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Helpful Methods for Better Sleep with CBD

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Getting better sleep with CBD is becoming quite the popular subject as of lately.. A large majority of the New Phase Blends consumer base are people dealing with issues in their sleep cycles. Some of our customers get no sleep, some get 8 hours, some get broken up sleep. How much sleep is the proper amount? What are some helpful methods for better sleep with CBD? It’s all relative. Some people can function just fine with 5 hours nightly (not me!!!).  Others need a full 8 hours. Some struggling people have been sleep deprived for so long that they are actually accustomed to operating daily with no sleep.

At New Phase Blends, we obviously aim to help people improve their sleep cycles to a point where they are happy with the results. Our patent-pending CBD hemp oil for sleep uses a deliberate process that blends melatonin with other cannabinoids like CBD or CBG to delivery the best sleep remedy as possible. The melatonin and CBD mixture delivers a synergistic bang that has literally put people to sleep without waking up for hours on end. The melatonin and CBD mixture is nothing to scoff at it definitely works.

Now that we know this, lets get into some other methods for helping induce a truly restful sleep.

Maintain Your Sleep Cycle for Better Sleep with CBD

One of the most helpful methods for better sleep with CBD is focusing on sleep cycle maintenance. Every single night, people should get into the routine for bed. This involves doing the same exact thing every night roughly one hour or so before your bedtime. It should involve routines that are relaxing. Perhaps drinking some tea, laying down and reading, meditation, praying, etc… The more often you do these things the better. You are essentially getting your body into a routine that says “HEY! I’M READY FOR BED!” According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, ““It’s important that parents create a consistent sleep schedule, relaxing bedtime routine and soothing sleep environment to help their child achieve healthy sleep.” Most of us were given sleep schedules as kids, and this same routine will still be effective into adulthood. It sounds silly, but your bodies sleep cycle can get adjusted this way, and it will know when you are wanting to sleep.


Exercise Your Way to Better Sleep with CBD

When people exercise they are depleting their body of useful energy. The more of these stores energy compounds are depleted, the better. Your body will HAVE to get sleep to help recover from the muscular and aerobic activity that occurred throughout the day. It’s the only way for us to truly recover from our exercise. While simple in nature, exercise is a great method for better sleep. There seems to be a relationship between the amount of exercise conducted throughout the day and the amount of deep sleep achieved in the same 24 hour period. A study on the interrelationship between exercise and sleep, “found that eight weeks of Pilates exercise 72 hours to one week after delivery significantly improved subjective sleep quality, SOL, daytime dysfunction, and global PSQI scores compared to the control group.” Isn’t that interesting? Exercise truly has so many benefits for us, yet a lot of us neglect it.

Better Sleep With Cbd Exercise

Avoid Excess Daytime Sleep to Help Sleep Better at Night

As difficult as it may sound, try not to take long and extended naps throughout the day. They inhibit your night-time sleep cycle later on. Take cat naps of no longer than 20 minutes per session. Shortly after waking up you’ll feel energized and ready to take on more of the day. There is actually a really cool method of sleep called polyphasic sleep where people sleep 6 times per 24hour cycle for only 20 minutes a day. It really works!

Meals Prior to Bed?

There are mixed reviews on this, but some organizations swear that if you eat prior to bed, it can interrupt sleep cycles. The rational is that since your body is burning calories digesting, it may keep you up instead of going to sleep. From personal experience, I know this is not the case for me! When I eat a nice big meal at night and sit down on the couch, it puts me into a coma! Try this method if you want, but know it may or may not help.

Sleep deprivation is a rough thing. It can lead to severe depression and overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Just remember that it can be tackled through natural remedies. VERY RARELY are people actually chemically imbalanced and require harsh sleep aids such as ambien. Hopefully these helpful methods for better sleep with CBD act as an aid for you.

Better Sleep With Cbd Sleep Aid

If you are interested in supplementing a sleep aid, I highly recommend our SLEEP product located here. If you are going to go down the prescription sleep aid route, you might as well try a non-addictive and natural substance before making the leap it can’t possibly hurt!

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