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How to Store Your CBD/Hemp-based Oils

CBD oil provides a lot of benefits, but (unfortunately) it doesn't just come cheap. You would want to preserve your product to remain fresh for as long as possible. To avoid premature expiration, you should know the proper methods for CBD storage. In this article, we will be looking at some methods you can use to give your CBD product a very long shelf life.

How should you store your CBD oil?

The best way to store your CBD oil is in an environment that is cool, dry, and dark. Light, heat, and air are factors that contribute to the deterioration of cannabinoids. A lot of users recommend the refrigerator because it provides a cool, airtight environment with optimal conditions. In this article, we shall give you a simple acronym that can help you remember CBD storage; this acronym is HALT which means;

· Heat

· Air

· Light

· Time

The four elements or factors can hinder the quality of your CBD oil. The time factor cannot be avoided (we wish it could), but you can reduce the exposure of the product to air, light, and heat, just like you would do when it comes to any cannabis concentrate. Light can actually make your CBD turn different colors! From orange, to yellow, to purple! Check out this picture of some New Phase Blends samples that sat out next to a LED light bulb too long:

While the oils still remain safe to ingest, who would want to see that? I know I wouldn't. So, if your CBD oils are turning different colors - store it in a dark place.

How long can you store your CBD oil?

When appropriately stored, you can store CBD oil for 18 to 24 months without being afraid of the risk of losing its potency and quality. The total life span of the product will differ depending on the process of manufacturing and ingredients involved. Proper storage makes the difference between a product that remains good for six months or two years.

Factors that affect the shelf life of CBD oil...

We have discussed the critical importance of proper storage of CBD. Meanwhile, the process of extraction also plays a vital role in the shelf life of CBD oil. When you go shopping for CBD oil, you will notice that different products are manufactured using different methods of extraction. You will notice that while some products are extracted using CO2, others are extracted using ethanol. Some CBD products are made using olive oil extraction or even dry ice.

Each method of extraction has its pros and cons, but when it comes to shelf life, CO2 is the best way out (New Phase Blends uses CO2 super critical extraction). Extraction using CO2 is the most efficient method for producing pure CBD isolate, and the result is a product that is void of chlorophyll and many contaminants. This implies slower deterioration and longer shelf life. Products extracted using CO2 are typically more costly, but be assured that you are paying for good quality, purity, and longevity. Another method is the use of ethanol, and it's currently the most popular and universal means of extraction. While it remains a high-quality method, extraction using ethanol may produce oil that contains contaminants like chlorophyll. This may result in the reduction of the shelf life of the product.

Should CBD oil be refrigerated?

When you refrigerate CBD oil, it helps to prolong its shelf life. The freezer and fridge are both possible storage solutions for CBD oil, but you should put in mind that each has its pros and cons. Each of them provides an environment without light, heat, air, and moisture. The refrigeration may result in the thickening of the oil due to the excessive col temperature hence making it hard to use. This can be corrected if you run the bottle under hot water for a few seconds. When you freeze the bottle, it causes the oil to thicken and then become cloudy. Aside from this, you can often correct this by warming the bottle. The cloudiness should not affect the quality, or change the longevity of the product. Both the freezer and refrigerator provide an environment without moisture, light, heat, and air. Therefore, they can help in extending the maximum shelf life of the product.

Storage of CBD oil at room temperature...

You don't NEED to refrigerate your CBD oil, but it is important for you to be very careful when storing it at room temperature. Generally, there is a need to always store CBD oil at a temperature of around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Excess exposure to higher temperatures will lead to the deterioration of the cannabinoids and terpenes contained in the bottle. Some safe locations for storing CBD oil are the dark pantries, like closets and drawers. The temperatures typically remain cool in areas like this. The vital thing is to prevent any areas exposed to direct sunlight, such as windowsills, counter tops, and high shelves where there is an exposure to the sun. It is also pertinent to avoid areas where artificial sources of heat may be a problem. For instance, keep the bottle a little distance from your range, oven, heating vents, and stove. This is because heat can react with the minerals in the oil, changing the molecular composition of the solution and possibly causing it to deteriorate.

How to choose the right CBD oil packaging for sun protection...

Research has shown that exposure to light is the most significant contributor to cannabinoid deterioration. When you are shopping for CBD oil, you can give yourself a good advantage by examining the packaging. Some CBD oils are sold in bottles that are designed to reduce exposure of light, hence reducing the risk of sunlight deterioration. For instance, amber glass bottles provide excellent UV protection. When shopping for CBD oil, always look out for the bottle labeled ''amber,'' ''UV protection,'' or ''sun protection'' - if it's not in a box.

How to avoid exposure of air in the storage of CBD oil...

It is one thing to avoid heat and sunlight and another to prevent air exposure. After all, the air is found everywhere. Although CBD oil products are contained in airtight containers, a certain level of air exposure cannot be avoided since you must open the bottle to use the product. As the air gets inside, it will cause the product to deteriorate over time. The exposure to oxygen results in oxidation stress; it is the same reason you cannot eat the leftovers sitting in your refrigerator for like three months. The key is making the process of degradation slowly as possible. While this degradation occurs, it's extremely minute in nature when compared to some of the other methods discussed above.

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