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How to Infuse Coffee Beans with CBD

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For many people who enjoy CBD, they may dislike how it makes them a tad bit drowsy. However, when combined with a caffeine source (coffee, in this case), you’ll still get the therapeutic effects but won’t have to deal with falling asleep, even after the third cup. In fact, if you’re drinking several cups of coffee a day, adding CBD may help to even out the effects of the caffeine with CBD may help. Infusing coffee beans with CBD is now possible.

There have even been some studies looking at the effects of caffeine and CBD together. Keep in mind that while caffeine may help improve alertness with CBD, it probably won’t help with memory retention so you may want to use cautiously. While you can purchase CBD-infused coffee, you can also make your own. To get an idea of how to infuse coffee beans with CBD, these are the steps to take.

Infuse Coffee Beans With CBD, or Cannabidiol

There are a few steps to saturating coffee beans properly with cannabidiol. Let’s go over them now.

1. Start With CBD Oil

You can start the process with finding a great quality CBD oil. While this is readily available, you can also make your own. If you prefer to do this, grind your preferred strain of cannabis (that’s high in CBD) and then place it evenly in an oven pan.

Cbd In Hemp

Cover the pan with tinfoil and then bake at a low heat of no higher than 425 F for about an hour.

You’ll want to mix the ground up cannabis matter with a cup of carrier oil. You can use a neutral oil such as olive or coconut oil. Avoid using any strong-flavored oils or ones that will quickly go rancid.

Carrier Oil

Pour the mixture into a saucepan with a cup of water and simmer over low heat for three hours. You can then strain the mixture to get rid of any excess leaves or stems. Store the mixture in a cool, clean space for up to two months. The oil should remain good for this period of time. Check it before using to determine if it’s gone rancid.

How to Infuse Coffee Beans with CBD

Now that you have your CBD oil, you can get started making your own CBD coffee beans. For some people, this process is as simple as putting a few drops of CBD oil in your coffee. However, many people prefer a more subtle taste which is why they may prefer to infuse the beans themselves with CBD.

The process is very similar to how any flavored coffee is made. Most traditional coffee beans will be mixed with flavoring oils in order to achieve the desired taste and smell. Some flavors are more simple while others may be more complex.

Cbd Infused Coffee Beans

The good news is that coffee means have a high fat and amino acid content naturally. This allows the coffee to absorb CBD naturally and well. The process is extremely simply.

With your jar of intact coffee beans, put enough CBD oil in the container to infuse. Let the beans absorb the CBD oil before grinding them. The longer that the container is allowed to sit, the more that it will absorb. Once you infuse the beans, remove them from the jar and allow to dry before grinding them.

How To Infuse Coffee With Cbd

*It’s a good idea to allow at least a day for maximum absorption before using the beans.

To get an idea of more specific questions though, you may find it help to review some of the frequently asked questions that people who enjoy CBD coffee ask.

How Much CBD Do You Use?

In an average cup of coffee, there are about 15 mg of CBD. You may want to play with the dosage a bit but this comes out to about 15 mg of CBD for every 10 grams of coffee. Many people who make their own prefer slightly more or less but you can use this as your starting dosage.

A Cup Of Coffee With Cannabidiol

If you’re not used to CBD or are more sensitive to its effects, then you may want to start off on the lower end and then increase as needed. If you do follow this dosage though, this means that the person who drinks about two cups of coffee in the morning will get about 30 mg of CBD.

Does the Boiling Water Effect CBD?

This is a concern that many people have but actually the opposite is true. In fact, hot water is needed to release CBD from the bean. This means that if you prefer using a cold brew, you probably won’t even notice its effects as cold water will not release the CBD.

If this is your preferred method, then it’s probably best to add CBD oil directly to the coffee.

When you use hot water in your coffee, it should be used right off the boil at about 195-200 degrees. This ensures an optimal brew. Many people familiar with CBD recommend a French press although some also prefer a pour over.

Different French Presses

Both options work well with a stainless steel filter. Avoid using paper filters since they can trap the CBD in the brewing process.

How Long Do the Beans Last?

Most people who make their own CBD-infused coffee recommend using it within six months.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but the longer that you leave the beans, the worse the flavor may become, just like regular coffee doesn’t taste as fresh with older beans. When you infuse CBD into the beans, there are some effects long-term.

Cbd Oil Tinctures
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The CO2 that it releases increases in the duration and amount as it gets older. This actually helps to preserve the beans. However, it’s recommended that you make smaller batches of CBD coffee to avoid having any undesirable taste changes.

Can CBD Be Used for Energy?

Traditionally, people do not associate cannabidiol, or CBD, with promoting energy. That said, using CBD for energy is possible in lower doses.

Some studies show that while CBD may be a sedative in large doses, when taken in smaller doses, it has the opposite effect. For this reason, it may complement the caffeine quite well, but you’ll have to be the judge on this one.

Final Thoughts on CBD Coffee Beans

Finally, remember that there are a number of ways to enjoy CBD in your coffee. Infusing the beans directly is one of the primary methods but you can also feel free to experiment on your own. You may want to start with this method and then experiment on your own.

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Once you’ve started, many people find that they enjoy the effects of the caffeine with CBD for its therapeutic effect along with the stimulation of the caffeine to keep them going all day long.


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