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Is CBD Legal in Nevada?

Is CBD Legal in Nevada?

The state of Nevada has made incredible progress in making CBD legal in the state. When posing the question, Is CBD legal in Nevada? The answer is a resounding Yes! In fact Nevada has legalized most forms of cannabis.  Hemp derived CBD is legal for both manufacture and sale in the state as long as it complies with requisite state and federal laws. 

Nevada is one of numerous states which have recently made cannabis legal for recreational and medical use. In 2000, the state legalized medical marijuana and then later in 2001 it fully decriminalized the possession of marijuana and marijuana derived products. Currently, the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana derived (not just hemp) CBD products is legal in Nevada.

In 2016, the voters in Nevada endorsed this initiative to effectively control, tax and usher in the legalization of marijuana use in the state. In June 2019, State Bill 209 was approved by the governor, Steve Sisolak. This legislation put the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS) in charge of generating and regulating the laws related to testing and labeling hemp products in the state.

CBD oil is legal in the state so long as it conforms to all requisite state and federal standards. Also, the state has a large number of dispensaries, particularly concentrated in locations around the strip in Las Vegas. As such, CBD is widely accessible in the state.

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Now we are going to learn more about Nevada CBD laws, licensing requirements in the state and where to buy CBD in Nevada? Keep reading!

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non psychoactive compound derived from cannabis. CBD shares the outer space in the cannabis plant with THC. Laboratory testing has shown CBD to have a plethora of beneficial properties, such as: being an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-seizure, neuro-protectant, muscle relaxer, and anxiety relief product.

CBD is non psychoactive cousin of THC, which means IT WON’T GET YOU HIGH! In the medical field, CBD has proved its worth in dozens of clinical trials.

Is Cbd Legal In Nevada

By federal standards, any purely CBD product has 0.3% or less THC by weight, which is far too low a dose to get anyone high. CBD is a great way to treat patients in a more natural way than other medications with no known deleterious side-effects, which makes it a win-win situation for both the supplier and consumer. In the past few years, CBD research has exploded and significant investments are continuing to be made in research and development.

Why is CBD Illegal in Some Places?

First of all, CBD is safe because there are no known side effects when taken as directed. Further, there is a minimal quantity of THC (which have its own beneficial qualities) and its undisputed benefits for human health. It is still worth noting the cannabis with intoxicating properties (over .3% THC) are illegal under the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

The 2018 Farm Bill brought a revolution for hemp and hemp derived products. The cultivation of hemp became federally legal for medical purposes with the farm bill legislation. Specifically, hemp, which is legally defined as cannabis containing less than .3% THC by weight, was removed from the schedule I list of controlled substances.

So, CBD derived from hemp became legal with the exact following of State and federal laws.

Food and Drug Administration has the authority of regulating the CBD product labeling, monitoring therapeutic claims for CBD, and usage of CBD for recreational and dietary purposes. FDA, on use, previously has not allowed the advertisement of hemp-derived CBD as a dietary item or as an additive to food and beverages.

While the Food and Drug Administration has maintained this stance for years, it has softened these regulations and started considering appropriate legislation around dietary supplements containing CBD. Moreover, the Farm Bill has given this authority to states to allow or disallow the cultivation and business of CBD. Thus more specific regulations of this industry falls under the state’s prerogative.

Lets’ find out more about Is CBD Legal in Nevada?

CBD Laws in Nevada

Nevada has already taken many positions on the legalization of both cannabis and hemp. Now the state is looking forward to developing further regulations that satisfy the needs of Farm Bill. The industrial hemp production in Nevada is already well underway.

Nevada lawmakers are working to submit the new regulations to the U.S. Department of agriculture. The state will continue taking steps to implement the current regulations and licensing requirements for the growers and processors in Nevada.

Licensing Requirements for CBD in Nevada

  • Nevada’s Department of Agriculture is responsible for regulating the licensing of growers, producers and handlers in the state. The growers cannot have any drug related offenses within five years of the application date. The cultivators get the hemp-growing license once they meet all the requirements. The license remains valid till December 31st of the running year.
  • The growers are bound to submit all the necessary information including a site map and crop sample to identify the THC content within 15 days of harvest. The licensee will have to submit the non-refundable fee of $500. The fees include an additional $0.33 per 1,000 sq/ft of indoor and $5 per acre for outdoor operations.
  • The limit of THC content in each crop is 0.3% or less. If the growth found with 0.4-1% of THC, the grower has a chance to reset it. A sample containing a THC concentration of more than .3% will label the crop as marijuana. Any crop exceeding the state-specified limit will be destroyed immediately.
  • In terms of labeling, marijuana products are labelled following the labeling requirements, on the other hand, there are no labeling requirements for hemp derived products such as CBD oil.
  • Lastly, food establishments can’t use CBD oil or products in food, beverages or dietary supplements without prior authorization.
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Nevada CBD Possession Limits

  • The State has decriminalized all the possession limits. Currently, there is no possession limit for hemp-derived CBD products and marijuana-products. 

Where to Buy CBD in Nevada?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that CBD oil and other products are widely available in Nevada. Consumers can buy CBD oil and hemp derived CBD products from a variety of retail storefronts in the state. Another great option is online CBD outlets from where users can get what they need delivered to their doorstep!

Winding Up | Is CBD Legal in Nevada

Nevada has been and continues to be quite liberal when it comes to hemp and marijuana products in the state.

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With the only exception of adding CBD to food or dietary supplements, hemp-derived CBD products and hemp farming are as legal as any other non regulated agricultural product.


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