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How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

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Have you been looking for alternative supplements that will help you with your ED, or Erectile Dysfunction? Are you losing hope that there might not be a fix out there that will help you? Have you considered trying CBD oil? Now, you may be wondering whether consuming CBD oil for ED will actually work, or whether it is just another ‘gimmick’ stated to help sell CBD oil to the masses. We have created a guide for you that will inform you about everything you need to know about how to use CBD oil for erectile dysfunction.

This hemp derived compound could be exactly what saves you in the bedroom.

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So, Should You Take CBD Oil For ED?

Yes. While, at this moment in time, the full effects of CBD oil on those that suffer with ED are not fully known. There is enough scientific data that would encourage individuals to try CBD oil as a method to alleviate the issues that come along with ED.

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In the study, “A Review On Plants Used For Improvement Of Sexual Performance And Virility”, it was found that the plant that CBD is derived from (cannabis sativa) has been able to improve consumers’ sexual performance as well as their ejaculatory function.

Can CBD Oil Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

As we have previously mentioned, as of time of publishing, the scientific analysis of how CBD oil may help those that suffer with ED is not yet concrete. But, what we do know is that CBD oil can help ease both the psychological and physical causes of ED.

Using current scientific understanding, the following psychological and physical causes of ED, that can be eased by the consumption of CBD oil, include:

  • High stress levels
  • Anxiety and /or depression
  • A poor sleep schedule, or sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • High blood pressure
  • Neurological diseases, such as Parkinsons’ disease
  • Clogged blood vessels

So, while there may not be any data that 100% confirms that consuming CBD oil will cure you of your ED. There is plenty of scientific analysis and findings that will support CBD oil easing those issues that are listed above.

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Every single one of those issues, have a direct correlation with causing ED, so if your ED is brought on by one of those physical or psychological causes, then CBD oil may help you.

Another school of thought is that it is CBD oil’s ability to lower your blood pressure, improving blood flow, and widening your blood vessels, that might aid with ridding yourself of the consequences of ED.

In this study, “A Single Dose Of Cannabidiol Reduces Blood Pressure In Healthy Volunteers In A Randomized Crossover Study, ” they found that a singular dosage of CBD oil can improve your blood flow and lower your blood pressure.

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This can have a positive impact on your ED, as a better blood flow throughout your body could help the blood flow towards your penis improve.

How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction?

Always follow the instructions on your CBD products‘ label. It will give you things like serving sizes, amounts, and other important info about your CBD oil.

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Try using a CBD tincture, where the drops of oil are placed under your tongue. This kicks in quicker than other forms of CBD. Before going out for your evening, or some time before you expect to have sex (about an hour, or so), place the drops under your tongue and wait.

You’ll know if it works for you, or not 🙂

You can also use things like CBD gummies, too, just be aware that they can sometimes take a while (over an hour) to begin to work.

Wait! Will CBD Oil Make Me High?

No. Consuming CBD oil to help with your ED will not make you either feel intoxicated or ‘high’. CBD is a cannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants or marijuana.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is another cannabinoid found in the same plants. The key difference between the two is that THC contains the psychoactive element that will cause you to feel either intoxicated or ‘high’. CBD oil does not contain the same element.

Can I Take CBD Oil With Viagra?

Sildenafil, or more commonly known as Viagra, may have negative interactions with CBD products. Some compounds within cannabis can prevent, or slow, the breakdown of other compounds. This may happen with Viagra.

If you want to use CBD oil with Viagra, double check with your doctor first to be safe.

Is it Safe to Use CBD Oil for ED?

In this section, we will detail to you the various side effects (both general and of a sexual nature), safety, and situational limitations of consuming CBD oil, so that you are informed before you start consuming the product.

General Side Effects

As with any type of medication or remedy that you are trying for the first time, you will want to know about any possible side-effects that you may suffer from after consumption. General side effects of consuming CBD oil include:

  • A reduction in your appetite
  • A dry mouth
  • Feeling drowsy or suffering from fatigue
  • Suffering from diarrhea or an upset stomach
  • Feeling nauseous or vomiting

Situational Circumstances You May Need To Take Into Account

Sometimes a particular medication or alternative remedy simply may not be the one for you because of unforeseen circumstances. Below, we have included the top situational circumstances that you should take into consideration before consuming CBD oil.

  • Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? At the time of publishing, there is currently not enough scientific research to support what the effects would be on individuals consuming CBD oil if they are either pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because the scientific findings are not sure whether it could have a negative impact on your unborn or newborn baby.
  • Do you plan to consume CBD oil for a long time period? There has been limited research conducted on the long-term effects of consuming CBD oil for a long time period. Whether there are either positive or negative effects, it is yet unknown.
  • Have you suffered liver damage in the past? There have been findings that support CBD oil, on occasion, causing minor liver damage in consumers. If you have previously suffered from liver damage before, it is not advised by doctors that you take CBD oil.
  • Do you regularly drive a vehicle? The calming and drowsy effect of CBD oil is not a good mix for those that are often behind the wheel of a vehicle. Not only could you be at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel of a car, but your reaction time will also be negatively impacted.

CBD Oil Side Effects With A Sexual Nature

The final set of side effects that you may wish to take into account both consuming CBD oil is whether it may affect you in other ways when it comes to your sexual interactions and bodily functions. The cannabis plant that CBD is derived from, have been known to have a negative impact on fertility.

These impacts include:

  • A reduction in fertilization in men, due to a decrease in the sperm development.
  • A potential reduction in the levels of the follicle-stimulating hormone.

Will CBD Oil Give Me an Instant Erection?

No, it will not give you an instant hard on. I’m not sure of anything on this planet that can accomplish this feat. Not even the best pharmaceuticals can instantly make a penis erect – sorry.

Summary – CBD and ED

So, can consuming CBD oil for ED actually work? It can, but only if you believe that your ED is caused by heightened stress, anxiety, or depression.

If your ED is not caused by any of these reasons, then it is also believed that the improvement in blood flow that also comes with CBD oil may also help rid you of your ED.


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