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One of the newly found cannabinoids is cannabifuran (CBF). It is associated with the compound cannabitriol (CBT) and is said to have different characteristics from other compounds. Also, similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in structure, researchers are still trying to find out the distinct features of other CBT compounds and their functions in the chemical composition of CBF.

In 1940, cannabidiols were discovered, and CBF is one of the now known 130 CBD components. The CBF is the result of ongoing studies on the CBD.

Exactly why, when, or who identified the CBF compound is a question we cannot answer. If the research was intended to serve a particular purpose or achieve a certain aim, we cannot tell.

CBF is produced by acidic cannabinoid metamorphization. This is the mechanism by which when heat is added, cannabinoids neutralize directly from the precursors. The carbon atoms are implied to be present at the edges.

As per the cannabifuran structure, hydrogen atoms bound to carbon atoms. However, these are not stated accurately, but it is presumed that each of the carbon atoms is bound to ample hydrogen atoms, and each carbon atom is thus fitted with four bonds.

Extensive research and analysis are expected to get underway on the cannabis plant and its compounds. The ongoing fight on the legalization and consumption of marijuana has been a block to some of these research’s success.

While the world calls for its prohibition for its powers of impairment and injury, it is actively prescribed for care by some medical professionals. As of today, apart from its chemical composition and structure, we know nothing about CBF, but we suspect that, since it belongs to the CBT band, we will soon discover its potential in terms of benefits and demerits alike.


In basic terms, we do not know. Researchers and chemists don’t know exactly how CBF works either.

There is no recent study to tell whether CBF will be a psychoactive drug or whether it will have any therapeutic benefits. In the medical sector, CBF’s are functions are still not known and thus are yet to be unraveled.

CBF should follow the path of CBT, considering its features, which are in tow of the THC compound. With the cannabis plant in question, the need for testing and research cannot bet taking lightly.

Research is what will open doors to recognize the magnitude of the work of these compounds.


THC has medicinal qualities known. It is used for psychoactive and epilepsy therapy. While THC, the mother compound of the CBT and CBF, seems very familiar, we do not know how therapeutic CBF can be.

Medical practitioners, despite the little information we have on the cannabis plant and its compounds, have speculated the merit of the plant in treating medical diseases and cases.


  • Cannabifuran has a mass of 310.43g/mol
  • Cannabifuran contains 51 bonds in its molecular structure

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