CBD Honey Sticks: Great or Gimmick? We Figured It Out

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CBD Honey Sticks: Great or Gimmick?

CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is a type of chemical that has been gaining substantial traction all over the map in recent times. This phytocannabinoid is a cannabis active ingredient, and is now found in items like CBD honey sticks, among a slew of other products.

Are these honey sticks actually worth buying and using for a therapeutic benefit, or are they just another novelty item within the CBD universe?

Cannabidiol, or CBD: What Is It?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a phytocannabinoid found within the cannabis plant. Why has CBD been making waves in the past few years, though? Is this cannabis derivative really that amazing?

People believe that it offers all sorts of positives to human beings. It’s thought to help individuals who suffer from mood disorders such as depression. It’s thought to help people who want to take charge of persistent pain as well.

There are many other potential perks associated with CBD. There are also an abundance of CBD products popping up nowadays. If you pay any attention to the compound and all that it has to offer, you may be aware of CBD honey sticks.

A Glimpse at CBD Honey Sticks

CBD honey, in a nutshell, is a sweetening agent that’s 100 percent natural. It features hemp extract as well. CBD hemp oil is taken straight from hemp, the cannabis plant. Once that takes place, the oil is introduced to the honey.

Cbd Honey Sticks

The “stick” form is all about packaging. Companies that produce CBD honey sticks shape the honey into classic stick forms. The aim behind this is simply to make the sticks a lot easier for people to utilize.

These honey sticks are examples of CBD edibles. CBD edibles are precisely what they seem to be. They’re edible items that include differing levels of CBD.

Edible Cbd Products

You can find all kinds of CBD edibles in recent times. You can easily come across capsules, cakes, cookies, brownies, gummies, chocolate bars, candies and the whole nine yards. There are even CBD beverages available.

If you’re a huge fan of caffeinated beverages, then you may be familiar with lattes that include CBD.

Why People Appreciate These Honey Sticks

Why exactly do so many people appreciate CBD honey sticks these days? These sticks can come in handy for people who wish to make the foods and drinks they take in more beneficial by adding organic honey, and CBD.

Organic Honey Dripping

If you want to give your well-being a major boost, the assistance of these sticks may go a long way for you. Since these sticks include CBD, they can potentially open people up to all of the positive things that are linked to the chemical. Beyond that, they highlight the marvels of honey. Honey that’s raw can be a beneficial thing for people who want to optimize health.

People have waxed poetic about the perks of it for a long while now. Honey is brimming with phytonutrients and can give people access to all sorts of antioxidants. Honey also is an antibacterial powerhouse.

If you’re passionate about the idea of enhancing your cardiovascular health, taking charge of your blood sugar levels and pampering yourself with a broad assortment of nutrients, then introducing these CBD sticks into your life may be extremely smart.

CBD sticks with honey give the physique designated amounts of CBD. Individual sticks in many situations have 10 milligrams. This specific amount of CBD may be able to accomplish a lot for people. It may strengthen the operations of the joints and the cartilage.

It may do a lot for mental health and spirits. It may safeguard the operations of the immune system and heart. It may lead to superior feelings of serenity. If you’re someone who finds it hard to pay attention to things for substantial periods of time, CBD may be a game changer for you.

If you’re someone who regularly is unable to fall and remain asleep at night, ditto. CBD also happens to be an ingredient that can extract toxins that are taking up space inside of the body.

How People Can Enjoy Honey Sticks With CBD

The fantastic news is that enjoying CBD honey sticks is in no sense tough for people. If you want to do so, then you can begin simply by opening up the package of your stick.

Honey Sticks With Cbd

After you do that, you can blend its contents into a beverage such as coffee or tea. If you prefer the idea of consuming it in conjunction with a food item, that option is accessible to you as well. All you have to do is pinch the product onto your preferred food.

Note, too, that enjoying honey sticks with CBD can be even easier than those two strategies. If you genuinely want to try the easy path, just press the contents of the stick onto your tongue, and swallow. It doesn’t matter how exactly you decide to consume these sticks, as long as you consume them.

How Long Does It Take CBD To Work?

Some people wonder whether these sticks work their magic immediately, or not. How long does it take CBD to start to work for us?

The truth is that CBD edibles do not get inside of the bloodstream as rapidly as other CBD forms do. If you consume a stick, then you may have to wait a bit prior to noticing anything distinct at all. It’s critical to realize, though, that no human CBD users are exactly the same.

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It may take you longer than your friends or family members to observe effects. You may notice things a lot more swiftly as well. Many factors come into play. Your specific body composition is a factor. The same applies to your hunger level. If you ate something not long ago, that may influence your honey stick absorption journey.

People who consume CBD honey sticks sometimes say that they observe their effects in merely 15 minutes or so. This length is without a doubt on the brief side, however.

Do CBD Honey Sticks Get You High?

It’s totally understandable that people who have never used these CBD honey sticks before may have questions. It isn’t unusual for people to wonder about highs and CBD edibles.

The reality is that CBD honey sticks do not lead to highs in any users. That’s due to the fact that United States CBD products are under the careful supervision of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This governmental group closely monitors anything CBD-related that sells on American soil.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the name of a psychoactive cannabis component that brings on the feeling of a high in human beings.

This compound merely constitutes three percent of the content in many CBD offerings. It can sometimes constitute even less than three percent. This amount is quite simply insufficient for the high feeling.

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You should take note of another detail, too. The bulk of CBD honey sticks on the market are completely devoid of THC. That’s because the manufacturers go above and beyond to extract the compound in advance. If you go for a honey stick that has CBD, you can rest easy.

You don’t have to even think about your behavior changing in an inexplicable or bizarre fashion, thankfully.

Possible CBD Side Effects

CBD is just like anything else in this world. It has the ability to bring upon side effects in susceptible persons. Fortunately, CBD honey sticks don’t typically lead to the emergence of any effects that are odd. Their effects are reminiscent of those that are connected to CBD products overall.

If you consume a stick, then its effects may be like those that are possible in any CBD edibles including gummies, cookies and more. Some people who take products that include CBD may experience things like mouth dryness, reduced blood pressure and nausea.

If you feel like you’re going to throw up out of nowhere, then it may be the result of CBD product use in general.

Although side effects are indeed possible with the use of any CBD offerings, many people think that these products are more than worth their time.

Cbd Gummies

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They can potentially assist people with everything from inflammation to lack of vitality. If you feel out of the ordinary in any sense after taking anything that includes CBD, you should seek guidance from a seasoned and knowledgeable doctor.

Don’t forget that honey sticks have minimal CBD concentration levels. That’s the reason they generally do not bring on any effects that are substantial.

Honey Sticks and Fast-Paced, Unpredictable Day-to-Day Lifestyles

People admire CBD honey sticks for reasons that have nothing to do with unadulterated health, too. While these sticks can open people up to all sorts of invaluable well-being perks, they have other key advantages. Since these sticks come in their own packages, fans can just throw them inside of their handbags and work desks.

Holding Sticks With Honey

If you’re on the lookout for a mid-day work treat that doesn’t call for any frustrating preparation time, a honey stick may be right up your alley.

People can even rely on these sticks for refreshment purposes in times of chaotic travel. If you want to eat something straightforward and fast during a break on a lengthy drive, then a CBD honey stick may be the way to go.

Honey Stick Flavors

Do not assume that all CBD honey stick options are the same in the flavor department. If you shop around for these sticks, then you may come across delectable cinnamon or lavender options. Honey sticks can cater to all kinds of tastebuds.

At the end of the day, while some CBD products might taste a bit like hay, the honey sticks should taste like, well, honey!

CBD Honey Sticks Are They Worth It? Final Thoughts

All in all, yes CBD honey sticks are probably worth it for those who do not suffer from severe symptoms. Make sure there is actually enough CBD in a stick, though, before buying.

Some honey sticks have barely any CBD in them at all we’re talking less than 5mg! That isn’t enough CBD to do much of anything.

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I would try to find a stick that has about 25mg of CBD minimum. If you can find something like this, then you’ll get enough CBD to reap the benefits. Otherwise, a CBD honey stick is just another novelty CBD item (like the toothpaste, shampoo, and soap LOL!).

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