Utilizing 500mg CBD Balm for Real Relief

CBD balm is an incredible topical solution that helps add relief for localized pain. Some of this pain can come from arthritis, joint wear and tear, or muscular soreness from overworking the muscle tissue, or stretching / tearing it. New Phase Blends has a 500mg CBD balm that harnesses the power of a rich, full spectrum hemp extract. This 500mg CBD balm is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways for people to get fast relief. Check out how it works…

Use 500mg CBD Balm for Annoying & Painful Joint Issues

The human skin is incredible at absorbing nutrients from items that it comes in contact with. New Phase Blends utilizes this well-known and well-documented phenomena by producing a 500mg CBD balm specifically designed to penetrate our skin quickly. The skin actually has different layers, and while they all act slightly different, they are all good at processing CBD and getting it to our CBD1 and CBD2 receptors. Once utilized by our receptors, the 500mg CBD balm can get to work at reducing pain signals. If you want to read more about the science behind how this works, check out our article on how the skin processes topical CBD to get real relief.

Use 500mg CBD Balm for Muscular Soreness

Balms are simply a thicker version of a cream or ointment. They are usually an oil base, mixed with other herbs for scent or medical efficacy. There are reports from as far back as 3300 B.C. where Egyptian doctors would make balms to help heal cuts or bruises. There are even papyrus papers that were discovered which document how to make certain medicinal products, like balms and salves. Mankind has known about the powerful effects of these balms for a long, long, long time! Balms are also used on finger nails, hair, cuticles, and lips. Most human tissue is adept at absorbing the nutrients from the balm and getting them into our bloodstream. The balm itself is also an excellent moisturizer. Balms last longer than ointments or lotions due to their thickness.

Samantha Tally
Samantha Tally@SamanthaTally
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I have been using balms my entire life for pain relief, and this one is the best I've ever tried. I can't understand how something can work so fast, and so well. I LOVE it.
Bjork Leifson
Bjork Leifson
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I love the small, I love the way it works, I love how fast it works. I used to need a 1500mg or even 2000mg CBD cream, but this one is much better and also has much less CBD.
Brandon Piper
Brandon Piper@Piper1981
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One jar lasts me a long time. I will be buying this balm until you go out of business, or I die. LOL!
Earl Kinkead
Earl Kinkead@WCWWrestlingFan1976
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I grew up wrestling in highschool and college, and my joints are paying for it now that I'm older. I use this stuff almost daily, and it is one of the only things that makes my joint pain manageable. This product has truly changed my life.

A New Phase of Balms

New Phase Blends has one of the most, if not the most effective 500mg CBD balms on the market today. Since the Farm Bill of 2018 allowed the distribution of industrial hemp and hemp based products New Phase Blends has been discovering effective ways to blend premium CBD extract with other natural and well-documented compounds in order to provide the best relief possible for people. Our 500mg CBD balm is all natural and scented with just the right amount of lavender. Our formulated balm is made with joint and muscular pain in mind. The rich, full spectrum CBD extract penetrates deep into the skin to provide relief.

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