‘sleep’ CBD Sleep Aid: 2000mg CBD + Melatonin

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Patent-pending CBD oil sleep aid. Specially formulated CBD oil for sleep to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep.

  • Premium CBD rich hemp extract and melatonin formulation
  • Patent-pending through United States Patent & Trademark Office
  • 2,000mg CBD / 90mg melatonin per tincture
  • 30 day supply

Learn more about how this product utilizes properties of CBD oil for sleep.
Click here for the certificate of analysis results.


'Sleep' by New Phase Blends: A scientific breakthrough on CBD oil for sleep.

  • 2000mg of rich, broad spectrum CBD per bottle / 66.4mg per serving (helps induce a healthy sleep)
  • 90mg of natural melatonin per bottle / 3mg per serving (helps support a deep sleep)
  • Broad spectrum CBD (less than 0.3% THC means no psychoactive effects are possible)
  • 30 servings @ 1mL per serving size - 1 month supply
  • This product retains a patent-pending status through the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Best CBD Oil for Sleep

The powerful combination of CBD and melatonin is a groundbreaking and new approach to sleep management. Sleep is New Phase Blends’ flagship product, and there’s no question as to why it is so popular. This patent-pending sleep aid is sure to help you achieve a more restful night’s sleep, or we give you your money back. All of it. People all over the United States are using ‘sleep’ because it’s an effective, non-addicting sleep aid that doesn’t leave you feeling groggy in the morning. No other CBD oil for sleep can even come close to comparing with ‘sleep.’

If you’re tired of laying awake in bed or having trouble falling asleep because of a high level of pain, New Phase Blends’ patent-pending CBD sleep aid may just be what you need. Your body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. We take melatonin and mix it with a high-quality, premium hemp extract, and produce a sleep aid like nothing else you’ve likely tried before. Not all CBD oil for sleep is created equally, and our customers can attest to that!

Many people ask, “Can I mix CBD oil with melatonin? The short answer is yes, but it’s not as simple as just taking melatonin supplements with CBD.  To get the perfect sleep aid, it requires deliberate extraction, measuring, and mixing that you just can’t do in a home kitchen We simply added a bit of science and CBD rich hemp extract to greatly intensify this synergistic effect. Squeeze drops under your tongue to help support tranquil sleep so you can awaken refreshed and revitalized.* Read more about melatonin here. Please keep in mind that using CBD oil for sleep requires a product that specializes in helping you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Grabbing any CBD product off the shelf is not going to help you get real, deep sleep. You need to choose a product that is made specifically for sleep management.

guaranteed premium cbd
Our CEO guarantees your satisfaction with our products – or you get your money back. All of it. Simply return the original container, give us your order number, and a refund will be processed in full.

Common Questions

Yes, you can, but it all depends on your desired results. Generally, people take CBD oil for sleep 30 minutes before going to bed for better results. The quantity of CBD and melatonin varies in different situations. Both CBD-rich hemp extract and melatonin are natural supplements, and together they do a fantastic job in the fight against Insomnia. To get the best benefits from both of these supplements, the extract, melatonin, and a range of cannabinoids must be precisely measured and dosed. This is something that, unfortunately, can’t be done in our homes 🙁

CBD and melatonin both complement each other in a healthy way. Both are natural compounds that fight against Insomnia. You can take either of these alone, or both for use as a sleep aid. These supplements will both relax people and prepare them for better sleep.

The terms CBD oil and Hemp oil are currently used interchangeably to describe an oil mixed with hemp, or CBD, extract. CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of 120 different molecules called “cannabinoids” found in cannabis. Just like it’s more popular sister, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD offers a large amount of health benefits…but without the “high” that is associated with THC. People are looking to CBD products to help with symptoms from conditions such as pain and inflammation. CBD can also help with mental issues such as anxiety and depression.
Interesting Fact: There is actually a pharmaceutical grade CBD product that exists to help manage seizures associated with epilepsy. The prescription drug is called Epidiolex.

Yes, it will. Please avoid operating heavy machinery when taking this product. Normal CBD oil in smaller doses will not make you too sleepy. This is a patent-pending sleep aid that involves the mixture of CBD and melatonin for one specific goal in mind – to achieve better sleep. It works at it’s job, so it’s best to take Sleep by New Phase Blends only when you are ready to go to bed.

To describe an invention as “patent-pending” simply informs the world that you have filed a patent. “Sleep” by New Phase Blends currently holds a provisional patent and is therefore granted the status of a patent-pending product.

Not such any unwanted effects have seen with the regular use of melatonin. Melatonin is a natural hormone that is also produced by our body so we can take it as a pill daily to alleviate our disturbed sleep behaviors. Melatonin is not physically addictive in nature, so you can take it every night. Read more about melatonin here.

This is a big question. Essentially, our cbd extracts contain all of the beneficial molecules that a cannabis plant would, except for the THC. Our products are THC free, so that means you are reaping all of the health benefits that are associated with cannabis, minus the psychoactive molecule of THC.
Not everyone enjoys the way THC makes you feel.

Interesting Fact: Did you know our bodies have an endocannabinoid system? It is fully functioning, and we actually have CBD receptors in our bodies!

The second most common question people have when it comes to CBD oil for pain management or its anti-inflammatory properties is whether or not it is safe to use.
Patients are always concerned with additional potential and side effects (as they should be). According to some top health experts and agencies, the answer is yes. It is safe to use.

CBD oil has a slim chance of delivering any unwanted side effects. Few side effects have been reported like low blood pressure, nausea, or headaches. Side effects such as these listed are quite rare in nature.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states. CBD made from marijuana, with high levels of THC, is only legal in states that have legalized marijuana. All CBD oil sold by New Phase Blends is considered THC Free (meaning less than 0.3% THC content). For more information, please see the FDA’s regulation of cannabis and cannabis-derived products here.
Interesting fact: Originally, marijuana use and sales became illegal under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, with this illegality continuing under the Controlled Substances Act. Yet, since then, several states have taken the steps to legalize this drug, even if just for use as medical cannabis.

While it is technically possible to show a false positive on a drug test for THC, it is highly unlikely as long as your CBD oil is genuinely THC free. If enough THC is present, it will show up on a drug test. This means that in rare cases, using CBD might lead to a positive drug test. New Phase Blends offers THC free CBD oil verifiable by a certificate of analysis by our laboratory. These can be viewed under the header “certificate of analysis” on the product pages.

If you have a job that has very strict rulings against the use of THC, it is probably more safe to avoid CBD useage, for now. You will most likely not test positive for THC, but on the rare chance that you do…it’s just not worth it.

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 4.5 in
Instructions For Use

Users should take one serving (1mL) orally. For better absorption, squeeze droplets under the tongue and hold there for 15 – 30 seconds. Dosing can be adjusted, as needed, since individual results may vary. Drowsiness may occur after use. Exercise caution and avoid operating heavy machinery.


Active Ingredient(s): Melatonin Ingredients: Broad Spectrum CBD, Medium-chain Triglyceride (MCT) Oil, Organic Flavoring

Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

Click the link above located in the product description, just under the product title.


**Statements listed here have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you experience negative or unwanted side effects, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Hemp-based products have still not be approved for use by the FDA.

24 reviews for ‘sleep’ CBD Sleep Aid: 2000mg CBD + Melatonin

  1. PJ

    I received your email asking for product reviews, so I figured I’d leave one on sleep. i have taken this product almost every night for 3 months now. I take it right before my bed time, and it definitely works. I get on my cellphone and look on facebook and before I know it im nodding off.

  2. Hugo Mendez

    Wow! That’s really all I can say. The mint tastes great and worked like a charm.

  3. Jedediah

    After using this for 3 weeks I am astonished at how well it has helps me fall asleep.

  4. Ellen Waltski

    I ditched all of my other CBD oils (I had a bag full of them). Some of them worked, some didnt. I now only take sleep. LOVE!

  5. Shantelle

    I love this product. I like to pair it with the go product you have. the energy blend one. I take sleep at night and go in the morning. i never tried the balm or the pure one but i would like to one day. im a subscriber to the email and waiting for the next big discount to come along. You did a 30% off last month you should do that again plz. ok thankyou.

  6. Brian Gurjissik

    Not all CBD is created equal and New Phase Blends is an example of that. Tastes really good and works better than any CBD I have tried.

  7. Bjork

    I called to place my order and ask some questions about their Sleep CBD. Great customer service and it was delivered very quickly. So far so good!

  8. Bruce C.

    I felt groggy the first few days but it definitely works and the groggy feeling has gone away.

  9. ArmyVet1973

    I decided to try this for night anxiety and it actually worked! Thanks! I love supporting other veterans like myself.

  10. Ernie

    I was skeptical about their Sleep product because I have tried CBD and it didn’t help but a friend recommended them to me. What a lifesaver! I fall and stay asleep for the whole night.

  11. Private

    I am on a 3 different meds and you’re Sleep CBD has helped me taper off of one of them. Thanks!

  12. ChristinaP990@aol.com

    Ive tried a lot of CBD products for sleep. Some of them slightly work, others don’t work at all. This works. I am addicted to it I think LOL!!!

  13. Betty & Sean

    I am leaving a review as I said I would. Tell Johnathon thankyou for helping me purchase this on my phone since I can’t see my computer screen well sometimes due to my vision problem. It does work well. My husband and I take this every night just about.

  14. Nathaniel G.

    If you cannot sleep – buy this product NOW. It works. It freaking works well.

  15. Amanda

    I have the craziest dreams with this stuff I swear. Do you know if any of your other customers get crazy dreams or not?

  16. Arthur


  17. Earl Jacobson

    As usual, I was skeptical. I can honestly say for the first time in years I have slept all night long. I feel like I used to when I was younger, and I am just SOOOOO HAPPY I found this product. It is expensive, but it works so Im happy.

  18. Sharon Hickman

    I suffer from chronic and severe Fibromylagia. I’m a 69 year old female and ex army NCO. I use this product religiously. It actually works!!! I have taken many different types of sleep aids and pain killers, and while they do work, they are dangerous for me. I can now take SLEEP at night and it helps me get 6 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every single night. I do not know what I would do without the help of this product.

  19. Shana

    I only gave it four stars because of the price. This stuff knocks me out within 15-20 minutes for the night. I have bad insomnia and this actually works. I cannot believe it.

  20. Timothy McPaulson

    I have been taking CBD for months and it seemed to help but I came across this company on Leafly. I decided to try it because it was far less expensive and had melatonin. Holy smokes! It knocked me out and I slept through the night. I took advantage of their sale and ordered another 3 bottles.

  21. Charles

    I love this product so much. I slept 9 hours the first night it came in the mail. I take 1mL every night now. It has truely changed my life.

  22. Yvette Someillan (verified owner)

    Really think it is helping me relax and sleep at night. On a customer service note, I received a bottle broken and requested a replacement. It was sent with a few days. Great experience.

  23. Rodger M. (verified owner)

    I almost didnt buy this because I tried many other CBD products for sleep and they relaxed me, but they didn’t really help me go to sleep. Sleep definitely put me out lights out.

  24. Julie Seidmire (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking sleep since June. It has changed my life.

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