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Cooking With CBD Oil Explained

If you’re thinking about cooking with CBD oil, we’ve put together the complete guide of tips for you.

CBD is not only well known in the alternate health industry, but it is making its way into the food and beverage industries, too.


Cooking with CBD oil is easy. Only use as much heat as necessary when using it, because heat can degrade cannabinoids. The possibilities are endless.

Cooking With the Cannabis Plant

If you haven’t hopped on the CBD bandwagon yet, then you most likely know someone who has. CBD oils are taking the internet by storm.

First of all, CBD is one of many different cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have the ability to get you high they are actually completely separate molecules. For this reason, it doesn’t give you any sort of high.

I also want to let you know something else people don’t generally realize. Hemp and marijuana are different plants that make up the cannabis plant species.

Hemp Vs Marijuana Chart

Their only difference comes in the form of THC content. Marijuana has high levels of THC, which makes it intoxicating if consumed. Hemp, on the other hand, contains less than 0.3% THC by law.

A lot of people are taking advantage of all the health benefits CBD has to offer. Some applications of CBD include managing chronic health conditions: Studies show it can relieve anxiety, and relieve pain.

The World Health Organization considers CBD generally safe to use, too. CBD oil, hemp oil, CBD tinctures these are all the same thing. Due to the unregulated nature of hemp derived CBD oil, there are a lot of different names out there.

The one product you need to watch out for is hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil is high in good fats, it contains no CBD. In fact there are no other cannabinoids in hemp seed oil.

Things to Remember When Cooking with CBD Oils

Once you’ve purchased a high-quality CBD oil, you can ensure you get the most out of it by using these tips below before doing any home cooking. CBD isn’t hard to work with, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to enjoy everything CBD has to offer us.

Pure Cbd Oil Drops

Cooking with pure CBD oil isn’t complicated either, especially when you’re making beverages.

CBD oil can also be used to make baked goods, but you need to remember that the heat can reduce the effectiveness. It’s best to stick to recipes that bake at 350F or less.

Why is this? Well, excessive heat can break down the effectiveness of cannabinoids, so try to remember to only use as much heat as necessary, for only as long as necessary.

High heat can also affect the composition of CBD oil, too. For example, you can sauté vegetables over a pan, but don’t pour the CBD oil until the end. Pour a few drops over the vegetables after they’ve been removed from the heat, or served on a plate for best results.

The more you can avoid direct heat, the better. While not completely necessary to avoid heat altogether (since this isn’t realistic with cooking), just always use as little heat as needed.

Incorporating CBD into your cooking routine really isn’t hard.

Don’t Mix CBD and Alcohol

If you’re planning to go out drinking and you want to enjoy your CBD oil infused meal at the same time, avoid driving. If you’re also taking other medications, you should be cautious and ensure they don’t interact with the CBD oil.

Alcohol can degrade the effectiveness of cannabinoids, like CBD. It’s best to not mix the two.

Ok, let’s start cooking!

Mix the CBD Oil With Another Cooking Oil

While cooking with CBD oil, you can make it more effective by adding another cooking oil. Your body is able to better absorb it because CBD is fat-soluble.

Hemp Seed Oil

Popular cooking oils:

  • avocado oil
  • olive oil
  • hemp seed oil
  • coconut oil

If you know you will be using cooking oil, mix the correct CBD dosage of hemp oil into the oil and mix it around before using it.

This is the best way to incorporate CBD into cooking oils.

Finally, pay attention to the flavor of your CBD product before you place CBD oil into anything. A lot of people prefer to use complementary flavors to what they are cooking. Another idea is just to use natural hemp flavor CBD.

Make a Cake

While it is important to avoid heat, you can get away with baking a cake. Mix the desired dosage of CBD oil in with the cake batter.

Blend it all up, and make the cake as you normally would. Use a natural, hemp flavored, CBD tincture. The results will surprise you.

Beverages Using CBD

One popular idea requires you to make use of some of your favorite smoothie recipes. If you have purchased CBD oil, you simply need to add a few drops to the smoothie. By doing this, you’ll get to notice the effects quickly.

Cbd Smoothies

CBD-infused smoothies are one of the easiest, and healthiest, recipes you can make. Here’s a great smoothie recipe. Blend the following together:

  • strawberries
  • acai berries or acai powder
  • Greek yogurt
  • 1 2 mL of CBD drops (use the dose you are comfortable taking)
  • almond milk or coconut milk
  • almond butter
  • enough water to thin out the smoothie

If you aren’t a fan of smoothies or don’t have the time to make some, you can put some drops in your tea or coffee, too.

Add CBD oil to homemade whipped cream and protein bites since they don’t need to be baked. The CBD oil won’t be affected by the heat.

Try Mixing in CBD With Your Soup!

You can also use it in your soup. Trying new recipes in your kitchen is always fun and exciting. By trying different options, you get to decide which one works best for you.

Salad Dressing

If you make your own salad dressings, mix some CBD into it before adding it to your salads. This will provide a low dose of CBD on top of your fresh greens. A lot of people enjoy CBD in their salad dressing.

You can do the same thing with sauces, too. Enjoy tarter sauce? Squeeze some CBD drops into your tartar sauce.


Try doing this with fresh guacamole: add lime juice and CBD oil, then mix it up. It’s delicious.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Use?

Just like with any other spices, it’s not advisable to start with large amounts of CBD oil.

Each bottle of CBD oil you purchase will have a recommended dosage. It’s better to start with a small amount then work your way up depending on how your body responds to it.

If you feel like you want to add more, you can go ahead and do it. Take it slow if it’s your first time. The recommended dose to start with is around .25 .5 mg of CBD per bodyweight, per serving. After you’ve used that amount, assess how it makes you feel.

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If after taking the CBD oil you don’t feel that the CBD works, then go on ahead and slowly add another 5-10 milligrams until you feel the desired effect. Taking CBD for the first time can take some adjustments.

If you have any concerns about taking CBD oil, you should consult your doctor. The good thing is, the side effects of high doses of CBD aren’t all that horrible. Most people report things like nausea, upset stomachs, or headaches.

How Long Can CBD Stay in Your System?

CBD can stay in your body for quite some time about 4 weeks to be exact. While it wont be a large amount by this point, a residual amount of cannabidiol will still be present.

It begins to break down about 8 hours after consumption. Even though you cannot feel it for weeks on end, it is still traceable.

How Can You Safely Store CBD?

Storing CBD isn’t hard at all.

Most CBD oil bottles are stored in either amber or blue bottles because they reduce exposure to light. When the CBD oil is exposed to light, it can lead to a loss of cannabinoids.


If you want your products to remain effective, you should avoid having it sitting in direct light. Store your CBD oil in a dark, cool, and dry place like your pantry

The composition of full spectrum oil with CBD can be affected by the heat too. You should avoid using rooms that become too warm as your CBD oil storage area.

Ensure the CBD oil is kept in an airtight bottle because when there’s exposure to oxygen, the composition can also change. Your CBD oil can last for up to 2 years if you have it stored properly!

Make sure the CBD brand you prefer uses UV light resistant containers it’s very important.

Premium CBD Products for Sale

You can purchase CBD products for sale through highly reputable companies such as New Phase Blends. They offer free delivery and a money back guarantee which is a huge benefit.

You can also check out your local health supplements store. CBD is all over the place, but you have to be sure you purchase the best quality products. Get them from a legit company that won’t sell you things like hemp seed oil, pretending that it’s CBD oil. Remember, hemp seed oil has no CBD in it.

Cbd Products For Sale Banner

Do enough research before you go ahead and buy any products. Since CBD is usually sold as a supplement, it has not yet been regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Most people who have already tried cooking with CBD oil have given some reliable reviews which you can easily find online. The feedback is promising.

You should stick with organic varieties of CBD while finding out which one works for you. A good product should include: correct extraction methods, lab-tested, organic hemp, and organic flavorings (if used). Third-party lab testing is the ultimate sign that a company’s products are real.

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