duty under this Farm Bill.

Tennessee CBD laws | Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee CBD laws are as clear as for other states in the U.S. The hemp-derived CBD must contain 0.3% of THC amount to meet the state standard. In Tennessee, the seller can’t sell hemp flower products except for sealed containers. If someone is buying hemp-derived CBD products in Tennessee, then he must be sure that the products have only a restricted amount of THC. Every product must hold a lab report or confirmation statement.

In Tennessee history, many laws have been made to fight the legal status of marijuana. As a Senate Bill 2125 was endorsed into law In 2016 that gave marijuana regulations a new direction. This bill altered the previous marijuana laws and eliminated many cannabis products from the legal definition of marijuana. According to this bill, all cannabis oils, flowers, and seeds containing 0.6% THC are out of the marijuana list.

In the last half of 2016, House Bill 1044 got approval and eased the cannabis laws a bit more. According to this law, manufacturing, processing, distribution, and possession of cannabis with 0.9% or less amount THC is legal. The patients mentioned by a four-year public institution within the state are allowed to have cannabis with 0.9% THC.

Indeed, the world has already witnessed the curative research of CBD. The anticancer, anti-seizure, or other immuno-modulatory properties of the cannabis Sativa plant are featured benefits. This bill boosted the CBD journey in Tennessee. And in the case, if the patient is caught with cannabis containing .9% or less THC, this bill provides solid defense.

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CBD Licensing Requirements in Tennessee

Department of Agriculture of Tennessee is responsible for setting rules in the light of the Federal Hemp Farming Act 2018 for hemp growth in the state. This department laid out a complete system of licensing for hemp growers, processors, and traders.

In 2019, the number of licensed hemp growers was more than 3,400 in Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of agriculture is still up to receive more applications from candidates. And this expected that the number of licensed growers would increase to tall in the coming years.

Thus, one who is willing to transport hemp plants or products in the state must get a permit. The licensed grower should submit the permit application three days before transportation to obtain permission. That is to say; you better have got the answer for the query Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee CBD possession limits

According to current Tennessee Laws, CBD products containing 0.6% THC or less are legal to use and possess in the Tennessee. The qualified patients registered in a clinical study by a four-year college or university can own CBD oil with up to 0.9% THC.

However, Several products carrying this amount of THC must be obtained in another state as there are no straight roads to buy medical cannabis products in Tennessee. The owner must have evidence that the product has procured in another state to avoid any Felony subject.

Ownership of CBD oil without any evidence is dealt with under the Class C misdemeanor offense. The guilty will face 30 days of prison or a fine up to $50 and, in some cases, both.

The possession of marijuana containing more amount than restrictive is illegal. In Tennessee, the ownership of half an ounce or less marijuana is a state of a misdemeanor that will lead to a punishment. The guilty will pay a fine of up to $250 and 1 year in prison. If the person has more than half an ounce of marijuana, he will bear a fine of $500 with up to one year in prison.

Two cities Nashville and Memphis, have worked in the case of marijuana. Both have won the legal status for it after decriminalizing the ownership of small amounts of marijuana.

As a result, both the cities have succeeded this after handling it like a traffic ticket with a fine of $50. The court usually rejects this ticket anytime if the individual is fulfilling the community service. So, marijuana laws are friendly in the state as far as people are meeting the regulations.

Approved Pesticides For Hemp Crops in Tennessee

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in Tennessee has approved the six pesticides for the hemp crops. Have a look!

EPA Registration Number:  91865-3. Active ingredient:  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain D747. Product Type: Fungicide and Bactericide.

EPA Registration Number: 84059-3. Active ingredient:  Extract of Reynoutria sachalinensis. Product Type: Fungicide and Fungistat.

EPA Registration Number:  91865-4. Active ingredient:  Azadirachtin. Product Type: Insect Growth Regulator and Repellent.

EPA Registration Number:  91865-2. Active ingredient:  Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids. Product Type:  Insecticide, Fungicide, and Miticide.

EPA Registration Number: 84059-28. Active ingredient:  Bacillus amyloliquefaciens strain F727. Product Type: Fungicide.

EPA Registration Number: 91865-1. Active ingredients:  Soybean Oil, Garlic Oil, and Capsicum Oleoresin Extract. Product Type:  Insecticide and Repellent. 

Where to buy CBD oil in Tennessee?

Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee? Yes, it is. Now, the question is how to get CBD in Tennessee? Well, The cannabinoid products containing a higher THC, such as 0.6 or 0.9 %, are not available in the Tennessee. The medical CBD patients looking for CBD products will have to go to other states to buy them.

But, the hemp-derived CBD products with 0.3% of THC are widely available within the state. In many big cities of Tennessee state, there are many stores open dealing with various CBD products such as oil, topicals, tinctures and CBD edibles, etc.

Moreover, another the safe and secure option of acquiring CBD products in the state is purchasing online. Many CBD brands and other retailers have their online stores to ship CBD products at your doorstep. Nevertheless, our suggestion is still the same: always go for a reputable CBD store that meets all the quality and lab standards for CBD products. 

New Phase Blend can be the best option for online purchases if your search is for high-quality products meeting all community standards.

Final Words on CBD Oil in Tennessee.

Tennessee state has formed firm CBD laws in the following the passage of Farm Bill 2018. After this bill, the state just removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. Is CBD Oil Legal in Tennessee? Yes, CBD containing 0.3% THC is legal.

The buying and selling of CBD products with higher amounts are still illegal in the state. That is why, Tennessee residents have to travel to other states to get such products. However, it may be legal to order such CBD products online from the company of another state sitting at your home. But it all will depend on the amount of THC that a specific product is carrying. 

Therefore, a large number of growers have a license in Tennessee, and more applications have been submitted to be registered hemp growers. 

CBD’s health benefits are immense; you can’t close your eyes from this universal fact. So, we can hope the coming years will bring more relaxation and ease in CBD laws for Tennessee state people. 

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