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CBD Cream For Pain

When in pain, people will do just about anything (and try anything) to find real relief. It is safer, and more effective, to use a CBD cream for pain.

These creams contain CBD, or cannabidiol, and are applied topically. They work fast, and are usually reasonably priced.

What Does CBD Stand For?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a natural chemical within the cannabis plant that can provide numerous benefits like pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

Cbd In Cannabis

People infused several different things with CBD, like gummies, creams/balms, and oil that can be put under your tongue.

Who Should Use a CBD Cream For Pain?

There is no right, or wrong, type of person that should consider using a CBD cream for pain relief. People like athletes have, for a long time, known that natural topical creams are much better when it comes to controlling inflammation.

Seniors use CBD all the time, too. Middle aged people use it. Young adults use it. The bottom line is, if you are experiencing certain forms of discomfort, CBD may be the right choice for you.

Not only do CBD creams help to control pain, they can help to control a range of other conditions, too. As CBD is one of the few natural compounds that can remedy a range of medical conditions and health problems, it is one of the most versatile topical lotions and balms available.

When combined with lavender, CBD creams also help to reduce itching. They offer the perfect alternative to conventional treatments for almost anybody.

How a Pain Cream With CBD Works

All of us have an endocannabinoid system within us. It is a complex system, but essentially it is a bunch of different receptor cells that can send signals which do things like reduce inflammation, or help dull pain.

There is much more to it than that, but this is what you should be aware of when reading this article.

CBD can be used by the endocannabinoid system to help you. Other cannabinoids, like CBC or CBG, can also be used. This, in a nutshell, is how CBD works.

Can I Use CBD Cream On Broken Skin?

When you have open skin spots resulting from a fall or eczema, CBD is still safe to use.

Before CBD was added to creams, there were only few creams that could help remedy both skin, muscle, and joint problems. As CBD cream is packed with healthy ingredients that stimulates healthy skin production and healing, it is perfectly safe to use CBD cream on broken skin.

Topical Cbd Cream

But, it has to be said that you should not use CBD or any cream on bleeding skin. First deal with the bleeding and then consider what cream is the best to use.

Can I Use CBD Cream On Bruises?

A few years ago, there was only way of reducing the appearance of bruises quickly. Using arnica was really the only alternative available when it came to bruising.

Now, thanks to the addition of CBD to therapeutic creams, there is finally an alternative. CBD is just as effective as arnica when it comes to dealing with both minor and major bruises.

Cbd Cream For Pain

If you have “bruised” your ribs, you may also find that a CBD cream for pain works well. Apply an amount of the affected area. Without too much force or rubbing, let it work its way into the skin. When the pain returns, re-apply and carry on doing so until the pain is gone completely.

Just like arnica, CBD works by reducing inflammation and improving blood circulation. Both are important factors when it comes to pain reduction.

Can I Use A CBD Cream When Not in Pain?

There is absolutely no reason why you couldn’t use a CBD cream when you are not in pain. Just like with arnica, the cream helps to soothe tired and over worked muscles.

If you exercise a lot and have a problem with your tendons, you can also use a CBD cream. It is a particularly useful when you experience problems with your Achille’s tendon. Tightness at the back of the ankle or slightly below the back of the knee, is an indication that you may have a problem with your Achille’s tendon.

As Achilles’ problems can quickly become worse, it is a good idea to start using your CBD cream as soon as you can. The container size offered by New Phase Blends is perfect for slipping into your gym kit.

CBD Cream and Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a common problem. Not only are women affected by varicose veins, but men are as well.

On occasion, untreated deep varicose veins cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Walking is a great tool when it comes to dealing finding relief from the pain of varicose veins.

Applying Cbd Cream On Shoulder

Visit almost any health food store and they will recommend horse chestnut. But, there is one major downside to horse chestnut for varicose veins. The negative side effects of horse chestnut are often severe. They range from anything from dizziness to stomach upsets.

Using a CBD cream which helps to reduce pain and the inflammation associated with varicose veins, is a much better alternative.

Can I Use CBD When Pregnant?

The jury is out on this matter. It is thought to be safe as CBD does not contain a high level of THC. But, it is best to come down on the side of caution and not use CBD when pregnant.

Pregnant Women Belly

Mothers who are breast feeding should also avoid CBD as a precaution.


CBD cream for pain is a fantastic alternative to many other remedies and conventional treatments.

As there are few side effects associated with CBD cream, it is certainly safer and has less of a physical impact when compared to topical gels containing anti-inflammatory compounds including ibuprofen.

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Not only does CBD target the pain. It also targets the inflammation which is behind the pain. As the inflammation is reduced, the pain starts to subside. If you are concerned about experiencing muscular and joint pain after exercising, it is safe to apply a CBD cream before you start exercising.

CBD has been used for a very long time as a targeted pain and anti-inflammatory remedy. It is one of the safest and most effective pain remedies available without a doctor’s prescription. As it is natural, it is also much better for you and is safe to use long term.


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