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How to Use CBD Oil Effectively

If you’ve found your way to this article, you likely have some CBD products, or are looking to buy some CBD products, and have questions as to how to use CBD oil (or CBD products). You see, CBD oil isn’t exactly cheap but it definitely helps offer relief. For this reason, you want to get the most bang for your buck.

Let’s take some time to go over the different applications of CBD products, and some of the best ways to use them for maximum relief. There is nothing confusing here. There are no tricks and it’s pretty straight forward.

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Oral Use vs Topical Use

These two different methods are the most popular for using CBD oil. These methods need to be addressed when talking about how to use CBD oil, or CBD products. If you can grasp these concepts, you’ll be good to go. While both methods are basic, they both offer different forms of relief. Thus, it’s important to understand the differences of oral CBD and topical CBD.

Oral CBD

There are two major forms of oral CBD use: sublingual CBD drops and edibles.

Sublingual CBD drops are meant to be taken under the tongue. There is what’s called a sublingual vein under your tongue. Squeeze a recommended serving size (located on the product label) under your tongue. Hold the drops there, and wait for them to be absorbed by your sublingual vein. Using this method gets CBD into your system fast. It’s my personal favorite.

CBD edibles are just CBD products that are swallowed. Beverages, gummies, or pills all fall into this category. You simply take a recommended serving size of CBD, and eat it or swallow it. That’s it! It is fast and easy, but it will take a bit longer for the CBD to get into your system.

How To Use Cbd Oil

Why? When you eat or drink things, they get digested by your body before they get put into use. For this reason, it takes a little bit longer (usually 30min or longer) to feel the effects of edible CBD products. Digesting things simply takes time, that’s all.

Topical CBD

Most people know how to use topical CBD products for things like localized aches and pains. Some of the more popular topical CBD items are: creams, lotions, and balms/salves. All of these serve the same purpose: apply to a local area (ie: elbows or knees) to get relief in that area only.

Have sore elbows from tennis? Apply your favorite topical CBD and wait for relief. Do your knuckles get sore throughout the day? Again, rub some CBD balm or lotion on your hands and see how it makes you feel.

Most people start by applying a dime-sized amount on the area. Sometimes more is needed, sometimes less; you will be able to feel how much you need depending on how your body responds.

How to Use CBD Oil for Joint Pain

So, how do you use CBD for joint pain? It’s actually quite simple. Most of the time, a topical CBD product is applied to treat joint pains. This is because joint pains are normally isolated to one particular area of your body.

If you have knee aches and pains, you wouldn’t apply a cream on your elbow, right? You apply it on the area that needs relief. In this case, it’s the knee. Start with a dime-sized amount of topical hemp balm (also known as topical CBD balm) and see how your knee responds. If you feel better, that’s great! If you think you need more, apply a little more and see how you feel.

First time users will likely do some trial and error until they discover an amount that works for them.

Using CBD for Muscle Pain

One of the most common forms of relief that people look for when using CBD is for muscle pain. When using CBD for muscle pain relief, you take a similar approach to the way you use it for joint pains.

Apply a dime-sized amount of your favorite CBD balm to the muscular area that hurts and see how your body responds. If you feel better, remember the amount you used and apply throughout the day.

How To Use Cbd Oil For Muscle Pain

For more severe joints and muscle pains, consider using a CBD topical and oral product together. You will receive the benefits of the topical CBD quickly, and when the oral CBD kicks in you will have effectively treated the area in two different ways. This means, you are going for a maximum relief.

How to Use CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety can be a real monster. When it’s overwhelming, it feels like there is no hope. The feeling of doom can be so intense that it cripples you.

This is not fun to deal with at all. Millions of Americans struggle with anxiety every day. There is hope, though. Studies show that CBD can be effectively used to treat anxiety. How do you use CBD for anxiety treatment?

For this form of relief, many people seek out oral CBD products specifically sublingual drops. Due to their fast-acting nature, the CBD drops can get into your bloodstream quickly which allows the anxiety relief to occur faster. Squeeze the recommended serving under your tongue, and hold the drops there for at least 1 minute. During this time, the CBD drops get into your sublingual vein and circulate throughout your body.

Just like with the topical products, first-time users are going to want to keep an eye on how much they used to get relief. Always start with the lowest effective dose and work your way up from there. Most sublingual CBD drops will kick-in around 10 minutes or so after taking them.

Sleep Better With CBD

Sleeping better is where New Phase Blends excels. We have a patent-pending product line called ‘sleep.’ Sleep comes in both gummy and CBD drop form. This fast-acting CBD based sleep aid allows the user to fall asleep, and stay asleep.

How To Use Cbd Oil For Sleep

Sleep utilizes a melatonin and CBD combination. These two substances work synergistically and can help even the most severe insomniacs find a deep sleep again. Squeeze the drops under your tongue, and hold there for at least 1 minute. You will begin to feel relaxed and ready for bed within 30 minutes or your money back. We hold a money-back guarantee on this product, and all other CBD products sold.

I can think of very few things that are worse than sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation affects your entire day, and typically happens day after day after day. If you are one of many who struggle with getting a wholesome night’s sleep, please give ‘sleep’ a try.

Conclusion | Ways to Use CBD Oil Effectively

There you have it. I hope this guide helped answer how to use CBD oil in many different ways. Remember, the two most popular methods of consuming CBD is topically and orally. Depending on what your issues are, you will need to figure out which type of CBD to take. Some people take both, some will only take a oral or topical.

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It’s all up to you and your body. People across the world are beginning to figure out just how effective using CBD can be. Now you have a better idea of how to use CBD. Remember, make sure to find a reputable CBD company before purchasing. Look at indicators like reviews, certifications, and guarantees. If you find a company with all three of these offers, you likely found the jackpot. Once you find the right CBD company, you’ve struck gold.

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Dale holds a Master Degree of Science, and is the inventor of the popular, patent-pending CBD-based sleep aid known as ‘Sleep.’

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