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Buying a CBD product goes beyond walking into a store or clicking the checkout button. It requires the buyers to have a good knowledge of the product and how best it can affect their daily activities. While it is true that the cannabis plant has a lot of therapeutic potentials which has been the general reason for the recent rise in demand for CBD products, adequate care must be taken not to purchase the wrong product since it can serve as one of the easiest ways to introduce heavy metal toxins and pathogenic microorganisms into your body. In this article, we shall examine the factors to consider when buying wholesale CBD isolate and distillate.

a. Cannabinoid spectrum

This is the combination of cannabinoids, terpenes and essential oils in a single product. They determine the scope of activity of the product and also how well the body is able to process them. Whenever you are purchasing CBD products, it is important to look out for those containing minor levels of CBG, CBN and CBC (i.e. full-spectrum and broad-spectrum products).

Remember that the broader the cannabinoid concentration, the higher its entourage effect and activity.

b. Certification

This is one of the most neglected aspects of purchasing CBD, isolates and distillates. Most buyers are only interested in the heavily decorated potential health benefits of CBD and nothing else. As long as it is in a nicely designed bottle with a company name, then that’s all that is needed.

Before purchasing any CBD product, it is important to study the Certificate of Analysis. This is a legal document accompanying each batch of CBD product, and it comes in handy in informing the buyers about the chemical constituent of the product. The CoA provides information about the cannabinoid profile, terpenoid profile, CBD-to-THC ratio, heavy metal and microbiological test.

c. Recommendation

The best CBD product should come highly recommended by previous users. Therefore, it is important to take note of how the previous customers felt about the product you intend to purchase. To achieve this, you can either conduct an online survey by reading the customer reviews about the product or ask family and friends to recommend a good product.

Please note that some of the online reviews may have been influenced just to sell the product; hence the reason why it is not advisable to purchase CBD from marketplaces like Amazon.

d. Pricing

The most expensive CBD product may not be the most effective. If you must get it right, then moderation is the key. Take note of the special features you need in a CBD product, have a budget and go out to look for a certified brand that can meet that can meet that need without compromising quality.

e. Method of extraction

CBD products extracted using ethanol and supercritical CO2 extraction techniques are safer than those from toxic hydrocarbons like hexane and pentane. Most CBD isolates undergo a purification process which utilizes toxic solvents.


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