Cbda Vs Cbd

CBDA VS CBD | What Is The Difference Between CBDA and CBD?

The popularity of CBD has Skyrocketed so that the list of it’s potential benefits. With the infamous compounds (CBD and THC) of the cannabis Sativa plant, many other cannabinoids are also the town’s talk. CBDA vs CBD is the comparison of the acidic and non-acidic form of CBD.

Both are the famous and abundant compounds originates from the cannabis and hemp plant. CBD is renowned for its potential therapeutic benefits and non-psychoactive properties. CBD has shown its worth in treating epilepsy, inflammation, anxiety and sleep disorders, and several other common physical and neuropsychiatric conditions.

While the CBDA in CBDA vs CBD, being the precursor chemical that produces CBD and showing likely results in early pre-clinical research, hasn’t got the expected attention. However, things have changed now, and raw juicing of cannabis has again grabbed the limelight for this lesser-known compound.

In case you haven’t learned about CBDA yet, we have intended to share with our readers a detailed discussion on CBDA vs CBD. We will be discussing what CBDA exactly is, what are its potential benefits, and how it differs from CBD. Let’s have a look!

What Is CBDA?

The cannabis plant is rich with hundreds of compounds that have been sharing potential health benefits for centuries. Cannabidiol Acid, generally known as CBDA, is an acid form of CBD that is one of the plant’s abundantly occurring compounds. CBDA gets transformation with time and heat.

After passing through the thermal decarboxylation, CBDA turns into CBD, or in other words, CBDA is a raw or unheated form of CBD. After heating, cured and dried, the new structure is CBD that is free from acidic compounds.

Following the other compounds, CBDA also interacts with the receptors of the endocannabinoid system in our body. CBDA, like CBD, positively impacts the human body and cures the multiple ailments from physical to mental conditions.

You can get CBDA in a large quantity from raw cannabis, unprocessed cannabis products, and natural hemp oil, one of the great sources of CBDA.

The Therapeutic Benefits of CBDA vs CBD

Here, the question is, why should people go for the CBDA? What is the thing that CBDA offers, but CBD doesn’t? Let’s find it out!

CBDA May Replace NSAIDs

The acidic cannabinoids of the cannabis plant don’t interact with the EC system the same way as the decarboxylated compound does. CBDA is an acid compound of the cannabis plant that is usually not considered to be pharmacologically active. That is the reason CBDA didn’t get enough spotlight at its earlier times.

However, later research in 2018 has shown that the molecular structure of CBDA and common NSAIDs closely resemble each other. That means CBDA can be a natural alternative to Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

All of a sudden, this discovery built the interest of scientists and studied the potential of CBDA to act as an anti-inflammatory agent. This further investigation showed up the COX-2 inhibitor behavior of CBDA, the same role potentially played by NSAIDs in undertaking the inflammation and its symptoms.

These results wide opened the doors for CBDA in the health and wellness industry.

CBDA May Treat Mental Health Conditions

Another medical benefit that the Acidic form of CBD can share is the treatment option for nausea and anxiety. In 2013, a research conducted in Guelph Canada demonstrated the beneficial effects of CBDA relieving anxiety and nausea.

The study showed that CBDA is a thousand times more potent than CBD in interacting and activating the serotonin receptor regulating nausea and anxiety in the body. CBDA bind with this specific receptor more effective than the cannabidiol. It generates the effects of diminishing nausea, especially in chemotherapy patients who are using ondansetron (OND) to treat nausea.
CBDA also interact with 5-HT receptors, which influence serotonin production.

Well, The researchers are taking these discoveries into account for further research to pen down the CBDA’s potential health benefits.

In CBDA vs CBD, CBDA is quite an unstable compound and has still not been considered viable for clinical treatment. Its gradual decarboxylation at room temperature makes a dubious choice for clinical treatment.

The new undergoing research is about to break down all the barriers. Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has announced that his research team has discovered a way to transform the unstable CBDA into a more stable compound that holds the therapeutic potential of CBDA.
This claim is paving the way for CBDA as a stable clinical drug.

How To Consume CBDA? | CBDA VS CBD

If we talk about the consumption pattern for CBDA vs CBD, both work the same way. You can consume CBDA oil orally and drops and syrups sublingually. Despite these, you can intake CBDA capsules and add the cannabis oil in different juices, salads, or smoothies, making it more favorable and finger-licking for you.

Most of the cannabis products in the market are intended to provide high levels of CBD and THC. These compounds are derived after the plant’s thermal decarboxylation, which means a decline in the level of CBDA. So, make sure to read the product ingredients while buying the CBDA products. Also, you should consult with your physician before trying the CBDA.

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Is CBDA Legal To Buy?

The last few years have been the most relaxing for making cannabis legal in multiple states. Still, it’s quite a difficult task to understand what is permitted in which country. CBDA oil is available in almost 50 states of the U.S, but the laws differ from state to state.

To make it easy, the state with cannabis legal status for recreational use also allows all cannabis products over the counter. The states with the cannabis legal status for medical use only will enable cannabis products just for medically qualified patients. However, non-psychoactive cannabis products are accessible to everyone in such states.

While the states with illegal cannabis status also don’t allow non-psychoactive cannabis preparation.

Bottom Line on CBDA vs CBD

Indeed, not a single compound of the cannabis plant is out of use. The difference is just a few grabbed the more spotlight than the other ones. CBDA vs CBD both the compounds share the property of being non-intoxicating compound and treat the multiple ailments.

However, the CBDA research is limited compared to CBD that has already proved its worth in the wellness industry. The researchers are making efforts to present viable proof in favor of CBDA. Let’s see what time brings to the CBDA feat.

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