How should I take my CBD?

The activity of CBD is determined by the method of consumption or route of administration, the concentration of the CBD taken, and the level of pain being experienced in the body. The method of consumption plays the most significant role as far as CBD bio-availability of CBD is concerned. It is solely responsible for the concentration of CBD to be released and available in our bloodstream for interacting with the cannabinoid receptors.

CBD can be delivered to the bloodstream via oral, sublingual, vaporized, topical, and injection administration. The choice of method is determined by the nature of the underlying condition and the aim of taking the product. Each method of administration possesses its unique qualities, merits, and demerits.

Which method of administration is the best?

In an ideal situation, the best method of administering CBD would be directly into the blood via intravenous injection. This method is supposed to deliver 100% of CBD into your bloodstream, thus causing a general increase in its activity and overall reaction. What this means is that if you consume 10mg of CBD, your blood will receive 10mg for activity. It will interest you to note that this method is not common or may not be in use at the moment hence leading us to stick to other methods of administration like oral, sublingual, and vaporized consumption.

The second most active method of consuming CBD is via vaporized administration. Although it can deliver up to 56% of the initial CBD consumed, it may be linked to some complications as not everyone will love to inhale the substance directly into their lungs. As effective as it may sound, vaping CBD produces some unique risks. As of October 2019, more than 1200 cases of mysterious vaping-related illnesses and 26 related deaths have been reported by the CDC. Even though only 17% of the sample population consumed CBD via vapes, there is a need to be cautious.

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The third most active and perhaps the best method of administering CBD after intravenous consumption is via the sublingual route. This method requires placing CBD under the tongue for about 30 seconds to 90 seconds to allow it diffuse into the bloodstream via the sublingual vein. This method of administration delivers up to 35% of CBD into your bloodstream with no complications. It offers a thicker and higher bio-availability, which is safe for all ages regardless of the intending use. CBD tinctures and sublingual oils are often administered via a dropper hence assisting users with dosage determination and other benefits.

The fourth and the least effective method of administration is via CBD edibles, capsules, and beverages. This can only deliver about 20% of the overall consumed CBD to your bloodstream. Oral consumption of CBD depends on enzymatic activation and may lead to waste.

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