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CBD Cream: 1000mg of Pure Cannabidiol Goodness

Can a CBD cream help in reducing my inflammatory conditions? Yes, it can but it needs to be strong. When you want to reduce a skin or other inflammatory condition, use a natural CBD cream 1000mg.

Let’s take the opportunity to explain why a strong CBD cream will do the trick.

CBD Cream and Inflammation

There is something that CBD is really good at and that is recognizing inflammatory markers. As inflammation can occur anywhere in the body, it is important that you use a strong cream. Some creams only come with as little as 100 or 200 mg of CBD per jar this is a laughable amount.

Go with AT LEAST 500mg of CBD per 1 oz jar of your favorite CBD topical.

As the cream enters the bloodstream, it not only spot inflammation on the surface of the skin it also finds inflammation located below the skin and in the joints.

Topical Cbd Cream

You know the cream is not only going to relieve surface skin conditions it can do much more within our bodies. As it merges with the blood, it will have enough active compound to carry on doing good as it travels throughout the body.

Using a CBD cream to target inflammation often has surprisingly positive effects.

Our Skin and CBD

It is important to realize that when we experience inflammation of the skin such as eczema or psoriasis, it is not only the surface of the skin which is affected.

If you have ever had an outbreak of eczema over a joint such as an elbow or on the hands, you will know that the joints underneath the location may hurt as well. The area feels hot and sore. You may even experience pain when bending or flexing the joint.

Cbd Cream Product Called Soothe

What your doctor may fail to explain, is that inflammation is likely to be present in the joint. This is why your joints or “bones hurt” when you have an outbreak of eczema. The fluid in the joint becomes hot and starts to send out inflammatory markers.

These markers can spread to surrounding tissue such as cartilage. In a worst case scenario, inflammation can affect the bone. This is why it is important to start dealing with the problem as soon as possible.

Can a 1000mg CBD Cream Remedy Psoriasis?

It can help deal with the discomfort of something like psoriasis. But, as you know if you experience psoriasis, it is a complicated condition.

The problem is a two-fold one. First of all, the skin presumes the psoriasis is normal. It is producing extra skin cells and has fully accepted that this is okay. Joint inflammation in psoriasis is very common and often very painful.

1000Mg Cbd Cream For Psoriasis

Secondly, the skin may be red and sore. In other words, you are experiencing inflammation. As this is not normal to you, it is time to start playing tricks on the skin. You need to trick the skin into targeting the psoriasis.

How do you do that?

You do that by using a range of skin creams. One week you could use CBD cream, and the next week you can switch to a calendula cream. Keep on switching and you should hopefully find that the condition improves.

If you are lucky, it may even go away altogether when you keep switching in between creams.

Lavender helps to soothe the area. New Phase Blends offers a 1000mg CBD cream that also contains lavender. The soothing of lavender will help you to deal with any itching.

Can I Use CBD Skin Cream to Get Rid if My Wrinkles?

Cosmetic companies selling anti-wrinkle treatments rack up billions of dollars in profit every year. Many of the lotions and potions they sell are ineffective.

It is easy to think that a skin cream should make our skin feel taught and firm. This is supposed to be good for your skin and many of the big brands turn this into a selling point.

There is a major problem with this popular concept. Most popular skin care brands offer products that are packed with alcohol. It is the alcohol in the products that makes your skin feel firm.

Does alcohol reduce wrinkles? No, it doesn’t it creates them by drying out the skin. What you need is a natural skin cream that works with the skin not against it.

Putting Cbd Lotion On Face

A CBD cream works by increasing blood circulation in all of the layers of the skin. It is also helps to reduce inflammation caused by the pollution and the sun. As it does so, it reduces any small tears that you have in your skin. Yes, that is right. Wrinkles are in fact small tears in the skin.

It is never too early to start. Instead of spending a small fortune on creams that are never going to work, invest in one that will instead. A CBD cream works with the skin not against it.

Our skin already has CB receptors in it. When you apply a cream based on CBD, it recognizes it as a natural compound and starts working with it.

Cbd Acne Cream

You may have noticed that you often get a breakout of acne when you buy a new cream. That is a sign telling you that the skin does not recognize the ingredients in the cream. As a matter of fact, it is auto-immune response and may be caused by harmful parabens in cosmetics.

Can a CBD Cream Reduce My Joint Pain?

Absolutely! Using CBD for joint pain is a big deal. Think about your skin as a delivery system. You will soon appreciate that by applying a topical cream you are in fact targeting one particular spot.

When you are an athlete or keen gym goer, you may recognize the following case scenario. You come home from your run or the gym and find that you have a “hot spot” causing you pain. Take a shower to open the pores and then apply a CBD cream.

Joint Inflammation Xray From Arthritis

By taking a hot shower you do not only improve circulation. The skin also becomes more receptive to absorbing the remedy delivering it to the target area.

In Conclusion

A CBD cream is not only a solution when it comes to targeting muscle and joint pain. CBD creams can also be used to soothe and remedy a range of skin conditions including anything from wrinkles to more serious skin conditions such as psoriasis.

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Buy a quality CBD cream and you will soon notice the difference.


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